UForgotten's Anime

Will not finish Rating Comment
Blue Submarine No.6 (OAV) Not really good
Haré+Guu (TV) Weak
Lost Universe (TV) Not really good
Lucky Star (TV) So-so
My Dear Marie (OAV) Not really good Storyline has a good premise. Boy is nerd. Nerd likes Girl. Nerd invents Android copy of Girl. Real Girl eventually likes Boy and comes to meet Android copy of herself. Hilarity does not ensue. In fact, it just isn't worth my time when there are so many better shows out there.
Peach Girl (TV) Not really good The story is believable, but it's just too much. I got very frustrated with the characters. I didn't have the patience to see if it all works out in the end. Love Hina at least resolves conflicts at the end of each episode, but this one just drags you on.