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Case Closed (TV) Masterpiece Case Closed a.k.a Detective Conan is a rare masterpiece. It is unique and special in its own way. Detective fiction makes 90% of this series. I just love the way the murder is commited in case, tricks are not ordinary it always makes you think it is impossibly done but at the end it is so simply explained. Author is genius I can't believe where he gets all those ideas from. He even successfuly prevents fans from suspecting the right persons when it comes to the cases or theories. Ah, yea...theories I forgot to tell about them. There are many theories on the internet that fans are talking about, one of the biggest questions are: who is the head of the Black Organization or what is their main goal. Even though there are much more fillers (anime originals) it doesn't bother me. Fillers are quite interesting and I love 1-part episodes because it is quick and gives that "at the beggining already-entertaining atmosphere", it's not always very intense like those with more parts, but it's not dragged atleast. This series offers a rich cast of characters, and almost every character is a mystery and everyone are somewhat connected to the storyline (filler characters don't count). I'm not a romantic type but romantic in this anime is so beautiful and emotional. Relationships between characters are well balanced, comedy is good, music and sound effects are so great and it really gives you feel of watching the classic detective drama. Movies are action-packed and intense. If you are bored of watching anime or reading manga, skip to movies, they are not connected to the storyline and the introduction of the characters and plot is shown at the very beggining. Gladly recommend to watch or read Detective Conan.
Dragon Ball Z (TV) Not really good As you can see by the ratings, you can easily conclude that I prefer DB over DBZ. Dragon Ball Z is not really good, fighting focuse only on power levels, speed of punching and kicking and speed of teleporting. Too repetitive, just shooting laser beams from hands or blowing up planets. DBZ characters are all overpowered. Plot is so-so.
Hamtaro (TV) Decent