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Akira (movie) Excellent This is probably the most mainstream anime out there, but it is still very good. It is about this kid called Tetsuo who runs into this kids that the goverment has performed tests and experiments on and is taken away and performed on as well. Unlike the other kids he does not obey what the goverment says and breaks free looking for akira, who was the first child they did tests on. While doing this he destroys most of neo-tokyo. It has an excellent story and animation is quite nice. I heard that some hardcore fans may not be pleased by the new DVD becasue of the new voice dubs, however i have never heard the original dubs i cannot not say on how they differ. In conclusion this is one of if not the best anime movies out there and is a must have for anime fans.
Blue Submarine No.6 (OAV) Decent Have to re-watch. Review Coming Soon
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Good This movie plays out as an long episode of cowboy bebop which in lies on of the only faults of the movie, but i will talk about that later. First this is a good movie. It is nice to see all the characters back at it from the tv show since it is unlikely that the show will be continued after the ending of the show. This movie has a good storyline and is interesting to keep me watching till the end, but not interesting enough to keep me from saying that is drags a bit. You see the reason cowboy bebop episodes were only half an hour long is becasue it is had to carry a cowboy bebop storyline longer than that. So that is really the only major fault of the movie. Otherwise this is a well done movie and an essential in a cowboy bebop fan's collection.
FLCL (OAV) Masterpiece
Ghost in the Shell (movie) Good I have not seen this movie in a while, but i remember it being quite good. FULL REVIEW COMING SOON
Metropolis (movie) Also have not seen in a while. FULL REVIEW COMING SOON
Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) Masterpiece Ok this is my favorite anime of all time so i might be a little biased. I would also like to point out after hearing many reactions to this show i think that you will probably love it (More likely) or hate it (Less likely). I say that because judging on the reviews there were more people that loved it than hated it. Before i start this review i would like to say something about the last episodes. I am so tired of people bitching about those last two episodes. They are really good episodes they talk about about the characters in a mainly characters drivin show. Also if you don't like them then dont watch and even if you did like them but wanted some kind of tie up in the end just go watch The End Of Evangelion. Whatever you do though do not, DO NOT skip those last two episodes and watch the movie instead. I think they are very important episodes dealing with shinji and the series. Ok on with the review. This show is really hard to describe becasue it can be taken on so many levels, E.G Level 1: Its a story about robots fighting creatures to save the world. The series would probably be taken on this level buy kids no older than 8. This is why i think young kids should not watch this show for one it gets kinda bloody towards the end and also they would not understand and recieve the full impact of this show. Level 2: This is the journey of the main character Shinji through his life and his problems, fears and thoughts. This will be taken by 9, 10 year olds if they are smart. Level 3: This is a philosophical journey though the lifes and minds of the characters and about saving the world from the attacking entities called angels with many biblical refrences thrown in there (Adam, Lilith, Tree of Life, Angels etc...). So I would not reccomend this for people under eleven or twelve. You see i saw this show when i was about 13 and i understood certain parts of it, it was especially hard for me since i never really went to church. After reading thorugh quite a few FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Pages and articles i understood alot of this show, but what you have to understand about this show is there are alot of red hearings (I think that is spelled right) which are questions that were never answered. So you have to understand after watching the entire series and the movie you will still not understand everything, i think you were really not meant to though. So i think this show will make you think about things alot and will change your life. Also i would like to point out this show has probably the deepest and most well written characters ever and i have heard this alot " After watching the first few episodes i kinda just gave up". Don't do this, i can't really understand giving up after the first few episodes as it is becasue those are really interesting to, but don't give up I implore you to watch the series all the way through before crafting an opinion becasue it is hard to understand what the show is about in the first few episodes. Finally since the platinum disks have just been realesed it is even more oppurtunity to go pick this show up. So go do it now, becasue this is a masterpiece of a show, in my opinion the best of all time and i recommend multiple viewing to recieve the full impact this show has to offer. So in conclusion see this show at all costs it is one of the best anime has to offer. P.S Don't be put of by Shinji's whining you will fell for him in the end.