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Bleach (TV) Decent
(I stopped watching the dubbed version of this anime for they remove some of the major plots that connecting to the bleach main story line. That's why it didn't had much an impact on me. One scene especially the battle that took place near the end of the series. Its a bit fast to close a Saga, their's not much trill in it.(The Isen Saga) Hopefully the ending could make more of a difference.)
Naruto Shippūden (TV) Decent
(The way this anime is plotted now there are more action than before and some of the secrets are also revealed. The downside is some of the filers and theirs a lot of them isn't really belong to this anime they just should have continued it to the original anime "Naruto" instead of Shippuden, the rating I put in may not change anymore because of this, I got a bit bored waiting for the main story of Shippuden to continue not the filler of leaf history. Hopefully the ending will be an epic one for me to change my mind on rating this anime.)
Fairy Tail (TV) Excellent
(Not much word to put in it but its a great series to watch. It reminds me of Rave Master, I would say to the animators of this series keep up the good work.)