These are series' that I am in the process of collecting/reading, so have only read/seen some, or ones that I never intend to finish that I can't lie and said read/seen all of..

Seen some Rating
Agent Aika (OAV)
Ah! My Goddess (TV) So-so
Air Gear (TV) Not really good
Akira (movie) So-so
Aria the Animation (TV) Weak
B Gata H Kei - Yamada’s First Time (TV)
Bible Black (OAV) Decent
Bible Black Origins (OAV) Decent
Bleach (TV) Worst ever
Blue Dragon (TV)
Blue Gender (TV) So-so
(La) Blue Girl Returns (OAV) Decent
Boogiepop Phantom (TV)
Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years (U.S. TV)
Case Closed (TV) Good
Chi's Sweet Home (TV) Decent
Cyborg 009 (TV/1968) Weak
Cyborg 009 (TV 2/1979) Weak
D.N.Angel (TV) So-so
Deadman Wonderland (TV)
DearS (TV) So-so
Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z (TV) So-so
Densha Otoko (live-action TV) Good
Descendants of Darkness (TV) So-so
Digimon Adventure (TV) Good
Digimon Adventure 02 (TV) Decent
Digimon Frontier (TV) Good
Dirty Pair (TV)
Disgaea (TV) Decent
Dragon Ball (TV) Good
Dragon Ball Z Kai (TV) Good
Duel Masters (TV) Weak
Excel Saga (TV) So-so
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (movie) Decent
Galaxy Express 999 (TV) Very good
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (TV)
Gatchaman (TV) Good
Gatchaman Crowds (TV)
Gate Keepers (TV) Decent
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV) So-so
Ghost Stories (TV) Decent
Gintama (TV) Good
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (TV) So-so
Gunslinger Girl (TV) So-so
Hamtaro (TV) Decent
He Is My Master (TV) So-so
Hello Kitty (TV) Decent
Hello Kitty and Friends (TV) Decent
Hidamari Sketch (TV) Good
His and Her Circumstances (TV) Decent
Honey and Clover (TV) Excellent
Honey x Honey Drops (OAV) Good
I Shall Never Return (OAV)
Inuyasha (TV) Decent
(The) Invisible Stud (OAV) Decent
Junjō Romantica (TV) Decent
Kaasan - Mom's Life (TV) Good
Kaikan Phrase (TV) Weak
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne (TV) Decent
Kimi ni Todoke - From Me to You (TV)
Kiss×sis (OAV) So-so
Kiss×sis (TV) So-so
Kodocha (TV) So-so
(The) Legend of Black Heaven (TV)
Level-C (OAV) Decent
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (TV) Weak
Lucky Star (TV) Decent
Lupin III: Part II (TV) Good
Lupin the 3rd (TV) Good
Mars [2004] (live-action TV) So-so
Mega Man (U.S. TV) So-so
Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch (TV) So-so
(Les) Misérables - Shōjo Cosette (TV) Decent
Mister Ajikko (TV) Very good
Monster Rancher (TV) Decent
Najica Blitz Tactics (TV) Decent
(The) New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion (TV 1989) Decent
Now and Then, Here and There (TV) Good
Ojamajo Doremi (TV) Weak
Outlaw Star (TV) Decent
Pandora Hearts (TV) So-so
Pilot Candidate (TV) So-so
(Le) Portrait de Petite Cossette (OAV) So-so
Ranma ½ (TV) Good
Rave Master (TV) So-so (edit.dub & sub)
Rental Magica (TV) So-so
Robonimal Panda-Z: The Robonimation (TV) Decent
Rosario + Vampire (TV) Weak
Rozen Maiden (TV) So-so
Sailor Moon S (TV) Good
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (TV) Good
Sailor Moon SuperS (TV) Good
Sailor Moon SuperS (special) Good
Saint Seiya (TV) So-so
Saiyuki (TV) Good
Saiyuki Reload (TV) Decent
Samurai Champloo (TV) So-so
Samurai Deeper Kyo (TV) Decent
Samurai Pizza Cats (TV) So-so
Save Me! Lollipop (TV) Bad
Serial Experiments Lain (TV) So-so
Shin chan (TV) Decent
Sonic X (TV) So-so
Space Pirate Captain Harlock (TV) Good
Speed Racer (TV) So-so
Step Up Love Story (OAV)
Strawberry Marshmallow (TV) Decent
(The) Super Milk-chan Show (TV) Decent
Tears to Tiara (TV) Very good
Tenchi Muyo! GXP (TV) So-so
(The) Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye (TV) Good
Tokyo Mew Mew (TV) Weak
Vampire Knight (TV) Good
Welcome to the NHK (TV) So-so
X (TV) Decent
You're Under Arrest Second Season (TV) Very good
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