These are multiple season anime. Where I may rate each individual season differently, this section is for the ENTIRE series review. The series rating will be in all caps towards the end of each review.

Series as a WHOLE Rating
Black Lagoon (TV) Good
Eden of the East (TV) Decent
(The) Familiar of Zero (TV)
(Despite the rating I will eventually give this series, I enjoyed watching it. I find it very rare to find a series that is 4 seasons deep. Though, some of the greats are considered one season and are about 26 episodes long. This series is a total of 49 episodes. Each individual season is about 12 or 13 episodes long and each have their own issues. Typically there is the sense of an arc taking place throughout each season, though this is not entirely true. I'll get back to that in a second, as character development should be addressed first. The series does little to focus on any supporting characters, or to make them stand out as more than just situational tools. This only becomes a problem, when the series suddenly can't decide on who is important. The harem aspect of this show is forced, which would be tolerable had they left it at just the maid. Of course, the addition of a princess, a half-elf, and one of the groups friends, is a little silly. Two of which are never really given any reason as to why they are interested, while the third is more or less impressed with him. The half baked point of making these characters like Saito, is at the core only for comedic relief. Though it really shows how piss poor of a development they focus on with the main characters. Two characters, it focuses on two characters. Saito and Louise. Saito is shown to evolve into a mature and caring man that develops feelings for his master. Louise also develops feelings for Saito, however that is the ONLY growth she is given. She still treats him like crap most of the series, she never trusts him, she over reacts with everything he does. This may be an attempt at humor, but I found it incredibly annoying. The other issue this series faces, is how it opens up one problem and either finishes it immediately, or not at all. For not finishing the problem, I give season one as an example. There is a villain that gets away and is never mentioned again. At the same time, there is a promise that Saito will return a ring to a fairy, that is never mentioned again. Season 4, Louise tells her sister she will train Saito to have manners, or else she will be ripped away from him. Except the sister never comes back nor is the deal ever mentioned again. While on the flip side, the very end of the last episode of season 2 presents a pretty big problem. Season 3 starts out addressing this problem and solves it with in 2 episodes. While there are also episodes that contain random kidnappings, they are solved in the same episode or the first ten minutes of the next. The pacing for potential arcs and build up is utterly horrid. Throw in to account that there is a giant country that is ignored until the very end with a history that is never touched on, or even a country that is the center of conflict and then never mentioned again. Add this to the other issues and you get a half hearted universe that could have been so much more. I rated SEASON 1 and 2 "DECENT", while SEASON 3 "SO-SO" and SEASON 4 "GOOD". An average would put this at a "decent" rating, though this series posses a certain magic to it. It really does feel like an adventure, which I can say only a handful of anime capture that feel. That being said, with 49 episodes this series should have been much better. In the end I think the Familiar of Zero SERIES is "GOOD".)
Full Metal Panic! (TV)
(The second season seems almost as if it is a giant collection of deleted episodes. They're all hilarious, though in comparison to the first and third season, they don't fit into the theme. Otherwise, this series is pretty dang entertaining. It very lightly touches on the main characters background, while completely ignoring the main female's background. Though more attention to detail is eventually implemented, the lack of background of these two characters really hurts the series. The action is entertaining for the most part, though the first part of the series suffers from a rinse and repeat formula. All most all of the main conflicts of the first part all deal with the same villain. The third part of the series, switches villains and action. The action is more brutal and diverse, but in the end, it ends up falling for the same gimmick as the first part. Comedy is very sporadic, it's decently placed in the first part. The second part is strictly comedy and the final chapter is much darker, I don't think there was much comedy at all. The growth that takes place for the characters could really benefit from a 4th season. The series more or less ends, just as everyone has grown and begun handling their demons. The FIRST SEASON I rated "GOOD" while the SECOND SEASON is "GOOD" and the THIRD SEASON is "VERY GOOD". Despite many of the short comings in each of the particular seasons, or even as a whole, I highly recommend this series. I rate the entire series as "VERY GOOD".)
Heaven's Lost Property (TV)
(The humor in the series remains a one trick pony. This unfortunately is one of the two factors that lead to the down fall of this series. The first few episodes the jokes/situations are pretty funny. Then they become slightly amusing and then finally they are painful to watch. I believe this issue would not have been too much of a problem, if only they had spent time on the actual story. This leads to the second issue. The story, which I find to be interesting, is hardly touched upon. Out of the entire series, I'd say only about an hour is spent on the story. Which includes the hour long movie. Hopefully that can put it in perspective for you. About 24 total episodes, 20 some odd minutes a pop, as well as an hour long movie. Yet only about an hour is spent covering it. Yes, THAT is the biggest issue with this series. The characters are all generic enough that this wouldnt even be a problem, except for the fact that there is one HUGE twist towards the end of the episodes and only briefly touched on in the movie. THIS twist, is the only thing that really keeps me interested in this series. I gave each season a "DECENT" rating, and that's what I give the series overall.)
Rosario + Vampire (TV)
(There is a huge demand for a season 3 as well as a large demand for a total reboot. I will say, that I prefer the manga over this adaptation. However, the anime is in large part much like a summer fling. You have a good time with it, but when it's over you're either left wanting something more or you just move on. The action is incredibly predictable and aside from one or two episode, there is never a real sense of danger. The introductory of characters, in comparison to the manga, is almost totally different. This typically wouldn't be a problem, though it does cause a few of the fights to be a little more underwhelming than they already are. Action aside, the comedy is very high. I find most harem's to be either hit or miss. This one hits in the comedy department, but really falls short in the "rivals in love" department. There is one clear love interest and the rest more or less just get in the way, like most harem anime. Therefor I would consider it an average harem and a below average action. Things like character development are almost never present in these types of anime, so aside from a little resolve from the main character, that's not there either. I rated SEASON 1 "GOOD" and SEASON 2"VERY GOOD". This is simply based on my enjoyment level. I don't see how they could make a season 3, based on how they ended season 2. I'd call for a reboot, but the genre would do a total 180 and I don't see that happening either. Overall I rate the entire SERIES a "GOOD" rating.)
Sekirei (TV)
(I'm not 100% sure, but I believe this series has the most outrageous amount of fan service. Or perhaps it's just the most absurd way of delivering it. There are large amounts of characters with balloon sized breasts. This doesn't bother me, but it does become distracting when their clothes rip anytime they so much as fall over. You can tell, right off the bat this is a harem. However, instead of it being some random guy who gets lucky with five different girls. It actually has a plot device behind it. From the start, this show pretty much let it be known it was going to be a multi-tiered series. The background plot, or the "Game", is stated to have 3 Rounds/Steps/Whatever you want to call it. So, a season a step and bam. Truthfully, the series doesn't pick up until half way through. The idea of danger is laughable at best until the second "round" is started. Even at this point, I find it hard to believe that there is not a single character that even suggests a rational plan to deal with the situations. Regardless, the humor is at about the level of a average harem. The action is truthfully a huge let down. There are really never any battles that are 2v2 or 2v1 or anything other than fair. This series as a whole is very mediocre, with only the story being the saving grace. Though, it's clear that season 3 is intended, I can only say that at this point, the series is a "DECENT" rating. Each season was a "GOOD", but when stacked together, more should really have been accomplished.)