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3x3 Eyes (OAV) Decent Good story, nice characters. Not much more to say except I enjoyed watching it and more if there was some.
3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu (OAV) Decent This sequel was good although I wish they added more to the story.
(The) Adventures of Mini-Goddess (TV) Weak Cute with a capital 'C'. But episodes should not be watched consecuitively. Maybe one a day... Too much at once is just, pointless.
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie Very good I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It is a nice ending to the prequel 5 Episode OAV. Very well done and the animation in incredilbe. It only adds to the story in every way.
Ai Yori Aoshi (TV) Very good If only I had a female who was that adamant about being with me...*sigh* Alas, it is a good show. Although some people think that it's another Love Hina. In a way, your completely wrong. In others... I don't care. Anyhow. It's a good watch.
Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ (TV) Decent Hmmm, pretty much uneventful. Or at least, I was dissapointed with what did happen. Which wasn't much more than a few things that could have been a couple OAV's. Give the people what they want right? It's still a very good show with tons of laughs and little adventures to go on. But I wouldn't get this if you want a good drama. Cute, but a little soft on the story.
Air Master (TV) So-so This show is pretty good once you get past the fighting based plots, increasingly annoying Renge (character) and Mina (an annoying character with breasts the size of texaz, it's horrible). Good fights, semi-ok ones too. The ending leaves many things unexplained and provides little closure to the story.
Akiko (OAV) Not really good A hentai with a so-so plot and so-so animation. Nothing worth warranting renting or buying this title. I'd skip it had I known better.
Alien Nine (special) Excellent Dear Lord. I don't think I felt like this ever since I first saw Evangelion. This show is one of the best Drama Sci-fi shows I have seen. Even at 4 episode they cover a LOT of events. If you want a GOOD show to watch this is one of them. This goes HIGH on my tope 10 list... very high.
Angel Sanctuary (OAV) Good Pretty Cool. I like how they actually show blood. The ending is pretty good too. I wouldn't condone such things as incest but hey, He's not human so I guess it's alright. Anyhow, some people really hate this show because of that, I think they are just being closed minded. However, regardless, I think this is a fairly decent show. Good character depth and the story isn't bad for being only 3 eps.
Angel's Egg (movie) Weak I couldn't do it. I just couldn't sit around forever watching this show. I guess the art side of this just didn't click with me. I doubt I will ever be up to watching this again.
Angels in the Court (OAV) Weak This is Hentai. They try to instil a plot... whatever, you watch hentai for .... not for a story.
Area 88 (TV) Decent Good show. Nice dogfights. Decent Story. May be slow for some people or just not catch their interest. I enjoyed it though.
Argento Soma (TV) Good Starts out good. Get's weird. Get's interesting a bit. Get's boring. Get's weirder. Get's... over. Then you can sit there wondering why it turned out that way for 5 minutes and continue on with your life. It's an ok show... Rent it if you can. Do not buy.
Arion (movie) Decent Very interesting movie. Though the story was a bit weak, a lot happened but nothing that would make you understand the characters better. Just a big adventure type movie. It is interesting how Greek Mythology is portrayed here.
Azumanga Daioh (TV) Excellent I love it. I love the Manga too. I am buying it. You should too. It's good, Cute, Fun, enjoyable to the last second. You will wish it never ended.
Baki the Grappler (TV) Good At first I really didn't like how they drew Baki's face... but as the story went on he kinda grew a bit and he didn't look so ugly. Anyhow, this is a real fight to the top kinda show. It's pretty good even if it does lack any drama or relationships other than between the fighters. Still worth it. I'll be waiting for Grappler Baki II
Banner of the Stars (TV) Good pretty good continuation of Crest of the Stars, though I think it is setting it up for Banner fo the Stars II
Banner of the Stars II (TV) Good Good ending the the Trilogy. Though I would have enjoyed deeper emotions and/or a bit more tear jerking drama for the end. Oh well, I can't complain that much because the story was pretty good.
Basilisk (TV) Very good Very good story, characters are unique and with some nifty powers. Very bloody, some "mature" scenes such as attempted rape and torture. Viewer has been warned. Not as bad as it sounds but still. Awesome show.
Battle Angel (OAV) Good Classic. All true anime fans should have seen this. Anyways... It was excellent for it's time. The story is quite good.
Battle Programmer SHIRASE (TV) Very good This is an excellent show with Comedy, gags, a good plot-line and the occasional fanservice that Doctors recommend. Although the one running gag gets kind of annoying it's still funny to see what brings it out everytime. I am hoping for a second season.
Beast City (OAV) Bad This hentai show really reaks. They try too hard on the plot that sucks and have too little of the stuff that makes it a hentai. I would also like to point out that the show was never "continued" and was cut at 2 episodes. So even if you watch it you will never know what happens or why. DO something better with an hour and a half of your time.
Beet the Vandel Buster (TV) Weak Despite the fact that the into is promising and so is the plot (cliche, but still), this show is surprisingly dissapointing. The rpg refferences to "Level," "Experience," and killing monsters to "gain" said experience is almost laughable... except they are serious. I do believe this show is geared toward getting kids used to the ideas behind most video game rpg's. Another thing that they do surprisingly well is recaping. Even after the commercial break you get to see the last 10 seconds of what you just watched (which may not seem like a lot but go ahead and count a full ten seconds before continuing to read this). The character development is minimal and the plot is far from unique and/or engaging.
Behind Closed Doors (OAV) Not really good This is Hentai. A little more kinky than I thought it would be. You have been "warned"
Berserk (TV) Very good Another must see for any anime fan. A Classic amoung classics. This show is an awesome watch for those gore loving people. Then near the end you kinda feel sorry for everyone. Anyhow I think this is a great show.
(The) Big O (TV) Excellent Mr. Smithers... I am itching to see The Big O II !!!!
Black Jack The Movie Good Eh, it's old. It's a good drama. Nothing much more. The story is kinda freakish, but still good. Rent it. Do not buy.
Blame! (ONA) Good HAHAHA!!! Like I could say anything about this show. I can but I won't. Watch it and find out what kind of craziness you come out with. (ok, so it's not that crazy)
Blood: The Last Vampire (movie) Very good Good show. Then again, it depends who's watching it. I liked it. I like the AMV Pwolf made out of it with his Mitternatch vid. Go see it. you'll like it. Anyhow - I think it's a decent show.
Boogiepop Phantom (TV) Good Crazy, Weird, Gory,and very thought provoking (about the show). One of those shows you have to see because it's like no other. Lain doesn't compare to this freaky wise. But probably on the same level of craziness. Intense at some times...
Bottle Fairy (TV) Very good CUTE! The intro song is VERY catchy... lala laaa la la.... err. Anyways, I enjoyed this show regardless of it's mind numbing cuteness and one ep plots. it's just too cute.
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (TV) Good Good show. Slow. But good. It has no aftertaste. Rent the first volume. If you really like it. By all means, get it. Otherwise it might not be worth your time.
Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran (TV) Good This show is AWESOME while sipping some sake. Other than that nothing special. It's a fluke off all those Kenshin male-samurai shows. Two women enjoy the fruits of the Meji era as wanderers.
Castle in the Sky (movie) Very good Very touching. Good show. A little long but worth every second. It's a shame we don't know more of the background of Laputa and what happened to it.
Cat Soup (OAV) Very good This is crazy. I love it. It is truely something all fans have to see at least once. Who can't not love those cute cats going through a hairball of an adventure? >.<
Ceres, Celestial Legend (TV) Decent Awesome show. But the ending I hate. I really hate the end. Good show. Hate the end. Lots of emotion towards the end. Oh well. Can't have everything can we?
Chobits (TV) Excellent Cute, funny, good. Now go watch it.
Colorful (TV) Very good This show is funny. It's all about guys trying to get that extra peek at all you gorgeous women. ^^ Their successes and ultimate failures. Enjoy.
(The) Cosmopolitan Prayers (TV) Not really good Ugh... Um, can I watch something else now? Basically a poor plot, with a poor plot twist. Also the story has many holes and doesn't really make sense in some cases. Sometimes it's just corny as hell. I would avoid this if possible.
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Very good No one has to tell you to watch this series. It's going to be a classic. This show is one of the greats.... now go watch it.
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Masterpiece Like the show except a lot more better. More Better. Not betterer. MORE BETTER!! So how much is a lot? Well, if I was said Cowboy Bebop TV was awesome... then you asked me how good the movie is compared to the show.... I would say the show sucks. That's how good the movie is.
Crest of the Stars (TV) Good Pretty damn good. I thoroughly enjoyed this title.
D.C. ~Da Capo~ (TV) Decent Da Capo. Drama/Romance type thing. Very intertaining. Although after about 3/4 of the way through, the story stops. It doesn't really progress after that except for trying to figure out how to solve this one 'problem' they have. A good show non the less. Especially if you like the love triangle things.
D.N.Angel (TV) Good Great Show. Decent story and plot. Other than that I forget a lot about it. It's been a while.
DearS (TV) Good It starts out a lot like Chobits. Then it takes on it's own identity as a show. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Not too much of anything and not to little either. A good all around romance/drama/comedy show. Cute and sometimes a little perverted. Tehehee
Diamond Daydreams (TV) Good Cute and touching short stories, usually 2 eps a piece. Then it all comes together at the end. Though nothing is necessarily tied together at the end, but it helps wrap up a few things. (though they could have tied a bow and made it REALLY good, but oh well) The animation is good and the theme song is catchy. Mostly slice-o-life/drama. ^^
DNA² (TV) Very good Although the animation may be a tinsey bit old, the story is still very intriguing. This is one of the better animes I have seen lately. Some fanservicey scenes ^_- .
DNA² (OAV) So-so A rather bad sequel to the series. It does make it a little deeper plot, but none the less something you could tack on after-the-fact. Eh, whatever, youre not getting ANY character development that one would expect from an OAV of this type of series. Oh well. Can't be helped.
Dokkoida?! (TV) Decent It is funny. Granted... I would change his costume if I could... he's wearing diapers I swear.
Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone (movie 1) So-so Eh. It's DBZ... Ok, but totally cliche stuff. Predictable.
Dragon Drive (TV) Decent LONG show. 52 eps I think. Good. But I think there are better ways of spending a lot of time. It's story is a bit shallow. Not much character development either. I was kinda jipped out of my time spent watching this long 4$$ show.
Dragon Half (OAV) Very good HILARIOUS! Classic as well. You cannot truely be an anime fan without watching the ending credits to this show all the way through while withstanding her song. (Subtitled of course)
E's Otherwise (TV) Decent Hmmmm. Different. Yet not. Character development could have been better. I'll cut the kr4p, this show isn't great.
Elfen Lied (TV) Excellent Wow. Blood, Blood, Blood, and Gore. Violence and Graphic Nudity. This show is surprisingly good considering the amount of blood. Though it may not be THAT much blood, still an incredible amount compared to all but one other anime show I have seen (Berserk). Anyways, I like the story, I like the characters, I liked the ending! This is some pretty good stuff. At least in my opinion. Nothing too shallow or too deep either. I enjoyed it. (no, not because of the blood... well, maybe a little). Be prepaired to see naked girls, though nothing below the waist unless it's from a distance to where there's no.... yeah. Anyways.... ^_^
Excel Saga (TV) Excellent Excellent pointless random humor at the expense of you. I love this show because it's my kind of humor. Never watch alone or seriously, you will not like it if you do. watch with friends or in groups of slightly intoxicated people.
Figure 17 (TV) Good Dramatic Redundancy with a tear at the end. Defines Figure 17 nicely.
FLCL (OAV) Very good Crazy seriousness at it's funniest. Now go buy it and support your local anime store.
Fruits Basket (TV) Very good Great Show. I hear the manga goes farther. SO if you plan to invest, invest in the manga. Anyhow, good show. Nice plot. Characters are cool and sometimes funny.
Full Metal Panic! (TV) Excellent Awesome show. Don't miss it.
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (TV) Excellent This is the real Full Metal Panic. With the history of FMP behind you, it will render better results. It's funny with lots of explosions and new adventures for Souske to 'neutralize'.
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) Very good Awesome show. Very good action, story, and it isn't slow like some shows that have a lot of episodes. I personally think Al was more deserving of something more than just Ed's sidekick brother. The end of the show was a big dissapointment for me. It almost completely overshadows Al's accomplishments. Oh well. It is still worth watching, I recommend this show for almost everyone. There is blood. By some standards, it's quite a bit. Enjoy ^^
Gasaraki (TV) Very good Slow Start. Awesome. Deep story. Good characters.
Gate Keepers 21 (OAV) Good Nice animation, Good action and story. Although the characters didn't mature enough for me by the end but it is still worth watching.
Generator Gawl (TV) Decent Good. Ending isn't so good.
Geneshaft (TV) Decent Ewwwww. I actually watched that show? Sure it LOOKS decent but seriously. Can we get better quality plot/story/drama/action? Teh animation is great but it's like watching Jet Lee do Yoga.....
Getbackers (TV) Very good Get this, lose it, getbackers... ok that was lame. Get this cause it's good. End of story.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV) Very good Wow. I love this show. Glad I didn't buy it when it first came out on DVD though, apparently there were some troubles with the labeling on the DVD's. Anyhow, this show is a kickass addition to Ghost in the shell. Very cool stuff and pretty much all the episodes add to the story. Excellent.
Golden Boy (OAV) Very good One of the better comedies out there. Correction: One of the better perverted comedies out there. Children beware.
Gravion (TV) Decent Gravion is like a mature power rangers with the mecha that assembles from each pilots vehicle.... kinda cheesey at first but then you get into it. If power rangers isn't your thing. Stay away from this. Decent show though.
Green Green (TV) Very good Perverted anime that actually has a decent plot and animation as well as not blatantly obvious fan service. I like it. SO does my hentai freak friend... but we won't go there.
Grenadier (TV) Decent Good story, good character. Lacked some character development (but also displayed some nicely). The male protagonist was very useless for most of the show, it was kind of frustrating because he was given an important history. I do however think that the Female main char was a good thing cause there are a lot of shows with the main char being male dominated. It is not a hentai, or ecchi in anyway aside from the Rushuna's extremely large breasts. From time to time, more flesh is exposed but nothing objectionable or "out of bounds".
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (TV) Masterpiece I wish this show never ended. It is one of my favorites of all time. If you ever want a good laugh, solid plot, great characters. This is your show!
Guardian Hearts (OAV) Weak The saving grace of this show is the Fanservice... if that's your thing. Other than that, it is pretty much mindless gushy wannabe contest for the alpha-male show. -_- not like it hasn't been done before more times than anyone cares to count but whatever. It's not a bad show... just cliche and overdone to the point of pointlessness.
Gungrave (TV) Excellent DO NOT miss a single episode of this, if you do you will miss a LOT. This is a FULL story that takes ALL 26 episodes to tell. Pretty Damn Badass and very well thought out. It is Crazy good.
Gunparade March (TV) Excellent I seriously recommend this show. It has awesome character development. The story evolves quickly and matures very well. (grows, not perverted like). This is one of my favorite shows. You get action, drama, romance all in one nice little show.
Gunslinger Girl (TV) Good I found a couple flaws in the story line... some things just didn't add up or lacked an common sense. Although it is a very enjoyable show... it's not something that one watches more than once. Doesn't have that right kind of feeling to it. Other than that, it is very well animated and the characters are played well. Kind of a sad show too.
Gunsmith Cats (OAV) Very good Excellent show. One of those ones all anime fans should watch. It's just plain good stuff.
.hack//SIGN (TV) Weak Personally, I was very dissappointed in this show. Very slow. Although at times it was interesting I feel I lost some of my life watching them walk around and have conversations every once and a while. -_-
Haibane Renmei (TV) Masterpiece Greatest Drama I have ever seen. This show takes the cake on being the best show never to touch action. Cause it didn't need it. This show is surprisingly interesting with a twist of mysetery. I bought this series and I am still getting my money's worth. Truely a masterpiece from the makers of Lain and Neia Under 7.
Hanaukyo Maid-tai (TV) Decent A perverted show.
Hanaukyo Maid-tai OAV Decent Sequel to a Perverted show that is... a perverted show.
Happy Lesson (TV) Decent Good, except it's another variant of the Love Hina Stereotype.
Happy World! (OAV) Decent I liked it. I still do. It's a good show.
Haré+Guu (TV) Masterpiece Comedy. Intense comedy. This show is friggin hilarious and weird. Poor Hale is stuck with all these things happening to him that we get to point at and laugh. Guu's laugh is evil, I warned you.
Haré+Guu Deluxe (OAV) Masterpiece Like Jungle wa except it's DELUXE! OMG WOW!~
Hellsing (TV) Good Another soon to be classic. However, I wish Victoria actually did something or had some sense of development through the show. However none of this happened. Oh well. It's still worth watching.
Hoop Days (TV) Decent Sports... somehow, when I think of me, sitting there, watching all this anime, but watching anime about sports... is contradictory. Good show. Don't like sports much. But it is a good show. Especially if you like Basketball. Cause that's what it's about.
Hunter X Hunter (TV) Very good Excellent show. I recommend this to anyone. Beware, it ends unfathomably abrupt. But not to worry, the OVA, Green Island OVA, and the Green Island Final OVA continue exactly where each one ends, so you miss nothing and get to keep enjoying the show.
Hunter X Hunter (OAV) Very good Nice addition to the story. Completing the Ryodan run in with this ova. But it won't stop there, nor is this the last of the Ryodan. Keep watching this show is awesome.
Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island (OAV) Very good With Green Island, this just makes things more interesting. I highly recommend Hunter X Hunter. I hope G.I. Final is as good as the manga.
If I See You in My Dreams (OAV) Decent Pretty Good Romance Story. But just another show where no one can say what their true feelings are and a bunch of misunderstandings. Still cute though.
Iketeru Futari (TV) Decent Sometimes funny. Sometimes perverted. Good show.
Ikki Tousen (TV) Decent YAY for perverts! Clothes get torn off in every battle! Good for you ne? Other than that this show is medocre. No big whoop-dee-doo.
Initial D (TV) Good This show is like... cool. Kinda inspires you to enhance your driving skills. If you can stand the old school animation style then by all means. Sit down and enjoy the ride.
Inma Seiden - The Legend of the Beast of Lust (OAV) So-so
Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time Decent Watch the series. It's basically a really long episode. Still good though. But bears no weight on the actual tv sries
Kanon (TV 1/2002) So-so Boring. It's about people who have memory problems. I prescript Citracal!.. oh wait, that's for strong bones... oh well, you'll need them to stop yourself from breaking your arm for entertainment while you watch the show.
Kiddy Grade (TV) Decent Neat.
Kiki's Delivery Service (movie) Excellent Miyazaki does it again with a brilliant story and wonderful characters that anyone can fall in love with (or at least tolerate). I hope he makes more masterpieces. If you love Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away, this is right up your alley.
Kite (OAV) So-so Leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth... ok, so I'm not suppose to eat DVD's. But you know what I mean.
Kokoro Library (TV) Decent Cute show. I like it.
Last Exile (TV) Excellent Excellent show. If you want a good show, this is it. Now go, shoo~ !
Legend of the Condor Hero (TV) Good The art of the show reminds me of a much older vintage of anime. I actually question the vintage date noted... The show is good, plot is good, characters are somewhat unique. The show moves along very nicely with the story and does very little that's not important. A few cons to note: The main character is an alpha male and all the girls seem to be falling for him *shrug*. Some of the events that happen in the show are questionable, no nudity but at one point the show does imply rape; however, it's played down to the point of almost not being part of the story which I find to be a little disturbing. Cons aside, I did enjoy the story (which ends with a "To be continued..."). I'll be watching season two.
Like the Clouds, Like the Wind (special) Good Dramtic story. Very touching. Had they spent more time on Ginga and Koryuun's relationship I may even have cried. Still worth watching. Very intersting story based around some good old fashioned history.
Love Hina (TV) Very good The base of all Stereo types labeled after this show. Typical alpha-male with lots of pretty girls around to disctract him. (lucky b4st4rd)
Lunar Legend Tsukihime (TV) Very good I was so sucked into the first episode it really freaked me out. This is a MUST. I love this show.
Maburaho (TV) Good Decent story though I was going "WTF" at the VERY end when.... well, you'll have to find out.
Magical Meow Meow Taruto (TV) So-so This show was cute. So cute i watched it all. It's actually very decent. I'd watch this over Street Fighter: Alpha any day.
Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden (TV) Good The plot is right out there in the open from the start, which isn't bad but doesn't hold well after a while. I would have considered a more secondary plot than making a bunch of 1 ep wonders.
Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful (TV) Decent The second season continues where the first left off... however this season ends like finding out the red jello you ate(and enjoyed) was really colored cat inards. Ok, not that bad but it is way off from where someone might have thought the show was going. This can either add to the shows "plot twists" (i guess) or totally leave you going "who fooked up?". Worth watching if you enjoyed the first season though. Just don't expect the expected. ^_-
Master of Mosquiton '99 (TV) Not really good You won't miss much if you don't see this title. However, it is extremely funny at some points. (but don't let that be the only reason you pick up this title)
Memories (movie) Excellent Magnetic Rose : Dramatic, Exciting, Startling, very good. Don't miss it! Stink Bomb: I love this one. Pretty funny and incredibly interesting. Cannon Fodder: The Bane of this incredible collection. Boring and not very though provoking.
Mermaid Forest (TV) Weak A weak show about two immortals on a journey trying to become normal again. Pretty pathetic plot with no real story line besides 2 epsiode encounter type deals. Whoopidy doo -_-. I'd stay away from this one if I were you.
Midori Days (TV) Very good I like this show. Regardless of how absurd it may sound this show actually pulls off the main plot EXCEEDINGLY WELL!!! (The plot: A guy wakes up with a girl on his hand) .... Anyways, this show is HILARIOUS! I personally will be buying all of this show when it is released. Lots of good stuff, some romance, some drama/suspense, some gushy feelings and all around laughter. Oh and there is nudity. Brief and nothing objectionable but it's there ^^ Heh.
Momoiro Sisters (TV) Good I liked this show. It's jsut all around decent and fun.
Mouse (TV) Bad Horrible. Don't bother. You can find better fan service elsewhere. The plot sucks bad, the who things is just horrible. Green Green is 500 trillion (500,000,000,000,000) times better.
(The) Mystery of Nonomura Hospital (OAV) So-so Quite the Detective story... by that I mean damn there are a ton of hot chicks in this show. It's definately Hentia, but nothing "hardcore".
Nanaka 6/17 (TV) Decent This show is good except I didn't enjoy the ending. I felt kinda bad. Anyways, it has some issues that never really got solved in my opinion. However it doesn't take away from the fact that the story is actually quite unique.
Natsuiro no Sunadokei (OAV) Decent Interesting show. At first I thought it was going to be more hectic with the time traveling and all. But it turned out to be a fairly straight forward story. The animation and plot is good. Cute Girls too. I liked this short romance story cause it has a happy ending. (well, not just because of that). Anyhow, a good quick anime fix cause it's only 2 eps :)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (movie) Excellent Like Akira, Mononoke Hime, and Spirited Away. All Masterpieces.
Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) Excellent One of the greatest TV shows of all time. The story, the episode plots, and characters go deeper than any ocean and intertwine like a neverending spiders web, woven to perfection. Oh yeah, and if you don't like episodes 25 and 26, go suck an egg.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth (movie) Very good First part of the conclusion to NGE. Without the TV show under your belt you will be lost.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (movie) Masterpiece Epic Tail end with this. I will never forget this movie even in the next life.
Ninja Scroll (movie) Very good Money making scheme using Ninja Scroll to make people think it would be good. Although cool sometimes it is a shallow show with some continuity errors and more than enough enemies that no one cares anymore.
Ninja Scroll (TV) So-so Good show. Mature Audiences.
Noir (TV) Decent Good. Long. Very Long if you are impatient.
Now and Then, Here and There (TV) Very good Crazy, Weird, Insane, sad, depressing.... That's all.
Ocean Waves (special) Excellent This movie is five stars. I highly recommend this film. Everything about it just makes it a good movie. Drama is it's genre and interpersonal relations is the game. No, it's not a game... that was a figure of speech.
Oh My Goddess! (OAV) Very good One of the better anime's out there. I like it a lot. But I will always think there is something missing from the show.
One Piece: Nejimaki Shima no Bōken (movie 2) Good Just a longer episode of One Piece.
One Piece: The Curse of the Sacred Sword (movie 5) Decent As good as the show. Just happens to have a longer duration.
ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ (OAV) Awful The worst show in existence. I have snotted on a piece of paper and it would make for a better script than what was in this show. At least mine has some creativeness to it, that and the action in the beginning was intense.... This show has nothing. I felt like I was trying to watch paint dry.... or grass grow.... or concrete dry.... or XP Pro load on a system with only 32 megs of ram.... a slow painful experience. >>> I would also like to point out that this show has the rating 'Awful' from me. By a quick scan of all the other shows I have watched you can tell I am pretty lenient on rating shows (most of them are pretty good). I am open minded and try to think of the good qualities of a show even if I may not like it all that much. So the rating of Awful should tell you something much more here. It's more than awful, it's horrendous! I would rather stare a blank wall and think to myself then pass the time by watching this show EVER again. Why am I spending so much time getting this across? Because I care about you. Heaven forbid you would get this just to see how awful it really is! If you want to waste your time do it on something worth wasting your time on!!!!!!
Oruchuban Ebichu (TV) Good Funny. Pervert. For mature audiences.
Outlaw Star (TV) Weak I was SEVERELY dissapointed in this show. I was mortified at it's lack of any continuity between the episodes and the shallow plot(s). Truely I felt this show could have been so much better. I have seen AMV's of the show that are better than all 26 episodes put together.
Passage of the Stars - Birth (special) Decent Interesting addition to the Crest/Banner of the Stars series. This isn't necessarily mandatory or relevant other than more information on the background of the show. I think it had to do with Laphile's parents, though it has been a while since I have seen it.
Peacemaker (TV) So-so Except for the sword battles and the excessive gore, I was immensely dissappointed with this series. Although it was a good show and wasn't a clean ripoff of anything I have seen before... it just didn't go anywhere. Character development was poor and extremely slow. Their attempt at making people feel bad at the loss of a character went flop because of this. Anyhow, not to totally bash it to hell, it was actually a good watch non-the-less. There are much more horrible anime's out there and this doesn't deserve to be with them. If you have some free time and such, you should check it out and see if it is to your liking. ^^
Pia Carrot 2 DX (OAV) Decent Older style animation but a cute romance show. Nothing spectacular. Yet, I believe you won't waste your time if you are able to see it.
Piano (TV) Decent Interestingly same aura like that of Someday's Dreamer's. If you like Someday's Dreamer's, you won't have any problems with this one. ^^
Pilot Candidate (TV) So-so It's good, it was getting better, then it just stopped. Hopefully there will be more in the future? One can only hope, but I won't wast too much time on it.
Pilot Candidate (OAV) Weak A lame recap of what you saw in Candidate for Goddess (AKA: Pilot Candidate). It has a few new scenes with some background on the older sibling of telepaths.
Pita-Ten (TV) Very good Funny, cute, interesting and very enjoyable. EPISODE 10 IS HILARIOUS!!! I love it.
Platinumhugen Ordian (TV) So-so An older show. It was a very long watch in my opinion. The story is very iffy. Although good it just doesn't seem to flow nicely. However there is some good characters that I liked and thought they progressed well.
Please Teacher! (TV) Very good Another one of those must see shows. An awesome romance/drama show. Very good story and the characters are lovable... One of the well known anime shows like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. This is one of the bigs in the Romance/Drama/Comedy like Love Hina.
Please Teacher! (OAV) Very good OAV's just as good as the series. Adds a bit more to the end though ^^
Popotan (TV) So-so Odd. Time traveling and talking to flowers is where I start questioning the quality of the show. Alas, it has it's good parts and it does contain a fair share of emotions.
Princess Mononoke (movie) Masterpiece Classic Masterpiece. This movie is probably my favorite aniem movie. Powerful story, characters with animation that is both beautiful and stunning. I highly recommend this title. I had the VHS and upgraded to the DVD for safe keeping (My idiot brother inherited the VHS).
Psychic Academy (ONA) Decent Pervert Alert! Get it. If you like a stereotypical romance/drama plot with fan service. Other than that is is rather bland.
Puni Puni Poemy (OAV) Masterpiece Insanity at it's best. I love this type of humor. Drives my up the wall and sidewaysback again. This show is nutz on a stick slapping you in the face. Watch with friends to share the laughs! I bought it, so should you. Although I regret it has not been picked up by an American company so a HK is probably the best you are going to get. Warning: The subtitles have two or three spelling errors (teh).
RahXephon (TV) Very good Eh. Go read someone else's comments for this one. I don't want to comment on it. Someone might hurt me. -_-
Rave Master (TV) Good Rave Master? Weird, I thought it was 'Groove Adventure Rave'... oh well. This is a good show, except that the story seems to do a full 360 in about 52 episodes... which leaves you surprisingly unsatisfied. Oh well.
Requiem from the Darkness (TV) Weak I would have expected better. I must have gotten my titles mixed up when someone said this was an awesome show. UHG! The animation/art style is just not to my liking. The one-ep wonders are sure to drive anyone mad, especially when the main character literally just follows the story. Nothing really matters in the next episode. Sometimes the guy finds himself almost dying because of his idiocy. *sigh* If you ask me, save your time and money (cause time is money too) and take this off your list of things to watch or make it last.
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie Decent Very very interesting. If you haven't seen it, and you want to, go right ahead. But don't expect anything but unusual.
Riding Bean (OAV) Good I love this show just because the Bean is a badass. There is brief nudity and graphic violence. Though nothing I have any objections about ^_-. Hmmm, get it, watch it. Cause I did. The story is pretty good and the end is cool. The characters aren't tapped into very much but it doesn't take away from the show.
Rizelmine (TV) So-so Someone's lolita complex made production. Although it's not perverse... I have better things to do that watch this. Too bad I did.
Ruin Explorers - Fam & Ihrie (OAV) So-so Hmmm. Sorry boi's and gerlz. This show just didn't seem to like me. Everyone is different. The show is good. But my personal prefference somehow just couldn't enjoy this. But I recommend seeing it for yourself. Cause you are not me and may enjoy it. It does have it's good parts and funny ones too.
Rumbling Hearts (TV) Good This is a great show. However, I will never be able to enjoy it. For my own reasons I just might go as far as saying I hate this show. The story is deep, the characters full of emotion and development throughout the series. But no matter how good, to me, the content just gives me the worst feeling. There were many things that happened that I feel should have never even been considered.
Rurouni Kenshin (TV) Very good This is _The_ Samurai show to watch if you had to watch one. Although if you skipped everything after episode 70 and went to the OAV's you wouldn't miss much. It's rather sad that way. My favorite episode in the entire series is Episode 40. Don't miss it.
Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection (OAV) Very good Some say this is the saddest show in the world (having seen all the rest of Kenshin). However sad, I wouldn't watch it out of order. It may spoil your Kenshin experience.
Rurouni Kenshin: The Motion Picture So-so Nothing great.
Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal (OAV) Very good The Prequel to Kenshin TV.... Good show. Hard Core Kenshin fans love this. It carries a lot of emotion throughout the series.
S-CRY-ed (TV) Decent A long show. It took a while to get through even though it was just as long as any other 26 episode series. Very cool yet it just took too long. I don't know how, but it did. If you have the time. Go for it!
Samurai Champloo (TV) Very good Excellent show. Worth seeing. Although it reminds me a LOT of Cowboy Bebop with a lot of one episode wonders and a few episodes that actually coincide with eachother. Definitely a new classic.
School Rumble (TV) Very good Omg, this is funny and the plot is kept very lively throughout the show. THIS CAN't BE ALL THERE IS!!!! Cause that would kinda suck. But other than that it's an awesomely funny and touching show. Recommened.
Scrapped Princess (TV) Excellent This is one of the better shows out there today. Very good. A very good anime to watch if you are serious about watching something good. Really Good. Really Really Good. Get the idea?
Serial Experiments Lain (TV) Masterpiece This is a classic. The first of it's genre. If you know what good anime is, this is on your list. However, you other people who don't care for this kinda stuff might not like it at all. I however, like it more than most shows.
Shadow Star Narutaru (TV) Good NOT A KIDS SHOW! (at least not where I'm from) The first episode is a total mislead. So is the opening theme and the title. This show contains a suicide attempts by disturbed child, graphic murders, conspiracy against authority, and a few other things. DO NOT let this show fool you. Not that any of these things bother me, but if it will help adults pick out some anime suitable for thier children then so be it. I recommend ages 14+. Other than that, it is a good drama with a cute guy named Hoshimaru who befriends a girl who ends up finding that there is a lot more than she bargained for when she met this "round star".
Shaman King (TV) Decent Horrible. Sure, it's good and all. But the end was horrible. So bad in my opinion it almost makes it not worth watchin all 60 some odd episodes.
She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV) Excellent A very powerful anime with feelings from two opposite sides of the spectrum. From a light hearted cute show to a dreaded militaristic depression. This show begins like a bunny and ends like someone took that bunny and stuck it into a pillow sack and used it as a baseball bat at batting practice with bricks. The easily bored, disturbed or just plain shallow people should avoid this. I however, find it to be worth my time.
Shrine of the Morning Mist (TV) So-so Finally Found this show under it's Anime name instead of it's Manga name. Oh well. Since it has been a long time... I can't say much about the plot other than I watched it. It was alright, nothing spectacular.
Sibling Secret (OAV) So-so This is Hentai. They use food a lot...
Someday's Dreamers (TV) Good Good show. Nice feel to it. Very interesting story that didn't bore me at all.
Sorcerer Hunters (TV) Decent Classic Anime. One of those that just screams "Anime". Pretty cool but I don't think 26 eps was a good #. Should have been 13 and maybe an OAV to tell us what happened next.
Spiral (TV) Good Cool show. Really gets you into it because of how the story progresses. The mysteries are pretty cool too. Although again, the ending just plain didn't do anything good for the show.
Spirited Away (movie) Excellent Up there with Mononoke Hime, Akira, Ninja Scroll, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. All are wonderful works of art. Story, characters, mood, everything is what anime really is. These are the things that only anime can show you.
Spriggan (movie) Decent Eh. It's ok. Some of the action is just plain bad4ss.
Star Ocean EX (TV) Decent Interesting, but nothing worth it really.
Steamboy (movie) Good Very cool. The scenery and evironment are very unique. The story is good but some of it is under-developed. Some clarity and or confirmation of some feelings/ideas in the story would be nice, but that may be how they wanted it. See for youself, it's worth watching.
Stellvia (TV) Good Now this show is great. However, my feelings towards the end where that of impatience over the characters unability to 'get over it'. But still an awesome show none-the-less.
Stratos 4 (TV) Good I forgot a lot about this show. Looks like I'll have to watch it again... *sigh* Too much anime so little time. Although I do recall it being about aliens and whatnot....
Strawberry Eggs (TV) Good Anime Comedy that is worth seeing. I enjoyed it.
Street Fighter Alpha (OAV) Awful Ryu's little brother? Give me a friggin break. That kid should have been off'ed the second they saw him. That kid ruined the whole show. Also, the show puts me in a mood I don't like to be in. It lacks a solid plot and just ends up being a one vs one battle at the the end Good guy Vs. bad guy. How lame can you get?
Super Atragon (OAV) Decent Good one or two time watcher. One of my earlier watches. Long time no see kinda thing going on here.
Tales of Eternia (TV) So-so Pretty Good. Though it was a game first (you can tell). A few twists towards the end.
Tenjho Tenge (TV) Very good Awesome Show. However why does the character I like always get shafted? After the second episode, Masataka gets nothing, does nothing, and is basically left out completely. This freaking sucks ass. Aside from that the plot is good and it sets you up very nicely for a second miserable season. Woo-hoo -_-... Seriously, it IS a good show, I am just too bummed about Masataka, oh well.
Tokyo Underground (TV) Decent WOW! Talk about a good show that was ruined by it's own ending. It starts out great but starts to really go undergro- (pun unintentional but not unexpected.) Oh well.
A Tree of Palme (movie) Good Has the same style of art (must be that time period) like that of Nausica of the Valley of the Wind. Aside from that it is a good plot with characters you can really cheer on and hope the best for. Pretty neat if you ask me.
Triangle Heart: Sweet Songs Forever (OAV) So-so Almost a waste of time if not for the action. Very shallow plot and characters. Nothing advances the story very well. A very simple anime show.
Trigun (TV) Excellent A sure Classic. If you haven't seen it you are missing out on a lot. Very good. Very Cool. Very funny. The story is also very intriguing. I highly recommend this show.
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie (TV) Decent A thicker plot than the first season, otherwise it contains everything the first has. Just more of it I guess. A nice continuation of the show. Looking out for a third season since there is certainly room for it :P
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 2: December Nocturne (TV) Decent A decent watch, almost your stereotypical anime with a bit of fanservice. Cute, Drama, Comedy, some 1 episode plots and the like. I enjoyed the fanservice too >.<
Ultra Maniac (TV) Good I was impressed. I never once looked at the time when watching this show, nor can I find anything bad about the show worth mentioning. No action, but drama/comedies don't need action. There are some very, very funny parts.
Urda (ONA) Very good I was shocked at how good this 5 minute a piece, 5 episode show turned out to be. The 3D graphics take a little getting used to but this show is incredibly good for the duration it was given. Watch it, you will not be dissapointed.
Vampire Hunter D (OAV) Not really good Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Old school stuff that might have been good in it's time but seriously. I can't imagine having to sit through it ever again. Avoid if possible.
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (movie) Excellent Awesome movie. Uncomparable to it's predicessor. If you want an awesome story jam packed with action, drama and a bit of gore. This is IT! One of my all time favorites... not just because of those reasons but the animation is incredible and the story is actually thought out and has a point other than mindless killing or your run of the mill badguy/goodguy. Buy it. Watch it. Frame it.
Vampire Princess Miyu (OAV) Decent Pretty good although there are a few things left unanswered at the end of the show. They did explain a few questions I had (which I liked). Decent show, nothing too impressive though. The fights aren't very well planned/thought out nor bare any consistency in strategy/power or execution except to illicit suspense. *sigh*
Vandread (TV) Excellent If my friend didn't buy it, I probably would have. Not to say that I won't eventually get my own personal box set. I really loved Dita. Her character was full of emotion and was very played her roll very well. Kinda wish the male main char was nicer to her. But that was partly because of his background. "Women are Monsters" in that show... even says so on the cover of the first DVD volume. Good thing it's fiction, otherwise I'd be in trouble >.<
Vandread: The Second Stage (TV) Good Very good continuation of the first series. I like this show a lot. The characters and how they interact with eachotehr. I definately recommend this.
Voices of a Distant Star (OAV) Excellent Sad but touching story. Worth my time. Makes you think a little bit too.
Wicked City (movie) So-so A very interesting movie. at 82 minutes you get to know the characters a bit as they run around avoiding bad guys trying to protect a "v.i.p" so-to-speak. Anyhow, there is nudity (^_-) There is a little suspense and the fighting is decent. Basically and old-school Good VS Evil movie.
Witch Hunter Robin (TV) Good hmmmm. A slow going story with mediocre lighting. Don't watch if there is glare, you won't see much. Although very mysterious in the beginning the middle of the show lack direction. By ep 22 I was ready to move on.
Wolf's Rain (TV) So-so Not that great. Good story and all, but 5 recap episodes is overboard. Waaaaaaaay to much filler. But if you must, I don't think I can stop you. It does have it's good parts.
(The) World of Narue (TV) Decent I enjoyed this one. Though it was kind of predictable.
X (movie) Not really good Idiocy at its best. Trying to cram numerous volumes of manga into one, not two ro three, but One, 100 minute movie. Too much, too little, too fast, too soon. Now go buy it and burn it.
Yamibo - Darkness, the Hat, and the Travelers of the Books (TV) Good Maybe I should have played the game first. May be confusing to some. It's a very intriguing show with some very good fanservice. I liked this show mostly because of the underlying desire to know WTF is going on. :)
You're Under Arrest (OAV) Very good Funny, Cute, touching with some action and hot chicks. I love it. A nice 4 ep show... if you don't plan on watching the TV series'. ^^
You're Under Arrest (TV) Decent I was expecting a bit more in the continuing plot/story throughout the show. I don't think anything lasted more than two episodes except for the last episodes. The only main plots are love triangles... Which is kinda pathetic for 48 eps. Alas, it is a very well put together show with good one ep stories and adventures. One of the better ones.
Yumeria (TV) Good OMG the first half of this show is hilarious! It's truely set me laughing. The second half gets a bit more serious... and lacking in the action department. No one seemed to do anything about the situation except express how much they cared. -_- Whatever. If you watch this show, at least watch all of the first half. Good stuff.
Zone of the Enders: Idolo (OAV) So-so Predictable show. Watching it going "That's going to happen next.... yup, I was right". Not much imagination... sad I actually bought it on a whim. Oh well. More money or the companies to (hopefully) bring better stuff over to me ^^
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