Will not finish Rating Comment▲
Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier (TV) Weak All I can say is that I just could not get into this series at all, dubbed or subbed. And I had no will to continue.
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: The Afterglow of Zeon (movie) Weak An insult to the 0083 OVA series. It's like a glorified clipshow of the OVA's 13 episodes. No new footage, nothing. watch the 13 episodes 0083 OVA series and look the other way if you want to watch this movie.
Naruto (TV) Awful (dub), Bad (sub) I couldn't get into this series at all dubbed or subbed. I just stopped watching after 13 episodes since nothing seemed to interest me. Now I can't express enough how nothing was interesting me. Yeah I know that this is a shounen action series and things are supposed to be spread out and not everything's gonna fly in your face but, there's usually this thing that happens whenever I watch anime that really makes me determine if I really want to continue or not, and it this is something that I should be spending my time on. Naruto never sparked my interest to continue and I felt that since I really wasn't getting anything out of this I just felt like dropping it all together.
Ikki Tousen (TV) Not really good I've come to the conclusion that this anime is nothing more than masturbation material for straight men. This isn't hentai either it's just ecchi, but its one of the most annoying fanservice anime I've ever seen. And I'm a straight male too but the only thing I found remotely interesting were the groping scenes and "Oh, this is so much ecstasy I think I'm going to come." I lol'd at that for a long time. But in the end it's just useless panty shots and teasing ecchi. Hakufu is the stupidest girl I've ever seen in anime. Here's a dialogue after she's being groped. "So judging by how they feel you must be a 93cm bust size.". And what does she say when some guy continues to grope her? "That's exactly right! Are you an underwear salesmen?" There's supposed to be a story but the real draw here are the gratuitous panty shots, the huge boobed schoolgirls, the deep cleavage shot, and the hot MILFs. I know somebody'll like this, but it's pretty worthless unless you skip straight to the ecchi scenes.
Sonic X (TV) Weak (edit.dub), Very good (sub) I've seen this series subbed an dubbed. Now the dubbed version is, in a word, terrible. But the subbed version was alright to me. It's pretty much an anime adaption of Sonic Adventure 2, but the video games are better for me and I felt no need for me to continue since I pretty much knew everything that was going to happen.
Dragon Ball GT (TV) Bad (dub & sub) This series is pretty much an insult to Dragon Ball and Dragonball Z. The sub version sucks and the dub version sucks worse. There are so many inconsistencies and other problems with it that it just should not be watched by somebody who enjoyed Dragon Ball or DBZ. Please avoid this one.