Personal Favorite Anime Rating
Elfen Lied (TV) Masterpiece
I love Elfen Lied so much that it warrented it's own category to drive home the point that this is my most beloved, favorite anime ever. Elfen Lied is the epitomy of what is wrong with the world, it's a story of vengeance, hate, sociopathism, love, and although it's hard to believe, but comedy. All of these elements somehow mix together and WORK, it's like mixing in Berserk with Hellsing for a kick ass violent and brutal show, and then throwing in a title like Chobits for the hell of it, and it only works out even better. To call Elfen Lied a masterpiece is an understatement in my view. It's in my Masterpieces section with a rating of 10/10, but it deserves an 11/10. It's beyond a masterpiece, it's deserving of a divine rating. A lot of people are turned off by Elfen Lied from the intense violence and nudity (particularly a few scenes which are grossly underaged). But you know, if you can't handle it, don't watch it. If you go through /b/ section of and not squirm, then you're ready for Elfen Lied and I strongly suggest you get it now. To sum it all up. Best. Anime. Ever.
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