dtm42's Anime

What the title says. Stuff I deliberately dropped with the intention of never finishing.

There are titles here which I knew I wouldn't like but I still watched the few episodes anyway. At least I gave them a chance.

Will not finish Rating
11eyes (TV) Weak
One episode.

Too many panty shots and cleavage shots, not enough making me care about the characters. Ecchi Moe overload; gack.

18if (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

The show has recovered after the confusing and disappointing first episode, but it hasn't actually gotten that much better. The heroines are all very sympathetic but the lead guy lacks any depth, and his mission to save them makes for an ultra thin plot. The visuals have also been getting steadily more bland too. Pity.

Abarenbō Rikishi!! Matsutarō (TV) Weak
One episode.

If there was a contest for most unlikeable anime character, this guy would be a front runner to take the title. And even if Matsutaro redeems himself in later episodes and becomes a thoroughly outstanding guy, I have no interest in actually slogging through to see that.

Absolute Duo (TV) Awful
One episode.

I struggle to come to terms with how such an appallingly bad story got a seven-figure sum of money spent on it. Surely otaku aren't dumb enough to actually buy this, are they? Wait, don't answer that . . . . . .

Ace Attorney (TV) Bad
One episode.

I hate stories that insult my intelligence.

Ace of Diamond (TV) Weak
One episode.

I get what they were going for - a baseball Comedy oozing hot-blooded Shounen sensibilities - but it just didn't click. With only one exception the humour was weak and grating, mistaking being loud and dumb for entertaining and funny. The drama was actually better-written (not by much though), but the humour and OTT Shounen antics constantly undermined it.

There are numerous good baseball shows out there; for heaven's sake (or rather, for your own sake) watch them instead.

Aho-Girl (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

One-joke shows are dodgy to begin with, and to make matters worse the joke here isn't even all that funny.

Ai-Mai-Mi (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Juvenile comedy can be funny if done right, but this is more of a "We now present you with a whacked-out situation. Isn't it funny? Well, isn't it?" type of deal. That's very lazy and pretty lame, and not at all humourous.

Aikatsu! (TV) Not really good
One episode.

It's your typical idol show aimed at young girls. Completely normal . . . except, it has horrible CG. We're not talking on the level of Abunai Sisters here but it's still pretty bad, enough to make it unwatchable. Now, young kids will disagree because they'll watch anything, but I have to wonder if that's the case. One thing children pick up on is the visuals, and are little girls really going to want to grow up to be incompetently-rendered grotesque CG-constructs? I'm gonna say no.

Air Gear (TV) Weak
One episode.

Saw this on a NewType DVD, if I remember correctly. A generic and absolutely stupid shounen battling story, spiced up by heavy fanservice. Groan.

Aiura (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

What is one thing that four-minute episodes don't have much of? Time. So why this show wastes a total of ninety seconds of each episode on an opener and a closer is beyond me. That's three-eighths of the episode . . . it's madness. To make it worse, the pacing is quite 'relaxed', so to speak. So with wasted time and slow pacing, very little actually happens in this show (even for one with four-minute episodes). This show would have been better off as a one-episode OVA. As for the content itself it is fairly alright, but nothing more than that. Cute girls doing cute things in cute ways. With the time to flesh the girls personalities out, much of the charm is lost.

Akame ga KILL! (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

Akame ga KILL is unrepentantly and unashamedly juvenile. So kudos for honesty and being true to itself, yes. But with regards to everything else in the entire show; condemnation. It's a fine art to successfully mix light-hearted humour with dark and grimy drama, yet this show doesn't even try. It just comes across as crass and asinine, little more than a teenage boy's wet dream.

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

Every time the show got even close to doing something right, it then ruined the moment with a tired gag that inevitably ended up with the lead male getting physically attacked. And though the guy is different to the traditional loser stereotype, his propensity to be incredibly dumb and always yelling defensively - like taking every comment so seriously - made him every bit as tiring to watch. In other words he's still an annoying loser, just in a different way.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (TV) Bad
One episode.

Making the lead male a crass loser teacher rather than a overly wonderful student doesn't make the magical high school type of show any less obnoxious.

AKB0048 (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

Yeah, I know, it is so bad it's almost kind of good. A gloriously brazen and well-animated trainwreck, if you will. But no matter how watchable it may be, it's still a very poor and vapid show. If this was a show aimed at little girls that would at least mitigate its awfulness somewhat, although brainwashing children is never going to sit right with me. But the show airs at 11pm on a Sunday night, it is unambiguously targeted towards pathetic man-children who are already diehard fans of AKB48. And that just makes it all the more sad.

Aldnoah.Zero (TV) Awful
Dreadful. I just wish Urobuchi had stayed completely out of this because it tarnishes his name.
Aldnoah.Zero (TV 2) Awful
Three episodes.

The show is too painful to continue with. Yes, the third episode was much better than the previous two, but still not anywhere near good enough to make the show tolerable.

All Out!! (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

When I heard that a rugby manga was being adapted into an anime, I was thrilled. Not only do I really love rugby and so was eager to watch an anime of it, but the prospect of the game being introduced to more Japanese was an exciting one. Japan had just beaten South Africa in the 2015 Rugby World Cup in spectacular fashion - one of the biggest upsets in the history of all sport - and a Japanese team (the Sunwolves) was going to be included in the 2016 Super Rugby competition. This anime looked like it would keep up the momentum of Japanese interest in the game (at least until the 2019 World Cup, which they're hosting) and so I was looking forward to welcoming many new Japanese rugby fans.


The problems with All Out! are numerous, so much so I actually had to write a list on a scrap piece of paper. It wasn't all that funny, and a lot of the jokes felt cringey. The personal drama was really forced, as were most of the characters' motivations. Any recently-minted fan watching this would be baffled by what is going on as rules are explained poorly if at all. Worse, any newbie player would be put at risk by the awful training techniques, and if they replicated the physical contact (especially tackling) depicted in the game there is a huge likelihood for injury. DO NOT BREAK A TACKLE BY LEADING WITH THE ELBOW, IT COULD REALLY MESS SOMEONE UP. Seriously, the way the players tackle and get tackled, it's like we're watching a game of American Football.

But wait, there's more. The main character is incredibly obnoxious and borderline unlikable. The animation budget is a joke, or it would be if there was a budget in the first place. What should be some amazing displays of physical power look awkward at best and embarrassing at worst. The story overlooks the fact that rugby is a twenty-three-man sport, with the eight guys on the bench being vital to a team's success. Team tactics and strategy is not discussed at any time.

And most critically of all, the show is BORING. There's absolutely no excitement or majesty or wonder. Look, I'm no sports anime aficionado but I've watched my fair share. A good sports show can get you invested in anything. Soccer/football, baseball, basketball, cycling, karuta, go, ping pong, mahjong, tennis . . . you get the idea. What matters not is the actual sport but the enthusiasm and the love that the creators put in. This show is so pedestrian and uninspired and lifeless that it comes across as nothing but a paycheck, and I highly doubt anyone who doesn't already like rugby with be interested in it. And existing fans are so unimpressed - I personally know other rugby fans who also dropped this - that there's really no audience here.

And that's what really gets me so upset. Not only is All Out! a weak sports dramedy that fails on its own merits, it is a poor introduction to the sport of rugby. That really hurts.

Altair: A Record of Battles (TV) Not really good
Four episodes.

It's painfully clear that the show's level of quality is nowhere near it thinks it is. Characters who are supposed to be smart/clever instead make braindead decisions. The politics is superficial as heck, and the scheming at a childish level. The animation is irritatingly limited, and the artwork is too restrained for a wannabe historical epic. The music is nothing to write home about either. The worldbuilding is haphazard and scatterbrained. The drama and dialogue are, at best, hamfisted. The viewpoint is clearly from a twenty-first century perspective rather than the time period the show is set in, which is obvious in the particular themes the story employs.

I really wanted to like this show. I really did. And there's potential here, had even a modicum of care been taken. But apart from Shara (who is totally awesome, and who really deserved a better fate than to be in this mediocre yawnfest), the least stupid thing the show did was rip off Tolkien and use eagles as a deus ex machina plot device.

(The) Ambition of Oda Nobuna (TV) So-so
Four episodes.

Can we please stop it with genderbending Oda Nobunaga?

Amnesia (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

The mystery premise is actually somewhat intriguing, but the setting is cliched and this is basically your standard Otome game. But the real problem is the execution; the word 'insipid' is an understatement. Apart from the music, art and clean character designs (although what is with the funky eyes?), everything the show does is so boring and unappealing. The bishounen are not so much characters as they are walking fetishes, and the lead female's personality is so faint that a cardboard cutout would show more emotion than her. The dialogue is bland beyond belief, with no impact at all. And the direction is very, very clunky, which is surprising since both the director and scriptwriter are experienced and have done some good work in the past.

Unless you are a big Reverse Harem fan you'd be better off staying well away from this.

Ange Vierge (TV) Bad
I mentally checked out after four minutes and fully checked out after nine.

'Twas so generic and dull that it wasn't worth finishing half the episode. Yawn.

Angel's 3Piece (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

A touching story with some genuinely funny gags, and featuring a well-realised and sympathetic main character, is kinda ruined by a strange addiction to (completely unnecessary) loli fanservice. And the girls themselves are rote and merely designed for maximum moe impact - no young girl in existence acts like any of those three do, and they don't come across as genuine. Speaking of which, while the story is good the actual plot is, er, not so good. Basically just a flimsy let's-put-on-a-concert premise (using the power of otaku-smarts, no less), crossed with a help-cute-young-girls-achieve-their-goal wish-fulfilment venture. I will say that the subplot of the blonde classmate who looks out for the bullied main character was far more interesting than the main plot of the concert.

Sigh. Everything that the show does right - which is quite a bit, actually - is wasted by its absurd predilection of fetishising prepubescent girls. That's a real shame.

Anonymous Noise (TV) Not really good
One episode.

The music in the episode's second concert was really catchy and actually almost convinced me to give the show another chance. Then I remembered all the melodrama and bizarre characterisation prior to the second concert and knew I couldn't stand another twenty minutes of it. Also, the show should be called "Annoying Noise", because - that second concert aside - making annoying noises is all our heroine can do.

Aoi Bungaku Series (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

I could so totally tell that the series had the same character designer as Death Note. But too bad nothing else got carried over from that show. Most of the first two episodes was just him monologuing in that incessant drone, airing out his baffling and unsupported views of life, and I couldn't relate to him at all. I really thought this was going to be a thinking person's Anime, but it certainly didn't seem that way.

Aoki Ryūsei SPT Layzner (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

I like how the setting is on Mars, but the story is boring, the writing is weak and the characters are morons whom I just want to throttle.

Appleseed XIII (TV) Weak
Ten episodes.

Who cares if the art and animation are amazing? What this Anime did was take a good plot and systematically and completely destroy it with fucktarded execution. It was written so shoddily that I refused to watch any more, because I couldn't bear seeing the plot be abused like that. The one thing that saves the show from getting an even lower grade is that the characters were handled pretty well, but that is of small comfort.

Aqua Age (TV) Decent
Two episodes.

I swear, if I hear that music one more time I'll go insane. So repetitive, and used in virtually every scene. Still, if you can get past that it is a fairly alright romance show, though it is aimed at children and young teens.

Aquarion Evol (TV) Not really good
Three episodes (if counting double-length pilot as two episodes).

I just couldn't get into this show. I don't care if it was well-drawn and fluidly animated, it just did not draw me in and I could not care about any of the characters. As if that wasn't bad enough, it is a bizarre Super Robot show with the religiously prudish gender-segregation and the combining robots, and, well, I'm not partial to those at the best of times.

Maybe if I had seen the original I might have gotten more into this. Or maybe if I had watched the original I wouldn't have even tried to watch this sequel, because I don't think I would have survived the original either. Either way it doesn't matter; this show is dropped, and that is that.

Arata The Legend (TV) Not really good
Six episodes.

This isn't terrible; it's quite watchable in fact. Except it's not, because it sucks. Yeah, I know, I like being contrary.

The show gives off the vibe that it's a poor adaptation of a much better original Manga, and I'm hardly the only viewer to feel that way. It's confusing (apparently the Anime staff have messed around with the order of scenes a lot), it's got plot holes, it expects us to sympathise with certain villains just because they got their comeuppance, and the characters are so painfully cliched it's hard to bear. It has NO subtlety. Plus the plot is pretty meh, something you'd have expected from the nineties or early noughties. Even compared to shows of that era it doesn't hold up particularly well. The school side of things has been sorely neglected along with the cheerful Arata and the strangely-fixated bully. But even though future episodes promise more on that front it is far too late for them as they've lacked so much screentime I can't bring myself to care, because I haven't been given a reason to care. Of course, even Hinohara is such a wimp it is hard to like him. The show seems so scared of going into his backstory that it makes him unrelatable.

Boring uninspired plot which is mediocrely executed, stock characters who are hard to cheer for, messed-up storytelling all combine with pathetic world-building and notably bad CG graphics to make for one boring-arse waste of my time. The mark of a good show is that it is easy to remember all of the terminology that gets bandied about, because for the audience to easily remember such details means they care, and to care implies the show is interesting enough to get them to care. This show was such a snore-fest that even minor details and names were hard to remember. I have no desire to subject myself to another six episodes of this. Oh, and that reminds me; apparently this will be just twelve episodes long in total. Which is bizarre, since there's no way they'll get even half the plot finished in that time. With the promise of a non-ending coming about, that's even more of a reason to abandon ship now.

Argevollen (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Uh, not my cup of tea. Had I been a newbie to anime then I might have found this interesting, but it offers nothing I haven't seen done better in other series. Generic, boring, cliched, uninspiring, its tone is all wrong and it sports a hot-headed moronic protagonist who always sounds and acts like he has a rod up his arse.

Everything was too clean, like how the ground was perfect and not stirred up, and there was no grime anywhere. All the uniforms were too crisp (the enemy's uniforms looked like parade outfits). And the soldiers were messing about in the forest cracking jokes despite their country's supposedly-impregnable main defensive line being breached just moments before. You'd think they'd be in shock or something. And the young woman just saw her commander being killed in front of her eyes and yet a minute later she's being ditzy and making fun of the MC's piloting ability.

How are you supposed to show how horrible and dangerous war is when it looks like a video game and no-one takes it seriously? I'm not saying that everything has to look like Saving Private Ryan but for goodness sakes, I want some gravitas. I want people to actually act like it all matters and that what they've seen and done affects them in some meaningful way.

Aria - The Natural (TV) Decent
Twelve episodes.

The more the show went on the more it wore out its welcome. It has major issues with its setting, and as a slice of life show it isn't all that fun, charming or interesting. It's not bad per se but I have no stamina to watch any more.

Aria the Scarlet Ammo (TV) Bad
Four episodes.

I knew it would be probably be bad and that I would probably hate it, but some of my most hated Seiyuu and staffers have worked in some really good shows, and vice versa. So I was keeping an open mind going into this, because you just never know. Yes, even the plot summary in those preview charts did not dissuade me. Unfortunately, it is as bad as I had feared, with such stupid twists, gaping plot holes and bad characterisation that I could only cringe in disgust. Even with all of the tolerance I've built up over the years I still cannot stand Tsundere Loli, especially when combined with horrible and hackneyed writing.

I stuck around till the fourth episode because . . . because . . . because I have no idea why I stuck around so long. But the second half of episode four was so abysmal it shook me out of my dying stupor and made me realise that hey, this is genuine crap and I shouldn't have to put up with it. Is the grade I gave it unfair? I do realise that there are a number of shows I've watched that are far worse than this in terms of ambition. I mean, is it really that bad? Episode four exclaims yes, yes it is. And I do not believe that Anime quality can be graphed onto a bell curve.

They say that ninety percent of everything is crap. If true, then this is one of them.

Arjuna (TV) Weak
Four episodes.

I'm not going to just happily sit there while some ridiculously pretentious and intellectually shallow series rambles its ecofascist propaganda message at me. Dropped.

Armed Girl's Machiavellism (TV) Bad
One episode.

This show is a litmus test. Everyone seems to agree that it's bad, but there are two schools of thought as to how it fails. The SJW warriors make a big song and dance about the fact that the school (through its militantly fascist regime) is ruled by women, and oh isn't that somehow sexist against females. But me? Well, I don't buy into that argument. To me, the show is simply crap in virtually every way. Action, animation, art, character designs, storyboarding, voice acting, premise, story, exposition, humour, entertainment value . . . there isn't anything that's done even competently.

But Armed Girl's Machiavellism isn't a terrible show, nor is it the most unpleasant thing I've watched this week. The main character is cocky without being too obnoxious, and the backstory elements do show a smidgen of promise. I'm just not going to be around to find out.

Astro Boy (TV 3/2003) So-so
Unknown amount of episodes; less than ten.

Arghh, the noses, the noses. The character designs all-round were just appalling; works can be too faithful to the original, you know. Maybe I should have rated this lower, but I can't be bothered. Just writing this up is giving me shivers, and goodness only knows what will happen if I try to remember the show in any detail. I'm better off just leaving it as is.

Aura Battler Dunbine (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Although it has quite a few issues, what sinks Aura Battler Dunbine more than anything else is the direction. I mean, the premise is alright, the plot itself isn't bad, and the characters do their best under the circumstances. The insect-like mecha designs look weird but they're otherwise fine, all things considered. But what cannot be forgiven or excused or overlooked is Tomino's direction, which is absolutely dreadful even by the low standards of the era. In Dunbine he's written a decent story; there's no doubt in my mind that this is his baby and that he cares a lot about it. However his presentation of that story is appallingly bad, almost unwatchably so.

Consider this a generous rating.

B-Legend! Battle Bedaman (TV) Bad
Unknown amount of episodes.

It was on T.V. on weekday mornings, and I would sometimes watch an episode while eating my cereal. It is uniformly bad, even for a kids' show.

B-PROJECT (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Boring but inoffensive, it's mostly just a whole lot of "meh". I wish there was a good male idol show out there . . .

Battle Girl High School (TV) Bad
One episode.

As someone commented, they are indeed girls who are in high school and battle. So why is this sooooo utterly dull?

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (movie) Not really good
It's never promising when a movie starts off with a boring-as infodump. It's also never good when the rest of the plot is told by further exposition and crappy flashbacks, and there's no pressing reason to care about the characters. "But hey," you say, "this is an action movie. Who cares if the plot is bad and the characters are difficult to empathise with, so long as the visuals are sharp and the fight scenes are cool?" Yes, well, the best fight scenes are those which are relevant and important to the plot, and where we are actually invested in the characters who are fighting. When the action is random, superfluous or inconsequent, it becomes tedious, monotonous and dull, no matter how smoothly-animated, energetic, well-choreographed and shiny it may be. I could further abuse my thesaurus but I suspect you get the point; fight scenes are meant to enhance strong plot and meaningful characterisation, not exist in place of them.
Two episodes.

Everyone talks about the half-baked CGI characters with their bad mouth flaps and all the rest, but to focus on that is to ignore how the show greatly struggles on a more fundamental level. The writing is piss-poor at storytelling; I don't need to be spoon-fed, but this show provides the viewer with no real context to anything. We don't know any of these characters (bar Azuma) or how they know each other, Azuma himself is awfully clueless about bubuki (even though his friend who he has known for a while has one herself), his sister is never mentioned, and the disaster that IS frequently mentioned seems to have little weight. The origins of the buranki are never even touched upon, and the powers the kids and their mother has is unclear. And what is up (pun not intended) with the floating island in the sky? Add in boringly maniacal villains who love to cackle and smirk and gloat, and the idiot cops that are required in all these types of shows, and the show's writing becomes far more ugly than the CGI ever is.

Beast Wars: Transformers (U.S. TV) Decent
Unknown amount of episodes, perhaps no more than ten.
Beelzebub (TV) Good
Twenty-four episodes.

It's obvious that the show will now turn (as in, the next episode onwards) into a generic high-school battle series, so I'm getting out while it is still enjoyable. I mean, it's been fun so far, but there's only one way to go and that's down. The repetitive jokes are not going to stay funny for much longer, and there was never really much of a plot to begin with (barring the initial premise). I can only watch Baby Beel shock Oga for so many times before it kind of loses its lustre. At first it is hilarious, then it is like comfort food (as in "hah ha, they're using that joke again"), then it gets stale. I want to leave while the food is still fresh and the memories are still positive.

In most Anime, the characters pretty much make or break a show, and the cast of Beelzebub was pretty good. Jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold Oga was always good fun to watch. Interestingly, he is voiced by the same guy who did Kamina from TTGL, a character whom I loath. It goes to show that there is a time and place for BIG MANLY SPEECHES, i.e. a comedy, not a Mecha show. Anyway, Furuichi made a fine butt-monkey, and Baby Beel was played to perfection as a weak, immature but needy brat. And of course, I can't forget the ladies. I really liked Hilda and Aoi, both for their personalities and their really attractive character designs. Honestly, Shounen series have given us quite a number of strong, capable, fearsome - oh, and of course, sexy - female leads, a fact which often gets overlooked.

Beelzebub has a great premise; delinquent has to raise demon lord baby. But by following the Shounen formula of "drag everything out way longer than what it should have been", it does threaten to hurt itself. I just want to be clear that as of episode twenty-four the show is very much still watchable, But before the plane hits turbulence, runs out of fuel and crashes into a mountainside I want to bail out now while the going is good.

Ben-To (TV) Bad
One episode.

Despite the premise being par for the course in Anime, the execution was bloody awful. Physical violence is acceptable in fiction if it is cool or funny or to be realistic, but this was nothing like that. This was depicting characters going out of their way to inflict grievous bodily harm on innocent bystanders over half-priced foodstuffs. The employee even thinks it is natural, probably did it himself given the way he talked and acted. Heck, there's even a club just for people like that.

Don't get me wrong, physical violence can be great; think of Kaname and Sousuke in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. Here, it doesn't work.

If the show aimed at being a comedy or "battle Anime" then I might have - nay, probably would have - enjoyed this. But by actually depicting it in a more serious light - such as people (including the girl who was only a bystander) being knocked unconscious - it cannot claim any refuge in "it's a comedy". Because it is not. The tone is clearly not. And if it actually is, then it utterly fails at being one because I didn't laugh or even smile the entire time.

Another thing; what the hell was with the girl who kept on slapping and kicking the guy in class? Is that supposed to be funny? Or is that supposed to appeal to masochistic guys or Otaku who are so desperate for a woman to touch them that they wouldn't mind being assaulted by one? I don't know, but it seemed really, really stupid, and not in a good way.

Berserk (TV 2016) Not really good
Three episodes.

The disconcerting editing and disorientating camera work are the real evils here, not apostles. Trying to jazz things up visually hurt way more than it ever helped; I'll take the original show's minimal-but-impactful animation over this insanity any day. The choice of animation was a blunder, no doubt about it, but at least the CG was tolerable (if not that good). However the character designs suffered, especially the faces with their weird lines all over them. The voice work is actually a bigger issue than the CG, as the characters are hurt by unnatural line delivery; Farnese's cadence was hecka distracting.

So how was the actual plot and characters? Er, alright, but not good enough to overcome the visuals. Having not read the manga I don't know if the problems with this show are because of a bad adaptation or weak source material. But what I can say is that the material presented to us here is a big step down from the 1997-1998 series. It's just not all that compelling, and the show does little to make us care for any character besides Guts.

(The) Betrayal Knows My Name (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

Well, this was obviously designed to appeal to the Yaoi-lovers, with several beautiful angsty guys. There were trenchcoats and crosses and other motifs designed to draw in the female crowd. Well, being a straight male, I sure wasn't going to watch just for all that. I was looking for a decent plot and characters that I could be interested in, if not support. But in the two episodes I watched nothing about the plot was actually explained, and there was only a little bit of effort put in to connect me with the characters. I just couldn't get involved, I couldn't really care.

It did look and sound very nice, but I need more than that, especially in a genre I'm not a fan of.

Beyblade G Revolution (TV) Weak
Unknown amount of episodes; quite a few, I think.
(The) Big O (TV) Not really good
Eighteen episodes.

Far too many plot holes, and boy did the storytelling fall apart in the second half (though it wasn't especially great to begin with). Sorry Roger Smith, but you've been fired.

Big Order (TV) Bad
One episode.

Pretty much what you'd expect. Lazy, hackneyed and wacko Code Geass+JoJo rip-off from the same lunatic who gave us Mirai Nikki. Yeah.

Black Bullet (TV) Weak
Four episodes.

Often I look at a bad anime and wonder how it got to be that way. It's easy to look at the anime itself point out flaws in story and characters, but what about the external circumstances that caused the anime to be the way it is? Now obviously, crap source material is a major factor in this regard, and light novels are particularly notorious in their dearth of quality writing. But even more important is the level of care and skill put into the adaptation. While the Black Bullet light novels were almost certainly weakly written, it was still the duty of the anime's production staff to give it their best. Unfortunately, for many staffers they either don't have the skill or else working on anime is just a paycheck to them.

When I saw that the show's director handled Master Keaton and Monster I got my hopes up, only for him to reveal how he's really a journeyman who is good at storyboarding and faithfully adapting source material but struggles with anything that requires him to think. And the writer of Black Bullet was at the same time also working on Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky; with him juggling two shows at once, it's clear where the bulk of his energy and passion went to (hint; not this one). Although it's dubious as to how much he has of either; I can't help but notice all the bad shows he's done the screenwriting and series composition for. One or two poorly-written shows and you can blame it on bad luck or inexperience, but with that many and it becomes pretty damning.

Like all creative endeavours, the quality of an anime is so dependent on the lead staff stepping up, performing well and leading by example. It is painfully obvious in case that they didn't.

Black Clover (TV) Bad
One ear-destroying episode.

Asta sounds like he has a broken windpipe or something. I've heard obnoxious shounen heroes scream into the microphone before but wow that was painful to listen to. Even Kingdom had more tolerable voice acting, which is saying something.

Gakuto Kajiwara (who voices Asta) has veeery few roles listed in his ANN bio, and Asta appears to be his first regular role (let alone first lead).

He's completely inexperienced, is what I'm saying, and simply not up to being a lead. Maybe in a couple more years but not now.

I don't blame him though; the fault lies with the panel of supposed experts who cast him as a lead. Maybe they viewed his screams as "authentically raw" but come on, at least give the role to someone who avoids giving the audience ear cancer.

As for the rest of the show? It sucks. Badly.

Blade & Soul (TV) Not really good
Four episodes.

The outfits are ridiculous and anachronistic, but as the show does not otherwise wallow in fanservice they can be tolerated. What cannot be forgiven is the moronic moralising and the absurd pretence that a clan of ruthless and amoral assassins are somehow the good guys. All this "what is the sword to you, and what do you use it for?" being asked by a master who has trained a girl up to be a cold-blooded killer is extremely rich. Also, the main character has no emotion or personality. If she was replaced by a cardboard cutout she would be improved, since at least cardboard is supposed to be goddamn boring. Yet this is the lead character we're talking about, and she's completely empty. One might claim that that's the point, how after her training she only knows killing, but it is wrong that the writing forces it so far. A withdrawn character isn't supposed to make the show tedious, but every scene of her not fighting is skull-numbingly boring. This is a woman who has so little agency that she doesn't even try and hide a distinctive mark on her body, as if she doesn't understand that her pursuers will recognise her from it. She's less a character and more a pile of flesh who occasionally mumbles something. She might have been okay as a secondary character but she absolutely cannot carry the show as she is. And the silly spirit dreams with the ill-conceived moralising isn't going to change that.

Blade Dance of the Elementalers (TV) Bad
One episode.

You know an anime is bad when it has a guy peeping on a girl as literally the second scene. Add in the most tired and stale tropes you can think of - oh, she's got a complex about her breast size; how original[/sarcasm] - and then lazily do absolutely nothing to make anything on screen original or clever.

BlazBlue Alter Memory (TV) Weak
One episode.

Confusing, nonsensical, messy, and just plain strange, this adaptation starts off very poorly. It doesn't help that in terms of execution it is uniformly weak in every respect, from the art, animation and soundtrack to the voice acting, characters, plot and action scenes. The show might find its feet and get better, but I'm not sticking around to find out.

Bleach (TV) Weak
Two-hundred and seventy-two episodes, minus much of the non-canon filler.

I used to love this series. I watched the Soul Society arc and revelled in just how awesome it was (for a Shounen show). And now look; I'm rating it as Weak, same as Naruto. But why? What happened?

You don't have to be a brain surgeon to realise what happened. The show suffered from two main problems; the Manga-ka kept on dragging the story out because he didn't know what to do with it, and the producers of the Anime decided that the show would air fifty-plus weeks a year. Which meant - you guessed it - that the show suffered from the scourge of filler. Not just those horrible filler arcs, but almost every episode - even of the canon material for crying out loud - had four minutes of filler in it; three at the start and close to one at the end. And no, I don't include the OP and the ED in that total. It isn't often that a show makes the oft-derided Dragonball Z look fast by comparison.

Now you might think that the canon material was good enough to balance out the filler, right? Otherwise, how do you explain all the people who tune in or download the show every week? Well, the canon stuff is better than the filler, but only just. To put it plainly, after the Soul Society arc, even the canon material sucked. The Hueco Mundo arc was simply a rehash of the Soul Society arc, only with garbage writing. Oh sorry, I used the wrong tense. The Hueco Mundo arc is STILL going. Orihime was captured in episode one-hundred and forty-one, yet even after one-hundred and thirty-five episodes later she still isn't anywhere close to going home.

THAT is the biggest reason I dropped the show. It will keep on going and going and going and never get anywhere, and I simply don't want to waste my life on it any longer.

Bloodivores (TV) Bad
One episode.

You almost got me there, Bloodivores. Despite how poor you were throughout most of your first episode, I was actually finding myself curious as to what would happen next. You were going in a different direction than I had anticipated, and had set up two somewhat intriguing mysteries; the deaths of the hostages and the backstory of the MC's mother. Plus that final scene really surprised me, I have to say.

So I was leaning heavily towards watching your second episode. But alas, you showed your hand in the next episode preview. Not only did it completely ruin the cliffhanger, but the scenario it presented - and the monsters we were shown - both looked so god-awful that whatever interest I had in the show was extinguished right there and then. Ugh.

Even the Japanese struggle to make good anime. However, at this rate, the Chinese aren't going to catch up any time soon.

Bodacious Space Pirates (TV) Not really good
Seven episodes.

Look, there's plenty to like in this show. Clean and crisp character designs, smooth and detailed CG shots, nice artistry, good music. This is a very good-looking and pleasantly-sounding series, so the series has the technical aspects down pat. But everything else? Oh boy.

The main character has little personality and seems like she's on valium or cannabis ninety-five percent of the time. Nothing ever really seems to bother her, she never displays proper reactions to major events. Okay, so she isn't a whiny b*tch, but she also doesn't come across as a normal relatable person either. Why does she want to go to school and work even after becoming a pirate? So we can continue to see her in various uniforms, silly. No matter that it would be so easy for someone to kidnap and kill her while she is away from the protection of her ship. Now, supporting characters are better and more interesting, but they do not make up for Marika, not even close. And what is with the princess who appears?

The setup is stupid, no two ways around that. The contrived circumstances around her inheriting the title of pirate captain is stretching it, but what really gets me is how piracy is handled in the show. Her planet belongs to a sort of galactic federation, but she and her crew rob a vessels from another member of the same federation. That makes no sense, it is like if a coastguard vessel from California robbed a ship based in Portland Oregon.

And the way the pirates go about it breaks any sort of realism the show is trying to develop. Marika swans around in a pirate costume so ridiculous and over-the-top that it looks like a Halloween costume. The civilians they rob in episode six are only too happy to hand over valuables while at gunpoint. And I do mean happy; even if you tell people that insurance will replace the items, are they really going to applaud you and greet you with a smile? One also wonders how taking nothing but jewellery and the money out of people's wallets would cover the costs of running a multi-million-dollar piracy operation.

The show spends a large amount of time attempting to deal with the nitty gritty of how battles are fought and what sort of tactics should be used and whatnot. In a series with more competent writing this might actually work, but such an ambitious undertaking can expose even more writing flaws if done poorly, and this is pretty bad. Electronic warfare is an interesting twist and is well suitable for piracy operations. Except, the future version of the Federal Aviation Administration would never allow vital systems to be on a network like that and be so easily compromised, especially without any form of manual override. Do you think a A380 for instance would come with a computer system that could be easily hacked from the outside and which caused the pilots to be completely helpless? Of course not, because there's no need for that and the safety concerns would be staggering.

But I think the worst part of the show is that it tries to make piracy cool and somehow just. Now, you might claim that with a Letter or Marque the crew of the Bentenmaru are really privateers, A.K.A. pirates who work for a country during times of war. In real life privateers were a semi-noble, even legitimate occupation that played important roles in naval warfare. But in times of peace they went back to being pirates. Marika's planet may have once found that pirates were critically important, but the times have changed and there is peace. She's no better than a thug now, and yet we are shown that as long as one works hard, preying on other people is a glamourous and exciting line of work.

The writing may have no understanding of warfare or how skirts are worse than useless in zero-gee. It may think that aerobraking is an amazing manoeuvre even though it is old-hat. The plot may call for a private girl's school owning a legendary and still-functioning spaceship, and then allowing a couple-dozen teens to operate it with only two adults supervising. Those things are bad, but they aren't what really got to me. It was the overall big-picture package that really made this show a chore and turned me off from watching it. We have Girl Power mixed in with the message that Thugs Preying on Civilians In Peacetime Are Cool spearheaded by an unlikeable lead character.

You know, if this had been another Moe romp in space with fanservice I might not have hated it so much. I would have dropped it too but at least it wouldn't have been such a huge bundle of fail. And that's really, really sad.

BONJOUR Sweet Love Patisserie (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Bland and generic reverse harem stocked by one-dimensional characters that barely rises above insipid. Thankfully the episode was short, although it felt almost as tedious as a regular-length one.

Brain Powered (TV) Weak
Nine episodes.
Brave10 (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.
Buddy Complex (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Apart from the time travel aspect there is absolutely no originality to this show and the lack of love and effort is painfully obvious.

Bungo Stray Dogs (TV) Not really good
One episode.

It's not engrossing, the humour is awful, and the barrier of entry is just too darn high.

Busou Shinki (TV) Not really good
Five episodes.
Campione! (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.
Three episodes.
Captain Earth (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

Just another silly super robot show from BONES. Indeed, Captain Earth very much comes across as the bastard child of Star Driver and Eureka Seven: AO. No thanks.

Celestial Method (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Tries too hard; boringly slow; overly-predictable; poorly-realised characters. Then the third episode rolled around. I got so tired of how trite it was that I spent the episode skipping scene after scene. After it finished it was clear to me that I should just drop it rather than forcing myself to watch it.

Cerberus (TV) Weak
One episode.

So I liked how the dragon was legitimately fearsome and powerful, and how it was tricked into entering a trap. It wasn't painful to watch, if I'm being honest. And thank god this wasn't another magical-high-school travesty; whew. But that's faint praise mind you; the episode was lacklustre and weak and it was clear little effort had been put into it.

A Certain Scientific Railgun (TV) Weak
Three episodes.
Charlotte (TV 2015) So-so
Two episodes (first and last).

Jun Maeda is capable of striking brilliance, but also shocking ineptitude. It's hard to know how to quantify him; calling him a fundamentally flawed but inspired genius seems a tad superficial but I can't really explain his mind any better than that.

Anyway, as for Charlotte, well after the middling first episode I couldn't be bothered to risk my time with another Maeda series; they usually do nothing but infuriate me. So I spoiled the show for myself using episode summaries and fan comments. To no-one's surprise the plot went off the rails - Maeda's stories tend to do that - but it was the zany way it derailed that made me want to see what happens. So I checked out the crazy final episode just for kicks; yep, Maeda is cray cray but he's also got some balls.

Based on what I actually watched - crazy yet creative in equal measures - it seems fair to call it a wash and give Charlotte a 5/10. Still, I did skip all the patently dumb parts in between, so I'm fairly confident that, had I forced myself to sit through every episode, the show's rating would have only decreased, not increased. Course, there's no way to definitively know that, so let's just stick with the 5/10. I ain't giving it any more of my time, that's for sure.

Cheating Craft (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

If a student assaults a teacher, can't the teacher just automatically fail the student? Or is it too much for me to expect logic from this (admittedly well animated) juvenile show?

Chibi Devi! (TV) Not really good
One episode.

What is it with the Japanese? A baby is left in your apartment and the first reaction is to take care of it yourself? Why not call the police and social services? Oh wait, the person in question is fourteen years old and living alone, apparently with no relatives alive to look out for her. What a horrible cycle of ignoring the authorities.

Stupid premise, badly written, poorly animated, slovenly drawn, mediocre music . . . the list of negatives go on. Five minutes was far too much time to spend on this one.

Chitose Get You!! (TV) Weak
One episode.

Hanamaru Kindergarten was better. Much better. It's okay to be offensive or edgy if it is backed up with humour, but this show is just plain unfunny. Pass.

Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter (TV) Decent
One episode.

Man, children's shows have sure come a long way since I was a sprout. This was a good-looking, well-acted and decently-scored introductory episode. It's a silly story with stock characters, there is that. But hey, it's aimed at children, and they're going to like the high energy and impressive action.

Chronos Ruler (TV) Weak
One episode.

Chronos Ruler might not be terrible but it's still half-arsed, and despite its attempts at being cool it comes across as a bit lame. And it has no energy or dramatic impetus, so a minute of screentime feels like five.

Citrus (TV) Bad
Two episodes (along with scanning through three and four)

Trashy and stupid I can usually handle. Sometimes even enjoy, if it offers lighthearted self-aware fun. Citrus, on the other hand, is just sleazy and cringey. And that's before I talk about the assault scenes. Ugh.

ClassicaLoid (TV) So-so
One episode.

I'm not enamoured with shows which are zany for their own sake. And really, ClassicaLoid has nothing to fall back on. The characters are one-dimensional (and annoying as heck, especially the wannabe rockstar), the lame attempt at emotional payoff is hindered by the minimal amount of effort devoted into developing those feelings, and the humour is pretty hit or miss.

Clockwork Planet (TV) Weak
One episode.

The creators of Clockwork Planet are under the delusion that quality is directly proportional to the number of clocks and gears a show has. That's not how quality works.

Code:Breaker (TV) Not really good
Nine episodes.

I like the fact that the protagonist is a guy who isn't afraid to kill. However, Sakura is too stupid and naive for words and the villain has the dumbest motivation ever. It's just a poorly-written show.

Code:Realize -Guardian of Rebirth- (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

Doesn't really nail the steampunk aesthetic (though it barely even tries), Cardia is a blank self-insert character with no emotions, the notion that an organisation of quacks with its bratty leader is more powerful than the Queen is a hoot, and generally the writing and characters are just not up to speck.

(The) Comic Artist and His Assistants (TV) Weak
One episode.

It's not funny, unless you're the type of person who can't get enough of breast size jokes and perverts who shout their fantasies aloud in public. It's not intelligent either; the whole premise of the show is daft as heck. Hasn't the mangaka ever heard of reference material? Or pornography? Or hiring a prostitute with publisher's money for "research" purposes? You know, normal ways that artists learn about that sort of stuff.

Convenience Store Boy Friends (TV) So-so
One episode.

Slow moving, very predictable, with little character depth, there was not really anything to "hook" me into staying with this show. The convenience store setting certainly wasn't it. However, I didn't find either the premise in particular or the story in general to be bad or anything, and I appreciate the attempt at making a more "realistic" slice-of-life/romance show. With the proper time investment and a good deal of patience, this could turn into something endearing and become well worth the effort. I just don't have the luxury of time.

Copihan (ONA) Weak
One episode.

A pointless episode from what looks to be a pointless show. It wasn't funny (didn't even try to be), it wasn't serious, wasn't interesting; it wasn't anything. It looked like a five-minute montage of clips from a random sports show. The addition of moronic fanservice was just icing on the cake of Fail.

Coppelion (TV) Bad
Four episodes.

The visuals are nice, I'll give it that. Fantastic backgrounds and scenery, and the mechanical designs are well-rendered. The atmosphere is well done, when it's given a chance. Everything else though . . . there aren't enough facepalms in the world. How shit like this gets past a (supposedly) competent Manga editor and then through an entire Anime production committee just baffles me. The premise itself is okay, but the execution is atrocious. Ugh.

(La) Corda d'Oro Blue Sky (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Halfway through the episode and I was already desperate to stop watching. It is not entertaining or interesting at all, introduces too many characters too fast, and lacks any sort of hook except for the pretty boys. This isn't dreck, but it is deathly dull.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (TV) Very good
Three episodes.

As a parody it works wonders; nothing is more disconcerting to see teenage boys spout lines too corny for even the most saccharine of magical girls shows. But the jokes that aren't directly related to the magical boy premise are a bit lacklustre, and the show is in real danger of getting stale. So I'm dropping it while I'm still enjoying it.

Cuticle Detective Inaba (TV) Weak
Not completely unfunny - a couple of jokes were funny - but it's still pretty bad. It really should have three-minute-long episodes, because the jokes might have been fresher and the crazy tone more tolerable when watched in bite-sized chunks.
D-Frag! (TV) Not really good
Six episodes.

Shows that are purely gag comedies are fine . . . as long as they are also funny. D-Frag! (as it is also known as) is only occasionally amusing, and it's actually quite tiring to listen to the main character overreact all the freaking time. The first-time director shows his inexperience and tries to overcompensate by being brash, and the uneven writer largely phones this in.

D.C. ~Da Capo~ (TV) Bad
Six episodes.

It's not outrageously bad; pick an episode and - charitably speaking - it's mostly watchable. But if you string a few episodes together it becomes obvious that the show is not good at all.

Not only is it really obvious that this show is based on a Dating Sim game, but the story progression plays out exactly like such a game, with clashing elements and various routes that are clumsily integrated. The various supernatural elements don't mix well, with a catgirl, gynoid, dreamwalker and telepath all inhabiting the same setting, a town of cherry trees that are always in bloom (the hell?). The episodes have painfully little to do with one another; yes this is an episodic show, but that doesn't excuse the complete ignoring of events and situations in previous episodes. We are told that the gynoid needs constant looking after by the main character, and then we don't see her being looked after for the next two episodes as the focus goes on adding other girls to the harem. We are introduced to the catgirl maid who winds up living at the main character's house, only for the next episode - when everyone (including people the main character barely even knows) goes on holiday - not to feature her at all as far as I could see. Don't make a fuss about a character needing looking after if you then aren't prepared to actually show her being looked after, and don't feature a girl living at your home if you aren't willing to ten include her in the group's activities.

With regard to the other girls, they all meet the various body types and personality traits that are part and parcel of such shows. Not one of the girls actually has a personality of her own; instead they are just a collection of cliches and stock traits wrapped in flesh. There's even the Tsundere-sister-who-wants-to-marry-her-brother-but-she-isn't-actually-his-sister-so-it's-okay character, which has to be one of the most awful cliches in modern Anime. As for the main character, I've got to say that it's notable (in the wrong way) how fast he collects the girls up into his Harem. Episode six and he already has half a dozen girls willing to go to the beach with him. There's nothing special about him to suggest where he gets his magnetism, but at least he isn't a complete milquetoast like so many Harem leads (though that's hardly an impressive accomplishment).

I have to mention that a full third of each episode are these bizarre live-action music videos of what I presume are the various Seiyuu. On the one hand I was happy that they were there since it meant I could skip them and therefore save myself eight minutes per episode. On the other hand, the loss of those valuable minutes must have had an impact on the writing quality. Too often the episodic plots progressed far too fast and with too little build-up, surely a result of having to cram in a normal story into two-thirds the standard running time. This can be seen with the gynoid episode where he suddenly is tasked with looking after and teaching this advanced machine with little fanfare; bam and its done. Or the beach episode which actually starts with them on the beach with no explanation of how they got there or why girls the main character barely knew accepted his invitation, and then we only get brief and insufficient flashbacks. But even if the music videos weren't there and the running time restored to usual length the writing quality would still have been poor at best, because that's the sort of show it is. The story wallows in the worst excesses of the genre, so it's not like this was an otherwise good show that just didn't have the running time it needed to tell the story it wanted.

Anyway, I've already spent far too long talking about this pile. When people think of crappy Harem shows they think of stuff like this, with its checklist writing and Pokemon-esque "gotta catch 'em all" mentality. Even the fanservice is pretty lame, so unless you like music videos there's nothing here for anyone.

Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire (TV) Worst ever
One episode.

I would actually categorise this as "Beyond Awful".

DamePri Anime Caravan (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Wow, a reverse harem where the girl actually has her own personality (and a good one at that). I just wish the rest of the production was as solid as she is.

Danganronpa The Animation (TV) Worst ever
One episode.

Danganronpa may just have the worst first episode ever. I finished it just to see if the second half was any better. It wasn't. This is beyond bad. I've never rated anything as Worst Ever before because no matter how crap a show is I can always find something positive to say if I try. I've never watched an Anime that had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Until Danganronpa, that is. The visuals are boring (what with all those plain backgrounds), there's no humour, the drama is terrible, the plot is fucking stupid, and the characters are so one-dimensional they can't even qualify as cardboard cutouts. Heck, there isn't even any fanservice, the saving grace of many a show. I literally cannot think of anything good to say about this show.

DAYS (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

Not the best introduction football, and it just didn't gel with me.

DearS (TV) Bad
One episode.

No, I lie. I didn't even finish the first episode. In fact, I dropped it early on, when it was revealed that the teacher was wearing nothing but racy lingerie in class and getting off on the exposure. That was the moment I knew that DearS - which was shaping up to be a bad series anyway - was practically unwatchable.

I've got to hand it to them. I may not like horrible writing and moronically gratuitous fanservice, but a show really has to go the extra mile to be so crap that I'll drop it less than halfway through the first episode.

Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody (TV) Bad
One episode.

Boring as all heck and completely without tension. It's even more crappy than the two generic games the protagonist works on. The kindest thing I can say about it is . . . um . . . well, it isn't as bad as In Another World With My Smartphone?

Demon King Daimao (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Okay, so the premise is a pretty good one which does lend itself to plenty of laughs and comic misunderstandings. But the fanservice and "haremesque' elements present in this episode made watching this seem like ugh. Why did they have to spoil it, why? Or perhaps it is the other way around, and what was already a bad show just had an interesting premise tacked onto it. Doesn't make sense but then hey, neither does this episode. It alienates the Ecchi-watching crowd by giving too little Ecchi for them, but still gives too much for those who hate that sort of thing. Which I do, of course.

Denki-Gai (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

Has a quieter tone than most ecchi-moe comedies - perhaps it was the way the BGM was used? - and some of the jokes did actually work. But the characters were too over the top, the humour frequently strayed into skeevy territory and really the show didn't add anything to an already crowded genre.

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

I've been told by a number of people that this is a poor adaptation. What those people forgot to add was that this is a bad show fullstop. Sure, it looks nice, but the plot and characters are just . . . ugh. To say that they are "cliched" is obvious, but they've had no effort put into them and just come off as really trite and lame. Somehow my viewing experience was one of being interminably bored yet simultaneously cringing at every scene.

Assuming you actually want to watch this story, you'd be better off playing the game. The Anime is borderline crap.

Devils and Realist (TV) Weak
One episode.

An obnoxious lead and some really crappy writing combined with a dull story and weak characters makes this a dud. There was some nice action, and maybe it has a bit of potential, but I'm not sticking around. Not even for the busty woman promised in the opener and closer, LOL.

Diabolik Lovers (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Not a total trainwreck, which is more than I can say for most otome-game adaptations. I liked how the heroine had a bit of impetus and wasn't a complete doll. But the male characters really let the show down; they're so obviously constructed to appeal to certain fetishes that it is hard to take them seriously as actual characters.

Digimon Frontier (TV) So-so
Unknown amount, but at least half the show.

I remember very little about this show, except how stupid the Royal Knights arc was. I had also predicted while I was still watching Tamers that there would be a group of Digi-Destined who would become digimon themselves rather than have digimon partners. The writers were following a really clear path and they didn't try to do anything to deviate from it. Which is a shame.

Umm, so what else? I can't really say. I know that I was mighty disappointed with this show, especially since it came off the back of the excellent Tamers. I guess the show was just largely forgettable, when it wasn't being bad that is. I certainly do not recall any moments that I was impressed with it, let alone any Crowning Moments of Awesome.

So, to the rating. It was mediocre at best, which means on average it was even worse than that. A show for Digimon completionists only.

Disgaea (TV) Bad
One episode.
DIVE!! (TV) So-so
Dog Days (TV) So-so
One episode.

I'd like to join the fairly substantial club of people who share the opinion of "this is not at all good but is also so harmless that I cannot hate it".

Double Circle (ONA) So-so
One episode.
Double-J (TV) So-so
One episode.

It was short, I'll give it that. Short and unexciting. Made on a very low budget, the only real drawcard is the girls being catty to one another. I'll pass.

Dragon Ball (TV) So-so
Four episodes, all mid-series.
Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest (movie 2) Not really good
Perhaps 1/4 hour.
Dragonar Academy (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

I decry the "let's punch the male lead three or four times an episode because of some stupid misunderstandings" BS, and I also hate the "sassy sexualised loli who shamelessly cavorts around naked and does embarrassing things". The rest of the show ain't too good either.

DRAMAtical Murder (TV) Not really good
One episode.

There's not much to say about this first episode other than it was confusing, boring and lame.

Duel Masters (TV) Good
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a few I think.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for parody. Having watched Yu-Gi-Oh! beforehand, Duel Masters' good-natured ribbing of such card-game shows resonated with me. Loved the dub, the VAs sounded like they had as much fun saying the lines as I did listening to them.

ēlDLIVE (TV) Bad
One episode.

What's worse than a bad show that doesn't even try to be good? A show that tries to be good and fails. But what's even worse than that? A show that attempts to merely be okay and still fails miserably. Nothing about ēlDLIVE was good, except maybe the art and character designs.

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (TV) So-so
Ten episodes.

Eh, what can I say. It peaked far too early when Inaba went back to the apartment, the magical book completely changed the focus of the plot (for the worse, I'd argue), and the constant musing on adulthood has worn real thin. It's not a bad show by any means, but there's no way I'm going to watch another cour of it.

Engage Planet Kiss Dum (TV) Weak
Four episodes (excluding the 3.5 recap).

It's a jumbled and poorly-written mess, and yet it's bad in a way that I found to be hilarious. Still not going to finish it though.

Eromanga Sensei (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Is this episode terrible? No. But it wasn't that good either. And this is a series that will only go downhill, I guarantee you.

Eternal Alice (TV) Not really good
Ten episodes.

This was actually a fairly okay and watchable show until the tenth episode happened, which featured not one but two characters suffering from sudden and absolutely STUPID mental breakdowns. Just completely left a sour taste, and ruined suspension of disbelief. To explain specifically how the breakdowns were moronic would delve into spoilers, but needless to say they were both pretty egregious, out of character and unnecessary.

The breakdowns may have been the reason why I dropped the show, but how did I even make it so far in the first place? Basically, it was light and fluffy enough to easily watch while still surprisingly dark and interesting. Of course, it did have its faults. The tournament itself was a bit silly (the creator of Alice in Wonderland can grant wishes, apparently), too much was unexplained (though my questions may or may not have been answered in the final three episodes), and the characters were pretty stock (bland lead male, his younger sister who is romantically in love with him, the big-breasted lesbian, et cetera). The execution kind of made up for the uninspired and suspect premise, and there was no real fanservice or tired harem hi-jinks to detract from the story. But still, this wasn't a strong show, and when episode ten happened I had had enough and bailed.

Anyway, I'll give the show credit for trying to be a bit darker and less slapstick than others of its ilk. However, I do wish it hadn't been so dumb and overblown.

Eureka Seven (TV) Not really good
Thirty-five episodes.
Ten episodes.

This isn't just a vastly inferior clone of Neon Genesis Evangelion, it is a poor Anime in its own right. People who insist this show is great need to get over themselves.

Evil or Live (TV) Bad
One episode.

You know, as bad as EVIL OR LIVE is, I am mostly irritated with it for being such a lost opportunity.

Military-style boot camps purporting to "cure" internet addiction are a big problem in China. Well-meaning but ignorant and pushy parents are duped into spending big money to send their teens against their will to these sorts of terrible places. Beatings are rife, electroshock "therapy" is commonly used, the students don't even learn anything despite being stuck there for months on end, and the abuse is so bad that previously normal teens develop mental illnesses. One young man died in just two days from head-to-toe wounds and internal injuries that can only be attributed to torture. It's true that there are genuine addicts who forgo food and rest in order to play games, kids who steal money from their parents in order to afford visiting internet cafes, but they are rare. Most teens are sent to these hell holes for simply using their cellphone too much, or not doing enough study.

So yeah, I was hoping that EVIL OR LIVE would highlight how bad and wrong these places are, and feature normal kids trying to survive a stay at one with their sanity and dignity intact. You know, like RAINBOW, if anyone remembers that show. But no, instead we get total basket cases (like the kid who runs a guild thinking he can have people killed), a sadistic wannabe-dom warden/headmistress, and that giggling weirdo sucking on a Chupa Chup who has way too much power and freedom for this kind of story. It's all so ludicrously exaggerated for the sake of being Dark and Edgy that there's no heart, no shock value, no possibility of emotional investment, and no overarching message.

It's basically Deadman Wonderland all over again, is what I'm saying, except made worse because of the missed opportunity to shed light on these appalling conditions at these real-life camps.

Fafner (TV) Awful
One episode.
Fantasista Doll (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

It's rare nowadays to see animation mistakes like a character being in two places at once. Of course that isn't an actual problem, just an interesting trivia tidbit I noticed (it occurs in episode three by the way). No, Fantasista Doll's most obvious problem is that though it does try - it isn't insipid or anything - it just isn't very competent. The first episode is the worst, throwing the plot at us with no real setup and introducing too many characters. The lead girl doesn't react normally and convincingly to, you know, being thrust into fighting. The second and third episodes are better but still not good; they simply don't do enough to salvage the story or characters.

Now, this is pretty much your usual Magical Girl show aimed at little girls, except with the twist where the lead girl does not do any actual fighting; nor does she wear the outfits that are expected of such shows. Instead the battles are fought using servants called dolls who are summoned from a magical smartphone (yay twenty-first century) and can be equipped with different costumes. It's a gimmick that is totally there to market a smartphone game to little girls where they must battle other players with the digital dolls they've raised/trained, and barring some very tame fanservice it totally has the look and feel of a show in that demographic. And that would make sense, since no-one expects such a show to be the next War and Peace (or to use an Anime example, PMMM).

Except the show is clearly aimed at adult males; what the heck? The Anime airs past three in the morning and the Manga adaptations are published in Seinen magazines. The director is Hisashi Saito who has directed Bamboo Blade, Haganai and Heaven's Lost Property. The producer is no less than Gorō Taniguchi of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion fame. There is indeed a smartphone game, but it seems to be aimed at creepy adult Otaku. And I guess this is Fantasista Doll's real problem. If it had been aimed at children then I could understand, because it is written on that level. But instead it's aimed at adults, and that means it cannot shrug its shoulders and claim it shouldn't be harshly judged due to being a children's show. Because unfortunately it's not, despite being as good (or rather, as bad) as one to the point where it is basically indistinguishable from the real thing.

So yeah, pretty disappointed in this. Or rather, I'm kind of creeped-out. Not by how low Otaku will go but by how low the industry will go in order to cater to Otaku.

Fate/stay night (TV) Weak
Seventeen episodes.
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (movie) Worst ever
This could be the first Anime movie I've ever dropped (though it's by no means the last).

Less a movie and more a well-animated but shittily-constructed clip show, there's no cohesion or natural flow to this movie. It skips from scene to scene like a stone skipping on water, and characters are introduced without any buildup or even warning. This makes for a very disjointed and incomplete viewing experience that absolutely relies on the viewer having an intimate understanding of the game. The movie completely fails as a standalone product and is basically a hundred minutes of fanservice.

(The) File of Young Kindaichi Returns (TV) So-so
Four episodes.

In a mystery whodunnit series the plot and writing had better hold up; if not watertight then close to it. And while these four episodes were engrossing once the story got moving, the arc as a whole was thoroughly let down by several enormous plot holes that undermined the foundation of the mystery. And a mystery which doesn't make sense is not one that I want to watch.

FireStorm (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

My goodness, this show makes the original Thunderbirds look good.

First Love Monster (TV) Awful
One episode.

With a few tweaks this could have been a simple-but-sweet show about a lonely teenage girl making friends with people who actually accept her for who she is, while at the same time falling in love with an edgy and mysterious boy who actually loves her back. A good example of a show which did all that rather well is Inu X Boku SS.

This show however decided to go the route of being nasty and puerile and oh-so skeevy, and I want nothing more to do with it.

Fist of the North Star (TV) So-so
Twenty-two episodes.

"Atatatatatatata!! You're already dead."

Seemed logical to stop after the end of the arc. The episodes are very repetitive and not that good, but I will admit that the show was good fun.

Flint: The Time Detective (TV) Weak
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a few.
Flowers of Evil (TV) So-so
Five episodes.

Everything from the creepy theme music, the foreboding B.G.M., the realistically-drawn faux-rotoscoped visual style, the long pregnant pauses and the disturbing themes all makes for a truly unforgettable viewing experience. But each episode was a mission to get through and Kasuga was too stupid and deranged for me to want to tolerate him. The show's biggest problem is that the very qualities which make it so good were also its greatest failings, making it difficult to watch.

Folktales from Japan (TV) Decent
Seven episodes (so twenty-one mini-episodes).

Even though it was made for children, I found this show to be quite enjoyable. Yeah yeah, the animation is almost non-existent, the art is mind-bogglingly atrocious, and the same two voices are used for every episode. But it was kind of neat seeing traditional Japanese stories and folktales, especially since most of them were ones I'd never heard of before. Each seven-minute segment went by fairly easily and I only disliked a couple of them.

So why am I dropping this title? Because I have too little time for Anime watching at the moment and something had to go. I doubt I will come back to it when I do get more time, it isn't especially amazing or anything like that. But it was a pleasant introduction and insight into part of the Japanese culture, and I do recommend it to those people who can put up with the less-than-sterling technical merits and simplistic aesops.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker (ONA) Not really good
One episode.

The animation was garbage and the storytelling was shoddy as heck, but this show does rise a bit over the usual China "Quality". The little fox girl sure was adorable, and the male lead shows some promise (if he can get over his food addiction).

Frame Arms Girl (TV) Bad
One episode.

The first half of the episode was all about how to put a model kit together properly, and the second half featured a lacklustre battle between two of the FAGs (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Free! Eternal Summer (TV) Decent
Two episodes.

Given that the first season wrapped up quite strongly, this second season was made for one thing and one thing only: money. Not to enhance the story and characters but simply to sell more merchandise. And that's fine from a business sense, but it makes no sense artistically. A new character from Rin's past is introduced to shake things up and provide an excuse for this season's plot, but it falls flat because it is so obviously done for money reasons rather than because the story and Rin needed him to be there. There is also a greater emphasis on fanservice, which highlights the simply cash grab nature of the season.

I don't begrudge businesses from wanting to make moolah, and this show is so popular it might as well be a license to print it. But when a great and fitting ending is overridden simply to artificially extend a story out in order to sell more DVDs and keychains, that's when I get annoyed.

Freezing (TV) Bad
One episode.
(The) Fruit of Grisaia (TV) Weak
Eight episodes.

Typical dating sim game adaptation, except with wonky pacing. The show was too slow to begin and yet, when closing out the girls' respective arcs, the resolution was far too hurried. This really needed to be a two-cour series, which would have allowed all the girls to really shine and be fleshed out.

This show is not total dreck however. There were some genuinely good scenes here and there. The dialogue was snappy at times. There was character development and time was taken to do introspective and emotional scenes. But the writing - overall - was poor, keeping the characters from being truly fleshed out and relying too much on plot developments that were always disappointing and clumsily handled.

Ultimately, the story had potential but squandered it, rendering the show as just another weak VN adaptation.

(The) Future Diary (TV) Awful
Seventeen episodes.
Gabriel DropOut (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

It's a one-joke anime that's not funny-dumb, just dumb.

Gakkatsu! (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

If you can even call them episodes. Short Anime like this baffle me. Anyway, the second episode was somewhat funny, but the first episode just revelled in its pointlessness. Neither episode made me think that this show is worth the time to continue with. Yeah, that's right. I can't even be bothered to spend five minutes a week on this, that's how little it offers.

Galilei Donna (TV) Bad
Two episodes.

Reminds me of Guilty Crown. Looks great, but the writing is crap. Another noitaminA fail.

Gekito! Crush Gear Turbo (TV) So-so
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a few.
Genji Monogatari Sennenki (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

The boring and tedious story is basically limited to which hole the playboy will stick his penis in next. He'd happily have an orgy with a flute, a salamander and a mask if there were no-one else around.

Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up (TV) So-so
One episode.

I do realise that this was based off of an old-school Manga, and it is funny in places. But I didn't really like it. It's a children's show first and foremost, even if you factor in the old lady in the bath-house or the monster who uses its own penis as a weapon. That is not to say an adult cannot enjoy it, but you would need to be a fan of the old-school art style and humour. The art style is largely fine (especially with some pretty good animation moving it), but I have little tolerance for the humour.

First episode wasn't - quite - a chore but there's no bloody way I'm going to stick around.

Girl Friend BETA (TV) Weak
One episode.

You know the "cute-girls-doing-cute-things" type of shows that pop up every season? Well this show is not one of them. It is instead one of the much rarer "cute-girls-doing-nothing-but-acting-cute" type of shows. Seriously, there's no real conflict to speak of, no drama, no plot. There's barely even any humour, and I certainly didn't find it charming or endearing. All it has to offer is just busty girls with overly cutesy voices who are unnaturally happy and friendly towards one another. I like an ample chest and a wide pair of hips as much as any guy. But there's literally no other reason to watch this show but to ogle the characters and admire how cute they are . . . and that's not okay.

Girls und Panzer (TV) Not really good
Four episodes.
Three episodes.

The future sight thing is gimmicky and kinda silly, but the bigger issue is with the characters and their hexagonal love relationships. I can't care about any of them; they were poorly introduced and only seem to be defined by who they crush on. Also, what is the deal with the still frames? They aren't a problem per se but they are annoying, especially with their frequency.

Godannar (TV) Bad
One episode.
Golden Time (TV) Decent
Twelve episodes.

It wasn't terrible, but I always struggled to maintain interest in this show, and when it went on hiatus over Christmas I left the bus and didn't get back on. The whole ghost thing was really stupid and unwelcome, the leads were very difficult to like, and nothing really gelled for me.

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Boring and bland lead boy? Check. Earnest, innocent, well-endowed lead girl? Check. Pervy best friend to the lead boy who has analysed the attractiveness of all the girls? Check. Straight-laced, serious and sporty best friend to the lead girl? Check. And I could go on and on and on, from the ridiculously-sized academy to the mysterious past to the practically obligatory boob-grab scene. This show isn't offensive, it's just really derivative and crap.

Granblue Fantasy the Animation (TV) Not really good
One episode.

It sounds pretty good, and the art and animation are especially noteworthy, but the characters are uninteresting and one-dimensional, and the formulaic story is so weakly-written that it might as well not be there.

Green Green (TV) Awful
Two episodes.

It isn't at the level where I'd rather slit my wrists than watch this. Not quite, anyway. But even amongst Ecchi-Harem shows this one is a stinker; even the fanservice is crap, and that's the only thing it has going for it. And the English dub is appallingly bad, I could only listen to it for a couple of minutes before switching over. Not that the Japanese dub is much better, but at least it didn't give me ear-cancer.

This show is like the epitome of fail, is what I'm saying.

Grenadier (TV) Not really good
1/2 episode.
Guilty Crown (TV) Awful
Eight episodes.
Gundam Build Fighters (TV) Decent
Eight episodes.

This is actually a pretty smart show, at least in terms of who it's marketed at. While it's pretty much your typical kiddy-aimed toy commercial along the lines of Beyblade, the creators have engaged older fans by the staggering number of references to the many previous works in the vast Gundam franchise. Seriously, it ain't just the figures that the characters battle with, although seeing both iconic and obscure mobile suits in animation once again is certainly a big part of it. Character designs, clothing, music, next episode previews, battle tactics, poses, logos and names plastered around the place, subtle and not-so-subtle nods to certain scenes . . . it really is a Gundam fanboy's wet dream made real. This has caused there to be a large amount of goodwill towards the series, something that Age never had (and never deserved).

So Gundam Build Fighters is a reasonably fun watch. And the animation and action are top-notch, as you'd expect from Sunrise. However, entertainment value aside, is the show actually good? The short answer to that is "kind of". It's not bad, and compared to others of its ilk it's a standout. But be that as it may, it's still a blatant toy commercial aimed at selling model kits. And unlike other Gundam series it doesn't even have anything worthwhile to say thematically, except that model kits are awesome. Episode eight had murmurings of a darker conspiracy, but that's a double-edged sword. Shows like these thrive when they don't take themselves too seriously. But when the toy in question becomes the key to ruling the world, it's usually best to run for the hills. I will say that Reiji is an interesting (though of course ridiculous) cypher.

However, when it comes down to it, the main reason I dropped the show is that while it's pleasant, it's not the sort of thing that I want to watch for four cours (going off the length of other Gundam shows). But a ten-year-old boy just might. Especially if he's just starting to enter puberty and wants to check out Sei's M.I.L.F. of a mother.

Gundam Reconguista in G (TV) Weak
One episode.

Oh Tomino, whatever will we do with you.

Gunparade Orchestra (TV) Bad
One episode.

There's one overwhelming question: what went wrong? This abomination got produced after the respectable first season, so what happened? Well, no-one who worked on the first season came back for the second. No-one. In other words a complete change in staff and companies involved. This obviously affected the show in tone and quality terms but the thing is it didn't have to. Just because the people making it changed doesn't mean the newcomers Brains Base had to hash it up. They've made their fair share of crap shows but they've also made lots of good stuff too, so the disastrous quality cannot be blamed solely on the fact that there was a change. Heck, the Full Metal Panic! franchise noticeably improved once Kyoto Animation took over from Gonzo after the first season, so change can be a good thing. That just leaves the actual people in charge, and they have pretty uninspiring resumes. Ugh. Unambiguous proof that a proven concept can fail if handled by a team full of of journeymen, hacks and morons. It also raises the questions of why Sony contracted these muppets in the first place, and whether Gunparade Orchestra was just a cheap cash grab. It certainly looks cheap.

Final question: WTF was the deal with the Norio Wakamoto-voiced chain-smoking penguin in the private eye getup?

Gurren Lagann (TV) Awful
Two episodes.


And to think, people actually consider this to be good.

*sighs again*

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (TV) Weak
One episode.

Didn't leave an impression on me whatsoever, other than the fact that I didn't want to watch it anymore. Not good.

Haikyu!! (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

Hey, volleyball hasn't been done before in anime, so that's new. But I can't stand the two lead characters, they are both obnoxious in their own ways. And the whole nickname/title thing was also stupid; does anyone actually do that? No they don't. There are much better sports shows on offer, so I'm dropping this.

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (TV) So-so
Four episodes.

Boring and by the book, there's nothing here to hold my interest. I'm surprised I lasted four episodes.


Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

The Reverse Harem elements and the emphasis on pretty boys with pretty hair really turned me off from this. Good art, animation and music helped a bit, but it was merely tolerable, not enjoyable. The rating I gave is a reflection of how, despite it not being my sort of thing, it is still a fairly alright show.

Hakyū Hōshin Engi (TV) Bad
One episode.

Nonsensical show (whose greatest mystery is why it was even remade in the first place). Well, I'm sure it makes some sense, but the barrier to entry is too damn high to understand. And neither the plot nor the characters nor the action nor the comedy are good enough to make us care enough to hurdle that barrier.

Hamatora (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Yet another show about youngsters slumming around doing odd jobs in between scrounging for food. Nothing was interesting or unusual except for some poorly executed plot twists which the show would have been better without. Still, it wasn't actively horrible, which is why it gets a "meh" rating.

Hamtaro (TV) Not really good
Unknown amount of episodes, perhaps ten to fifteen.

This one takes me back.

Look, it is a children's show, and children don't need shows of any particular sort of quality. Trying to compare it to modern shows aimed at teenagers and adults is stupid. But still, even when I was a child I thought it wasn't all that great, and now that I'm an adult I think even less of it. There's absolutely no reason to watch it if you are past the age of like seven.

Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite (TV) Bad
One episode.

I like maids, I really do. But you can't just throw a ton of maids into a show and call it a day. It's lazy, it's poor form, and it just doesn't work. This series is trash.

Hand Shakers (TV) Awful
Two episodes.

Yes, it's about as awful as a normal anime can actually be, but I would like to mention that I actually enjoyed the show's highly unusual visual quirks.Yes yes, the CG chains were awful, but I'm talking about practically everything else. Backgrounds (and background characters) are fully drawn and animated (was this show rotoscoped?), the character designs were fresh and appealing, the CG character models allows for some really detailed movement in the action scenes in episode one, and I like the colour palette and how they used it.

But I guess what I like most of all is the way the camera moves around. Far from it being distracting to me, it is really cool to see a television series prominently utilise movie-level camera work. CG might still be struggling to replace traditional animation but there are clear benefits to using it as it gives the director a heck of a lot more control over how (s)he wants to frame a scene. Hand Shakers is a terrible show, no doubt about that, however as a tech demo I think it works quite well (but whoever signed off on those chains needs to be fired).

Harlock: Space Pirate (movie) Weak
Twenty or so minutes.

Life's too short to sit through a badly-written facepalm-inducing anime movie. And it's not like the visuals were all that impressive either. They spent a whopping US$30m making this and the voices didn't even match up with the mouths. Ugh, so distracting.

Haruka Nogizaka's Secret (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

Is this a comedy? Apparently it is, as that is what people call it, but I didn't laugh once so I'm still not sure.

Hell Girl (TV) Very good
Two episodes.

This is fairly effective horror, but it's just not my cup of tea. Plus even if it was, I'm not sure I'd have the stamina to watch seventy-six more episodes of it.

Hero Tales (TV) Not really good
Fourteen episodes.

This came from the same writer as Fullmetal Alchemist? Hmm. I never would have picked it, except the character designs gave it away.

The general writing was poor and the humour was mostly unfunny, but that's not why I dropped it. I just couldn't stand the characters anymore. Taito was beyond annoying (even his bloody VOICE was like fingernails on a blackboard), Laila was irritating with her antics, and most of the other main characters weren't much better. There were two good episodes - episodes three and seven I believe - and the rest were shoddy.

With that percentage - and with those characters - why the hell should I put up with it any longer? That was what I asked myself, and my answer was that I shouldn't have to. End of story.

Hi-sCool! Seha Girls (TV) Bad
One episode.

An unfunny and badly animated ode to Sega's glory days. The end.

High School DxD (TV) Awful
Not even one episode.
High Score (TV) Bad
One episode.
Hiiro no Kakera - The Tamayori Princess Saga (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Not a good sign when I'm gagging just halfway through the first episode. This show is Hakuoki all over again. As usual the art and character designs were pretty nice, but this time the story and character traits were even more clichéd and unoriginal. Then there was the huge infodump given by the grandmother which highlighted how amateurish the writing and storytelling are.

Basically, if you like this sort of show it will probably do you fine, although there's absolutely nothing in here that strives to excel in even the slightest way. Everyone else should bail before even attempting it.

Hitori no Shita - the outcast (TV) Weak
One episode.

It's clear that the people behind this wanted to make a suspenseful and atmospheric horror show. It's also clear that they are incompetent, because that's what you are if you make horror that isn't scary. There are so many amateur mistakes with this production that I could have done a better job at writing and directing it.

Hitorijime My Hero (TV) Decent
One episode.

Though this was much better than I feared, it still isn't my cup of tea. In fact, I don't even drink tea . . .

Holy Knight (OAV) Awful
Thirteen minutes of the first episode.

Incompetent to a degree that is unusual for modern Anime. The music and artistry were alright, but everything else was terrible. Not only was the animation NOT up to OVA standards but it doesn't even measure up to many low-budget T.V. series. The directing was abysmal, foley effects were haphazardly integrated, the characters were zero dimensional, the dialogue was uniformly painful, and the plot absolutely laughable. Every component sucked to a degree that is embarrassing even for a low-rent title. Seriously, the people who worked on this should be ashamed. There was so much fail to be found that it created a thick miasma of staleness which choked what little life this Anime had in the first place.

F*cking hell this was bad.

Honey and Clover II (TV) Decent
One episode.

The first episode is a recap, and all it did is remind me of how little I care about any of these characters. It's more my fault than its problem, so I'm not claiming it is a bad show. But still, I really have no interest in watching any more or finding out what happens to the cast, and that isn't a good thing.

Honto ni Atta! Reibai-Sensei (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Horrible animation and completely random. Kind of funny, but mostly not. I'll pass.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (TV) Awful
Three episodes.
Hundred (TV) Bad
One episode.

The reason this Infinite Stratos knockoff's first episode avoided an even lower rank is because nothing bloody happens. It drags so badly that we never really get anywhere, which is good because every single element that does get introduced is so vapidly by-the-book you almost feel impressed by how studious the writers must be.

The story is barely even there after being xeroxed too many times (from inspirations that themselves were abysmal), and the characters are nothing more than certain assemblages of stock tropes designed to tick specific boxes. I wish the artists had tried a bit harder because most of the female characters have hideously unnatural chests. Don't the artists understand that their art is not sexy? Uninspired direction and frankly dull storyboarding/cinematography highlight the lack of care (or even effort) shown by every member of the production staff.

The result is an episode which is more an exercise in staying awake than an actual piece of entertainment.

Hunter × Hunter (TV 2011) So-so
Two episodes.

The main characters are likeable enough, but nothing special. The whole examination thing is far weaker than that. Two episodes in and not only do we not know what hunters really do, but just getting to the examination is ridiculously difficult. Prone to seasickness? Too bad, automatic fail. Hop on the official bus? Ha ha, joke's on you. Captain doesn't like you? He can fail you for no reason. The criteria is so exclusive it's too farfetched to ever work, unless of course the show is aimed at kids. Which, luckily, it is.

It has quite a bit of depth for a kiddy Shounen show, I'll give it that. Perhaps because - according to many fans of the original series and Manga - it has been dumbed down a tad from earlier versions, while still keeping some of the better elements. But that doesn't really matter. What does matter is that I'm simply not going to sign up to twelve-cour kiddy show when there are plenty of other series to watch.

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (TV) Worst ever
Two episodes (both uncensored).

Let me make this clear. This show's 0/10 rating isn't because of its crap plot and bland characters, or because it has boobs, or even because it has nothing else to offer but boobs. No, it receives this rating because it has nothing else to offer but boobs AND they aren't even all that erotic and they don't even feature all that much. In other words, this show had only one job - to provide decent fanservice (and lots of it) - and it couldn't even manage to do that. What little fanservice we got wasn't even all that sexy.


Idol Incidents (TV) Not really good
One episode.

It's basically a standard idol show but with the girls vying to be politicians rather than just mere commercial popularity. Which is a real shame, since there was so much potential here for satirical assaults on the dysfunctional Japanese political system. Plus the episode was rushed as heck. With a few tweaks this show could actually have been quite good. Pity.

(The) [email protected] (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

Better than America's Next Top Model, at least in terms of Girl Power and being yourself. Less annoying too, although that's not saying much. My eardrums are still hurting from all of the screeching, however that's not why I actually dropped it. You've got to look past the gimmicky first episode, the pretty good animation and art (for this sort of show), and the large focus on the music (different EDs, insert songs with their titles appearing on screen). Because behind these things is an utterly cliched show with painfully stock characters and a story set up to allow more Okatku-pandering than I am comfortable with.

The acceptable execution is what saved this from getting a negative grade, but I just . . . I just had no desire to continue on with it. The fact that I have twenty other concurrent shows I'm following doesn't need to enter into this.

In Another World With My Smartphone (TV) Awful
One episode.

Like watching a Let's Play of a n00b trying out a really generic MMORPG, and a friend had already installed an editor on the guy's computer to massively buff his character, but then he doesn't even use his broken abilities much and instead mucks around talking to people instead of, you know, playing the actual game. And if that felt exhausting and boring, that's how this show felt, except it had the added problem of wasting what is actually a cool premise.

Infinite Stratos (TV) Awful
One episode.

Do not be fooled into thinking that this is a Mecha show. It is a painfully by-the-book high-school "comedy" with a smattering of Mecha in it. It offers no laughs, only groans. It features stock characters so unoriginal that I correctly predicted their horrible and overblown personalities from the promotional poster alone. Hot glasses-wearing teacher who wears a short skirt and a low-cut top which reveals her lacy lingerie; check. Abusive older sister who is perfect at everything; check. Blonde British girl with princess curls who is snobby beyond caricature; check. Childhood friend who is also straight-laced-to-the-point-of-overreacting-to-everything; check. Incredibly stupid and weak-willed male lead who apparently reads the newspaper and yet knows nothing of anything and has to have everything explained to him in a series of info-dumps; check.

The IS Academy is most certainly not at all realistic in terms of how a real military (or even civilian defence force) trains. Let's list some of the things it does wrong in this regard. 1): The male lead is forced to share a room with a girl, when you'd think he would have been given a separate room. 2): There is only such academy in the world, which doesn't make sense. 3): Violence towards cadets is performed without consequence. 4): There is a student council. 5): Duels involving students who have only been attending for two days are allowed, even encouraged. 6): Students somehow know how to pilot their machines and do not have to be taught; what are they attending school for?

Now to the Mecha. No explanation is even attempted as to why only females can pilot the machines, or why this one guy is the only male in the world who can. IS' are only used for sports, even though I can think of no military vehicle in existence - bar ICBMs - that have been outright banned for war purposes. The IS' feature the ability to fly, indicating an advanced technology level, and yet so far - barring one instance of a hologram - the technology level of the world in the series is not consistent with such a tech level. The design of the machines themselves are ridiculous; no shielding for the pilots' heads, either from enemy gunfire or just the wind. No breathing apparatus either, which sticks out like a sore thumb since in the OP the machines are shown to operate in near-vacuum. Most piss-annoyingly, the IS' arms are not attached to the rest of the IS, meaning the pilot's own arms and shoulders has to hold the weight of the IS' arms along with the oversized swords, rifles and other equipment. This is Fail on a stupendous level.

I knew this was going to be pretty shit, but I was hoping it would be WATCHABLE shit, and it just isn't. So even though my expectations were low going into this I was still incredibly disappointed. This isn't bottom of the barrel, but something this unoriginal, stupid and predictable should not be watched by anyone with high blood pressure.

Inuyasha (TV) Not really good
Six episodes.
Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? (TV) Bad
One episode.

Cramming half a dozen girls from disparate genres into one harem show is just as messy as it sounds.

(The) irregular at magic high school (TV) Bad
Six episodes.

This show has several problems. There's the sister's incestuous feelings and the brother's ridiculous skills and his holier-than-thou attitude. And of course I can't forget about the extremely slow pacing and the dearth of world-building. But the one that annoys me the most is that the themes and aesops rely on really intellectually dishonest circumstances. And the biggest theme of all so far is discrimination.

For example, it is impossible for Course 2 students and normal people to actually feel real discrimination and be affected by it in a legitimate way. The people behind blanche are just using discrimination as an excuse to usurp Japan's power rather than because they are actually feel aggrieved. And the kendo girl had this misunderstanding about what Watanabe(?) said to her which is completely unrealistic (as in it defies belief how someone could mistake "you're too strong for me" as "you're too weak for me"). So her feelings of discrimination was all in her head. And the student council is run by enlightened people which completely contradicts what would really happen in real life if only one group of people are allowed to join.

Despite this we know that real tangible discrimination absolutely exists in the school between the blooms and the weeds, and it is natural for the non-magical to be afraid and resentful of those who have magic. The president offers some empty platitudes and a promise of eventual change many months down the line to remove the apartheid system, while Watanabe happily lets into her group a psycho with a hatred of weaker people, a guy who uses banned words in public and almost used lethal force in full view of everyone at the school gates. Even her second-in-command is a prick who belittles people. In fact, discrimination and the stigma against Course 2 students is so strong that even regular Course 1 students don't hesitate to use lethal spells against Course 2 students in a supposed kendo practice match. That sort of behaviour and arrogance doesn't happen unless the students are in an environment where it is not only tolerated but encouraged. "But he claims he liked her and just lost his temper", you say, as if the BS excuse given at the end of episode six explains why he acted like a bully and tried to kill her. Dishonestly abounds in this show.

Basically, there are four main aesops.

1): if you're weaker than someone else then accept it because the people in charge are benevolent, have earned their position and know what's best.

2): the student council has rules against bullying and discrimination therefore it doesn't exist and everything is dandy, and even apparent cases were just misunderstandings or the like.

3): rising up against the elites is bad, and only misguided fools and bad people with ulterior motives would even try.

4): don't feel at all bad if you suck at magic even when the elites, their system and your prospects of future employment all judge you by your magical ability and proficiency.

That is what the show is telling us, and like I pointed out it uses dishonest means to try and sell those aesops to us. There was absolutely no intention of dealing with the issues it raises in a sincere way and instead just whitewashes everything. Because of that - and the other problems too - I can't stand Mahouka any longer and it's getting dropped.

Is This a Zombie? (TV) Weak
One episode.

Horrible mish-mash of Magical Girl with the occult, and so brainless (pun unintended) and gormless that I find it neither lovable nor funny. Which is a shame, because those were pretty much all it theoretically had going for it in the first place. I was going to watch more, but I really can't see myself changing my mind on this one. What makes it worse is that Hourou Musuko aired in the same season, and the mood whiplash between a serious transgender drama and this painful cross-dressing adventure show would have been too much to bear.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Man, this was so overacted it was painful. It's like the writing has never heard of the word "subtlety". And what was with the visual sound effects?

Jormungand (TV) Not really good
Four episodes.

Sometimes an otherwise good show just doesn't click, but this is not one of those times. Jormungand, I'm sad to say, has problems. I don't give a damn about any of the characters because the show hasn't bothered to make any of them sympathetic or likeable. It goes further than the fact that everyone - and by that I do mean everyone (bar the bit characters) - in the show is an unbalanced Bad Guy. Although I gotta say, it certainly doesn't help any. Are we supposed to like Koko and her gang? I know I sure don't. It's not her selling weapons that's the problem, it is her hypocritical justification for doing so.

Then there's the believability factor. Or should I say, the complete lack of it. A child soldier plucked fresh from the battlefield is somehow already a super-assassin rather than a drug-addicted, brainwashed wreck of a human. A young woman in her early twenties is leading around a heavily armed gang of highly-trained soldiers without having to worry about customs or local police arresting them for cold-blooded killings. Shootouts happen in the middle of highly-populated modern cities with no other cars or people around and no mention of any media coverage whatsoever. Assassinations are done by crazed psychos with heavy machineguns indiscriminately spraying bullets into a crowd instead of a sniper rifle or poison or whatever. CIA agents go round calling themselves names such as "Scarecrow" and personally physically threaten and assault civilians and military personnel in foreign countries. Oh, and satellite phones and INTERPOL apparently don't exist in this universe, while the concept of taking cover only exists sporadically.

But I think the show's biggest problem is that it just ain't cool. I mean, many of my favourite movies and books and whatnot have writing issues but were saved by simply being awesome. Jormungand does not have any coolness whatsoever, despite the show's best efforts. In fact, if a work tries to be cool then it almost always is not, since coolness is something that vanishes the harder you seek it. The only time the show's efforts to be cool actually worked was the "Her name is Koko she is loco" rap for the next episode previews.

All in all, a disappointing show that tripped up what should have been an easy sale. It could have been a smart, clever Seinen show about the people behind the trade of weapons, or it could have been a cool action romp set in various warzones. It tried to do both and failed, instead coming off as a very immature and unfunny work that doesn't have a clear idea of what it wants to be.

Junji Ito "Collection" (TV) Weak
Two episodes,

I've never read the original stories, so it might not be their fault, but this half-arsed adaptation just ain't scary. It offers nothing but intentional comedy, and even then only sparingly.

K (TV) Bad
Two episodes.

This show is confusing, appallingly written, incredibly lame with its attempts to make the 'gangsta' characters seem all edgy and cool (when in reality they are class-A posers), has no concept of realism, and doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word "consequences". Then there's the bland lead who barely has any personality at all, a classmate who crushes on him in the most clunky way possible, a moronic swordsman who actually cooks for the very guy he believes is a cold-blooded murderer, and an obnoxious clothes-hating cat-girl ghost (or is that ghost cat-girl?) with her cheesy cat-themed defences and meow-activated warping ability. Finally, the show reeks of badly-done fusion cooking; you can't simply throw every trope within reach into a blender and then bake the resulting mixture until everything is overdone. It doesn't work like that.

K is so off its rocker it's - surprisingly - almost watchable just to see what crap it will pull next. No doubt it will be a huge hit. The producers have brought in several famous Seiyuu, the visuals are slicker than oil, the soundtrack is suitably catchy, the character designs appeal to Otaku and Fujoshi alike, and the plot is very simple so the audience doesn't have to use their brains. But while K will be popular, it is clear to me that it tried so hard to be cool (and failed spectacularly) that it forgot (or didn't even try) to be good. At least Durarara!! had some great writing in between pandering to its audience, but there's nothing in K but pandering. That will make it lots of money, true, but it also means there's no reason for me to stick around.

Kabukibu! (TV) Decent
One episode.

A bog-standard first episode with okay but hardly memorable characters. Kabuki is difficult enough to get into, so more needed to be done to make kabuki something that the audience can get excited about.

Kamigami no Asobi: Ludere deorum (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Kamigami no Asobi is riotously funny. Except it isn't a comedy, which means that the humour is unintentional. Indeed, the setup is generic and the execution is poor, so the laughs are aimed at the show itself. Still, at least it is entertaining if you approach it with the right mindset, so watch it with a friend or while tipsy (or both).

KanColle (TV) Weak
One episode.

No world-building. No explanation. No logic. And no personalities for the characters besides one-note assignments like "the genki", "the quiet", "the clumsy", "the calm", et cetera. If you're a fan of the original game, or at least don't see anything wrong with poorly-trained teenage girls defending Earth by fighting laughable naval battles in their school uniforms (hey, at least they wear sailor outfits, hah hah) modified with pathetically tiny guns, then this show is for you. Everyone else should pass because this show is dumb. Earnest, but dumb.

As an aside, this show is but one example of how, recently, Japan has been fetishising its World War 2 history and military. That's really creepy

Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox (TV) Awful
One episode.

The fan service was not nearly enough to carry what is a painfully by-the-book series. There is nothing fresh about this, it is so cliched it probably wrote itself. The technical merits are crap and the male lead is supposed to invoke Shotacon or something. Really, he looks ten, maybe eleven at a stretch. Not fourteen or fifteen which is what he's supposed to be. There is no reason for the main girl to go after him, especially given his personality which is about as attractive as a soggy biscuit. Many of the secondary characters are also annoying.

It's a real shame when I have low expectations for a series and it deigns to match them thoroughly. Gah.

Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san (TV) Decent
Two episodes.

Cute and adorkable, but repetitive. And the pranks from both Takagi and Nishikata aren't even clever; Nishikata just isn't that bright (and also way too easily needled). If the episodes were ten minutes long then I could be bothered, but full-length episodes are way too long for this sort of content.

Karneval (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

Can you say "complete Fujoshi bait"? Cause this is exactly that. It's not bad or anything, but neither is it any good. The wimpy lead male seems to exist just to fulfil the "cute and passive effeminate animal-boy" archetype(s), and the supporting cast is full of other fetishes brought to life. Including, strangely enough, Mamoru Miyano playing almost the exact same character (in both looks and personality) as Kento in Kimi ni Todoke (whom he also voiced). Weird. The story of Karneval is also nothing to be impressed about, and the show's theatricality comes off as silly rather than endearing or cool.

Katsugeki: Touken Ranbu (TV) Decent
Three episodes.

It's alright. The whole plot is stupidly daft, and the two enemy types are lame and oddly generic (smoky samurai ghosts with straw hats or flaming flying horned skulls). But as a show it's alright.

(The) Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

These "cast of quirky and outrageous characters interacting with one another in slapstick ways" sort of stories are so tired I can barely stand them. I want to watch people, not wacko stereotypes Now, to be fair, there were some really fantastic scenes in this show, like the part with the bubbles. But inevitably they'd always be followed up - almost immediately - with something that made me want to take the production staff by their throats and throttle them. One or two good scenes an episode is not enough to make up for the rest of it or the crazy characters.

Kaze no Stigma (TV) So-so
Fourteen episodes.
Kemono Friends (TV) Decent
One episode.

This is quite suitable for young-ish children. For adults though, it's a bit lacklustre.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

So basically, this is about a genki green-haired girl who likes to swim in the nude and she joins a perverted high-school swim club, whereupon there is lots of breast-grabbing to be had. There's a sweet tale of a boy trying to get over his fear of the water but it's mostly buried beneath the antics of the club members.

Apart from the character designs - which have this soft look to their faces that I happen to like - there is nothing here of much interest. Pass.

Kill Me Baby (TV) So-so
One episode.

Funnier than I thought it would be - I did laugh in a couple of places - but not all that funny. It also seems like it would get stale really fast. The OP is also extremely annoying, probably by design, but still, my ears got cancer from hearing that.

Kingdom (TV) Weak
Three episodes (if the first double-length episode counts as two)

Interesting idea, horrid execution. That's all I can about the faces that these characters have. The motion capture is shoddy, the mouths are disturbing and the eyes are plain creepy. If you don't know what the Uncanny Valley is, well here is a good example. It undoubtedly cost the show at least one grade and possibly two, that's how awfully distracting it was.

Now, the show wouldn't have been so bad if the fundamentals of story and characters were okay, but they too were found lacking. The story was pretty basic and displayed nothing of interest. Pacing was also pretty jarring. The characters were the true problem though, with Shin being so loud and dense so as to be obnoxious, and that evil prince came across as a twerp with attitude problems who just needs to get laid.

It is nice to try something different, but for god's sake, at least do it well enough that you can be proud of it. Those faces - those MOUTHS - could give small children nightmares.

Kiss Him, Not Me (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

The plot is very unhealthy for teenage girls, who already struggle with body image problems. The main character (an obese girl) fasts for a week by staying immobile in bed, and in return she gains amazing skin, salon-styled hair, and a fabulous body with no negative side-effects. Even her eyesight is miraculously cured. And then the four boys who immediately establish her harem are so shallow (especially the two who literally bullied her before she got thin) that it sends a message to girls that boys will only like you if you look like a model.

Apart from that unfortunate premise, a somewhat watchable but ultimately vapid shoujo anime.

Kiznaiver (TV) Weak
Dropped halfway through the second episode.

Yep, it's official; Okada is an alien. But that's not the issue; aliens can live quite normal and fulfilling lives. No, the problem is that she's made a career of being a screenwriter, specifically telling stories about people to people. Not aliens; people. Even worse, she's made exploring youth - and the trials of being a teenager - a huge thematic plank in most of her work. It's bizarre to see her wax lyrically about human emotions when it's clear she has no understanding of how people should think or feel.

Then there's her constant struggle to set a suitable tone, which is an issue that plagues much of her work; it's usually too dark, or too light, or too weird . . . As a prolific writer she's had plenty of chances to hone her skills, but it's clear that she is fundamentally unable to nail the right "voice", at least intentionally. Throw enough darts at a board and you're bound to hit the bullseye a time or two, and she's done that, but her sporadic successes are just percentage crapshoots.

A scriptwriter who cannot even understand the emotions she's trying to force upon her characters is a fundamentally flawed one. Her one-dimensional characters stand around spouting nonsense that no human would ever think let alone say. And I haven't even gotten to her tendency towards casually introducing massive plot holes, or building worlds that simply do not feel believable. She's a concept-first sort of writer who doesn't sweat the details and doesn't give a damn about her own characters.

This alien should pack her bags and call home already; she's been given enough chances.

(The) Knight in the Area (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

What started out as an angsty and uninteresting Sports Drama quickly turned into a tragedy which actually threatened to go in a somewhat engaging direction. Unfortunately it moved even faster from that to a series where the main character develops weird football-related abilities and saves a child's life using said abilities. That's right, he saved a kid with the power of football. I cannot stress how stupid that scene was. Just imagine it, Earth's greatest superheroes standing shoulder to shoulder: Batman, Spiderman, Superman . . . Soccerman. I've got walls for sale if anyone wants to bang their head without damaging their own properties.

I've heard that this show gets even worse later on, so I'm glad I bailed when I did. It wasn't exactly a hard decision to make though.

Knight's & Magic (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

First of all, what is up with that title? Ugh, I hate it when the Japanese think they know English. Secondly, with regards to the show itself, it was surprisingly watchable but still overly fluffy and silly.

Kurenai (TV) Weak
Nine episodes.
Kurokami The Animation (TV) Not really good
Fifteen episodes.

Unrealised potential. Crap writing. Lame action. Three strikes and it's out.

Kuroko's Basketball (TV 2) Weak
Eighteen episodes.

I can't pinpoint when exactly it jumped the shark but I do know that by mid-way through this season the show was merely an unsalvageable mess.

Kuromajyo-san ga Tōru!! (TV) Decent
Thirty episodes.

Not bad for a short-episode series but I did get a bit bored of it after a while. It's watchable.

Ladies versus Butlers! (TV) Awful
Three episodes.

If you don't like boobs and raunchy fanservice then there's nothing for you here.

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne (TV) So-so
Three episodes.
Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

Didn't like the first season all that much, and this is worse. The writing is poor and the characters - especially the sky pirates, but even MORE especially with Fam herself - are irritating and unlikeable. The reason I'm not completely trashing this is because of the good musical score and the (for a television series) amazing visuals. But writing and characters are more important than technical merits, and if every scene with the titular character in it grates on me then I can't be blamed for dropping this where it stands.

I'm thinking it might have done better as a movie, but then the thought of having to actually sit through two hours of this at once is so scary as to make me glad it was made as a series instead.

(The) Laughing Salesman NEW (TV) Weak
One episode.

I'll admit straight up that the outdated character designs are not my thing. But don't be fooled; my big issues with this show have nothing to do with the art style. The salesman himself is not menacing or creepy, just weird. The two short stories in one episode is a huge letdown; either make this a short-episode anime or expand each individual story to a full-length runtime. Make the victims actually deserving of their fate. And above all else, give the show some goddamn bite.

Laughing Under the Clouds (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Although there are hints of a serious plot which will undoubtedly surface with time, what we got this episode was cringe-inducing goofiness combined with unnatural dialogue and notably poor exposition. I am not in the mood (nor do I even have the time) to sit around waiting for it to get half-way decent, assuming it even will.

Leviathan: The Last Defense (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

The third episode was actually pretty entertaining, I laughed a number of times. But it wasn't quite good enough to make up for the first two episodes, both of which were weak and tepid. The characters played off well against one another but together were very shallow. At least there's an overarching plot, although I fear it won't come into play until late in the show. The show has potential, I'll give it that, but not quite enough to keep me watching. At least the scales were, um, 'interesting'.

Lime-iro Senkitan (TV) Awful
Three episodes.

The fighting is so atrocious as to be actually quite funny in an ironic kind of way. The girls are obnoxious and apart from the quiet kimono-clad one I wish they'd fall into a volcano. The fanservice is very daring at times but is usually just boring and lame. At least the main character gets some action . . . by raping a comatose girl so he can "activate" her. Ugh. This ugly and repulsive show doesn't even deserve to be in the barrel in the first place, let alone be at the bottom of it.

Linebarrels of Iron (TV) Bad
Four episodes.

I appreciate that they tried to go in a different direction than other mecha shows, and I don't think (at least in principle) that it's wrong to have this sort of protagonist. But the simple fact is that their ambition far exceeded their competence, and all that we're left with is a mostly-unwatchable mess.

Little Busters! (TV) Weak
Eighteen episodes.

This rating is an average for the eighteen episodes I saw. Some arcs are good, others . . . not so good. The Haruka and Kanata arc was absolutely atrocious, Key once again at their worst in manufacturing contrived drama instead of presenting natural emotions with actual substance and heart.

Little Witch Academia (TV) Not really good
Five episodes.

After a near-disastrous first episode the show picked up a teeny tiny bit, but it's still a badly-conceived poorly-written slog. I really don't understand what happened here, because the first OVA was reasonably enjoyable.

(The) Lost Village (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

So some people argue that The Lost Village was deliberately designed to be intentionally bizarre and messy and O.T.T., as in a "so-bad-it's-good" kind of way. They even make some good points with insightful examples taken from the show. And I'll give them that in some respects the production staff were trying to be different, to be wacky, to be "out there".

But the viewpoint that the overall show was supposed to be bad is ultimately unpersuasive because its proponents fail to take into account of said staff behind this trainwreck (or rather, bus crash). You have the director of Another, BLOOD-C and Witch Craft Works combined with the writer of AKB0048, Fractale and M3; a dodgy show is just the natural outcome of such an unholy union.

And yes, both Mizushima and Okada have done some good work - they're far from complete losers - but I am not in the least surprised that together they have come up with this turd. It's like they reinforce one another's weaknesses whilst limiting their strengths. That said, what I am disappointed with is that there was actually a bit of potential here and the basic premise is intriguing, and it's wasted by these halfwits.

Lostorage incited WIXOSS (TV) Weak
Five episodes.

I tried, I really did, but the show actively wants me to hate it. The plot sounds kinda cool - teenagers are being forced to battle one another, and the losers will be stripped of their minds - but it's ultimately vague and inconsequential. As in, there's no rhyme or reason behind it, it's just one big excuse to put characters through the emotional and psychological wringer. Which is alright, providing we actually care about the characters in the first place. Which we don't. They're all so shallow and one-note, despite all the screentime that's devoted to them. Of the two main girls, Suzuko is a wet blanket who isn't even looking for a spine, and Chinatsu - who is initially quite sympathetic - just turns into a coldly smirking villainess.

A show with a paper-thin plot needs to have proper pathos to make up for it, but five episodes in and I don't give a hoot about these girls or their friendship. Each episode makes me more and more angry and yet, simultaneously, I'm also increasingly bored. I can't even be bothered to hate-watch this, so bye-bye.

Love Hina (TV) Awful
One episode.

I really shouldn't be so angry at Love Hina itself. It's a pile of absolute dreck with not a single laugh to be had, but it's hardly worse than some other titles I could name. What I should really aim my anger towards is all the droves of f***tard fans who made this title not just successful but mega popular, thereby incentivising the industry to make such garbage (and the painful genre-tropes within) so mindbogglingly common. Geez, thanks guys and gals. You've really made the anime industry so much better. /sarcasm

Lovely Complex (TV) Excellent
Eighteen episodes.

This sometimes frustrating, occasionally silly, but spectacularly funny and always charming romcom reaches a perfect climatic ending in episode eighteen. For the love of god, do not watch any further. The final six episodes are a travesty which shouldn't exist. And yes, I do know what happens in them which is why I refuse to watch them. Shoujo stories should know when to quit while they are ahead.

A Lull in the Sea (TV) So-so
Four episodes.

This show does have some good themes, so it is extra frustrating that it had the misfortune of being handled by Mari Okada. She's still not improving, still pedaling the same old wailing BS that she fetishes. Main character is a complete prick and everyone else around him just enables him. This show is too frustrating to bear.

M3 the dark metal (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

Oh dear, whoever wrote this dreck needs to go back to screenwriting class. It's nonsensical, boring, stupid, lame, and tries to cover its flaws with a pointless grimdark atmosphere and sucks what little life there is out of the show. Wait a minute, this was written by Mari Okada??? Holy moly that explains a lot. Why and how does that woman continue to get work?

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (TV) Not really good
Five episodes.
Magic Kaito 1412 (TV) Not really good
One episode.

This show's juvenile tone made the episode a chore to slog through, and the pathetic Scooby Doo-level magic was disappointing and cheapened the experience. Pass.

Magic-kyun! Renaissance (TV) So-so
One episode.

Sparkles that smell. Now I've seen everything.

Magica Wars (TV) So-so
One episode.

Kind of weird - what was with the Angry Bird knockoff? - and not all that funny. Would have benefited from full-length episodes.

Magical Warfare (TV) Bad
Two episodes.

So mind-numbingly poor I can't even bring myself to hate it.

Magician's Academy (TV) Awful
Two episodes.

Name one good point in this show's favour. Just one. Because I can't think of any.

Magimoji Rurumo (TV) Awful
One episode.

Awful show. At 8m 51s in, the main male character says a rather illuminating line:

"I've never had a girlfriend and the girls treat me like a pervert."

It never crosses his mind that they treat him like a pervert because he is one? That they quite rightly don't want to have anything to do with him because he's a creep? He's so self-absorbed he doesn't even know he's self-absorbed. He's effectively implying that his lack of a girlfriend is all the fault of the way others treat him instead of his own sick behaviour.

Anyway, apart from the slimy piece of shower scum that is the MC, the rest of the show is total crap too. Here's one example. His wish was for a pair of panties, which is disturbing enough but he didn't know it was going to work so whatever. But why would a witch knowingly risk 130 years in prison by giving him her own panties when she could've just gotten him another pair from somewhere else or made some with magic? It makes no effing sense.

I really shouldn't apply logic to a show like this, but the fact that it defies logic and that the characters are braindead is actually proof of how bad it is.

Majikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls (TV) Weak
Three episodes.
Majin Bone (TV) Decent
Two episodes.

Watchable but generic kids show. 'Nuff said, really.

Maken-Ki! Battling Venus (TV) Bad
One episode.
MARGINAL #4 the Animation (TV) Weak
Half of episode one.

Because ten minutes of this was too much to me.

Mashiroiro Symphony - The color of lovers (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Don't know why, but this adaptation from an eroge visual novel didn't bother me as much as I was expecting. Still dumb though.

Mayo Chiki! (TV) Bad
One episode.

Well, I wanted to know just how god-awful it is. Now I know.

Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

If this is awesome Super Robot Anime, then A: I don't get Super Robot Anime, and B: everyone who does get it is an utter fruitcake.

Medaka Box (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

I get that Medaka was deliberately crafted to be a perfect person, but she ain't a perfect character. In fact, she's awful. She's as boring as hell. Where's the tension? Where's the relatability? Where's the sense that she has to exert any effort and that her achievements mean anything? Now the guy who follows her is interesting - he has interesting reasons for why he willingly puts up with someone as obnoxious as Medaka - but he can't carry the series by himself.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I deliberately let myself in on some big spoilers and quite frankly, the Manga goes in a really dumb direction. Superpowers and shite like that . . . groan. So not only do I not like the show as it is now, if I stick with it too long it will only get worse. Consider this as me bailing while there is still enough altitude to safely jump off and deploy my parachute. If that makes any sense . . .

Megane na Kanojo (OAV) Good
One episode.

This was better than I expected, and I would recommend it to those who like Romance Anime. Characters were fine, humour was okay, animation budget limited but still passable.

Although it was perfectly fine, I've simply got too much else on my plate to deal with a series that doesn't really appeal to me. But it isn't bad by any stretch, and it is good enough to hold the interest of more than just the girl-with-glasses fetishist crowd.

The first episode is only thirteen minutes long. Give it a shot.

Meganebu! (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Visually inventive and eye-catching, brimming with loads of energy helped by an upbeat soundtrack and some directorial flair, this show seemingly has it all. Except, you know, actual humour. Sure, it tries to be funny, but it falls flat, hard. Add in stereotypical characters who aren't at all interesting and the complete absence of plot, and this show is DOA.

(The) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (TV 2009 renewal) Awful
Three episodes.
Military! (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

Too hyperactive and dumb for me, and I didn't find it funny, though at least it wasn't boring.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (OAV) Awful
Four and-a-half episodes.

It was awful to be sure, but not all at once.

Some parts where actually pretty good. But then you get the worst (not to mention laziest written) Gundam-jack ever animated, as well as that drunk perverted guy, and it suffers dramatically. The philosophy-spouting by Gato rolled my eyes, and the way the show ruins the technical continuity of the franchise is irritating. Finally, a Zeon space-ship used a wooden steering wheel taken from the Age of Freaking Sail to steer with.

At that point I gave up; Gundam isn't supposed to be camp.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (TV) Bad
Twenty-nine episodes.

Well, I take it back. I called this "Gundam kiddies" but it turned out to be a bit more darker than I had expected. Still, that doesn't mean show didn't have poor writing, because it most certainly did.

How and where does a failed colony get the technology to completely outmatch the still-intact nation that created the colony in the first place? How does a fourteen-year-old boy make a Gundam in the first place? Why didn't the Vagans/Vegans attack when they still had the overwhelming technological superiority? Then there's more of the stupid Newtype BS going on, this time with so-called "X-Rounders". I was also annoyed at how the frequent timeskips were handled, fast-forwarding past really important bits that (at best) we got to see in a montage. Stuff like Flit's relationship with Emily and Asemu's relationship with Romary moving beyond their respective friendship zones, and the eighteen months that Zeheart stayed on Tordia. All lead to important developments, but all are pretty much ignored. Also, let's not forget about the utter stupidity that was everything about Fardain. The entire arc was groan-inducingly atrocious. There are many other problems, too many to list here.

But I will list one more. The final straw (okay, a bloody I-beam) that broke the camel's back was episode twenty-nine. Specifically, the way Zeheart was content to - SPOILER ALERT - watch soldiers under his command kill unarmed, fleeing civilians, including children. In fact, it's highly possible he ordered such a high level of hostility, given his complete lack of qualms while watching them carry out the atrocities. This goes completely against his beliefs in the second generation and is absolutely reprehensible. He is after all a supposedly sympathetic character who holds the view of, "Hey I'm just trying to do the right thing for my people and make a paradise so no-one has to suffer anymore." This is the guy who made his peace with Asemu just an episode before, and now - one timeskip later - has a radically different personality with no signs of brainwashing or any other such explanation. It is so baffling and stupid and plain WRONG I refuse to watch another episode.

So yeah, this show is a bit darker than its colourful and simplified character designs would have you believe. People die, many of them horribly. But darker does not equal better, not if the writing is hardly competent to begin with. I've got it on good authority from multiple people that the ending is atrocious and that the show is actually worse than SEED Destiny, which I didn't think was possible. If I had finished this I'm almost certain would have rated it lower, so it got off easy.

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (TV) Not really good
Seven episodes.
Moetan (TV) Awful
Approximately half to two-thirds of the first episode.

Oh man, I only watched this on a dare, but I had to give up after a disturbing transformation sequence and mentions of "Loli energy". Yeah, she's supposed to be seventeen but she looks seven and deliberately so. I'm sorry, not happening, I'm not watching this crap. Not that the show was any good outside of the Lolicon parts. The grade-schooler 'jokes' and the clumsyness were so overused in the episode that within minutes I was already sick of them. Seriously, this is pretty close to bottom of the barrel. The only line that was even remotely funny was the one about the Earth not being the land of ducks. That's literally the best thing in this entire show

Momokyun Sword (TV) Bad
One episode.

Putting it as mildly and calmly as is possible when one feels despair akin to learning that he has just contracted a terminal disease: I found the fan- so-called "service" surrounding Momoko in Momo Kyun Sword to be a complete turn-off on a par not seen since Eiken introduced me to the soothing taste of bleach.

The disfigured mummified skulls Momoko had glued to her chest were so hideously ugly and so atrociously animated that I shrieked with anguish every time they haunted my screen. If I was forced by some malicious entity to make the choice of whether to watch episode two or have my eyesight robbed from me, I would choose to perform the surgery myself by sticking bamboo skewers in my eyes and plucking them out like they were finger food at a Christmas party.

When the primary fanservicey drawcard trait of your off-model main character in your shoestring budget bottom-of-the-barrel-and-then-started-digging fanservice show is so utterly ghastly that it makes a guy's loins want to desperately retreat up inside his torso to safety, then there's only one word to describe it; ouch. The so-called "creators" whose only original idea was digging a trench to set the bar lower than ground level have completely failed at what was presumably their life's work ever since their high school careers adviser told them their grades weren't good enough to get into college but that the anime industry takes any sap with a pulse.

They might as well quit all anime-related work and go get a job as part-timers at a convenience store, because even that would be more productive to society than continuing with the abhorrent abomination that is Momo Kyun Sword.

Ms. Koizumi loves ramen noodles (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Not a bad show, just a dull one with uninteresting characters. Perhaps you'll enjoy this if food porn is your thing but otherwise it has little to offer.

Mujin Wakusei Survive (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

Some children's shows are fun even for adults, while others should only be watched by youngsters. This title is in the latter category. The setting and premise are definitely pretty cool and unusually mature for a children's show, but the writing itself is clearly aimed at pre-teens.

Murder Princess (OAV) So-so
Two episodes.

There's some good character development in here, and the interaction between the two female leads is the OVA's greatest strength. If only the rest of the story wasn't so utterly stupid and incongruous, this would have been a much stronger title.

Muromi-san (TV) Good
Three episodes.

The old-school art style was not an issue (for me at least) and the humour was okay. So why did I drop it? Well, it just didn't click with me. But it seemed alright, nothing obviously wrong with it, hence the respectable rating.

Musashi (TV) Awful
Bits and pieces of episodes.
Mushibugyō (TV) So-so
One episode.

Other than being a shade darker than other Shounen titles, it's formulaic to a fault. The spunky kid with big dreams and a sad past, the big-breasted love-interest who, the eclectic mix of wacky comrades, the fox-eyed softly-spoken leader, and random monsters which get defeated before the episode ends. We've seen it all before. Anyone could write the script; heck, it writes itself. While it is possible that the show will pull a PMMM and deviate from the formula, I doubt it. And that's fine in a way. Sticking to the formula means that the audience knows exactly what it is getting into and can treat the show like comfort food. Still, I would like it to have SOME ambition, even if it isn't much.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse (TV) Not really good
Eight episodes.
My Hero Academia (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Another lacklustre BONES outing to say the least, though unlike with Captain Earth, this at least has source material to pin most of the blame on. My Hero Academia is a thematically confused show full of plot holes and narrative issues, and starring some poorly-conceptualised characters (All Might was all right though). Although weak on its own merits, when compared to titles like One Punch Man and Tiger & Bunny you can really see the difference in quality between something that's trying to be good and something that just inherently is.

My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy (TV) Bad
Three episodes.

Despite the low rating, and the fact that it is neither funny nor clever, I can't help but admire how shameless and bold it is.

My-HiME (TV) Decent
One episode.
NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them! (TV) Bad
Four episodes.

This show is so terrible it's almost inspiring how eager it is to sink itself.

Nanana's Buried Treasure (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

What can I say, it wasn't all that interesting and never grabbed me. I'm disappointed though that it aired on noitaminA.

Nanbaka (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

Wow, talk about a throwback to yesteryear. I'm almost nostalgic. However, it looks like it's already spinning in circles with a plot that's going nowhere and mostly repetitive humour. Plus, the chemistry the inmates had in the first episode mostly dissipated in episode two, which concerns me.

Naruto (TV) Weak
Four or five episodes, can't remember the exact figure.
Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chū (TV) Decent
Seven episodes.

It may be unfair to drop it now, but I got seven episodes in and there's been no semblance of plot. It's a pure Comedy at this point. A funny one, yes, but that's all it is. The first season at least tried to do a bit more with a bit of drama, but I get the feeling I'd have to wait right until the end and the goodbyes before getting anything more substantial.

This season is no less funnier than the first but no more funnier either. It was pleasant enough, but it didn't really attempt to hook me in. It just became like any other show set at a maid cafe with a wacky cast of characters. Sadly, it just became generic.

Needless (TV) Awful
One episode.
Negima! (TV) Weak
One episode.

Saw the first episode in a NewType disk way back before I really knew about "this" sort of Anime. I was not impressed. I mean, the premise alone was just crazy, although not as bizarre as other shows (girl who literally turns into a guy's right hand, anyone?).

The girls were just the same face but with different eyes and hair. They fell into horrible type-casts, as if the creator was deliberately trying to cover as many fetishes as possible. The actual story seemed non-existent. It didn't even seem all that well drawn and animated.

Nah, not only is this show not my cup of tea, but it isn't good. At all. A guilty pleasure maybe, but there's a reason for the "guilty" part; you know you're watching dreck.

New Getter Robo (OAV) Weak
Three episodes.

It was a simpler time. Men were men, women were women, enemies were mindless beasts, and giant robots with funny chests fought other giant robots made out of combining vehicles. Yes, this thoroughly awesome time existed all the way back in . . . 2004? The heck . . . ?

Nisekoi - False Love (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

Another show about two disparate teens forced to associate with each other who can't stop sniping and arguing, except of course when the inevitable sexual tension occurs. Pretty lame and unoriginal, and the unimpressive execution can't make up for it. Not just in terms of storytelling either; the show is pretty uninteresting in visual terms too, even by normal standards. SHAFT didn't even really try to do their usual magic.

I've got it on excellent authority that the story goes downhill with amnesia coming into play and love interests being added left and right forming a harem, so it's for the best that I bail on this train now before it completely derails. I'm just saddened by the fact that people were so hyped for this. Not everything that SHAFT touches turns to gold.

Still, for the three episodes that I actually watched it was reasonably tolerable, hence the higher-than-expected rating.

No-Rin (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

I recognise the energy it has; at least it isn't insipid or anything. But it wastes inordinate amounts of time talking about panties and bloomers and too little time actually developing the characters or anything like that. Pass.

Nobunaga The Fool (TV) Bad
Two episodes.

All the individual elements are tolerable, but put them together and you get a clusterf*ck.

Noir (TV) Not really good
Nine episodes.

Music is good on its own but is obnoxiously repetitive, and also makes the mistake of being too prominent instead of simply enhancing whatever scene it is used in. Lead characters are way too flat and wooden; they're calm assassins who keep emotions in check but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Also, the show's female characters all have this dumb habit of not killing named enemies when they have the chance, and Mireille in particular goes around pointing guns at people but not shooting in order to seem more assertive (which doesn't work, she just comes across as flakey). While there's nothing wrong in the show making time for introspection, "atmosphere" is just an excuse for nothing happening on screen (due to small animation budget) and a molasses-speed plot (so heaps of padding). Speaking of the plot, it seems to have something to do with a secret criminal organisation and its priestesses or magic or rituals or whatever, and I'm just facepalming. I came for the girls and gunplay, not a bunch of nonsensical mysticism.

The reason I dropped the show at episode nine is that I had hoped it would improve and actually go somewhere, but the Intoccabile mini-arc had everything wrong with the show in one intolerable package. It was clear the show was just getting worse, not better, and so I'm done with it.

Nyanpire The Animation (TV) Not really good
One episode.

This is the first series that Gonzo has helmed in years; hardly an auspicious return. Not funny at all, and the live-action closer took up a third of the video.

Occultic;Nine (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

Mystery shows often start out confusing - it's almost mandatory for the genre - but the best stories at least give people a hook to keep the interested. This one does not. Now, the reason why it is getting a 3/10 instead of something lower is because, underneath an obnoxious crust of crap two miles thick, there does appear to be a coherent story. But even if all the pieces fit together (and that's a big "if"), I question whether the end result will be worth it (and that's before that crust o' crap is factored in). In my eyes, at its core, Occultic;Nine is just a coherent-yet-stupid plot (well, possibly coherent) with obfuscating storytelling to seem smarter than it really is, and cringeworthy otaku humour in a lost attempt and keeping people entertained. It actually reminds me a lot of the Haruhi franchise, only not so novel and even more irritating.

Omamori Himari (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

The only reason I watched the second episode is because I downloaded it before I had watched the first, and I was curious to see if it got better. Nope, it did not. Cliché-ridden with all the usual trappings. If you are looking for a by-the-numbers Ecchi Harem Comedy where cute/beautiful girls are all after the same normal high-school boy, then it will be entertaining. If not, avoid it.

OniAi (TV) Awful
One episode.

In the first half of the episode the brother actually - gasp - stood up to his sister. There was even some sporadically funny humour. But in the second half we got introduced to three girls (each appealing to a different fetish), except there were no introductions to be had. They just instantly appeared at the dorm with no explanation and wasted no time trying to get into the guy's pants. And the guy suddenly lost any personality he had in the first half and became Milquetoast Harem Loser Lead #812. It wasn't just insipid, it was actively atrocious and obnoxious, and the longer the episode went on the worse it got. And don't even get me started on how bad the sister was.

These sorts of cancerous shows have just GOT to stop.

Oreimo (TV) Bad
Almost five episodes. As in, I dropped it four or five minutes from the end of episode five.

The moralising in this show is beyond a joke, and the drama is painful. If the CIA were on the ball, which they're not, but if they were they'd tape the Dramatic Yelling and use it at Guantanamo Bay. The rest of the dialogue fares little better.

Kirino must rival Shinji as one of the most annoying characters of all time, and yet unlike Shinji she doesn't have any reason to be so irritating. Kyousuke must go down as one of the stupidest older brothers in Anime history. Perhaps he's a masochist, that's the only reason I have. Ayase . . . oh, Ayase. What can I say about her that doesn't make her out to be the total bitch she totally is.

Manami on the other hand is a rare find; a nice childhood friend who is not ridiculously attractive and who is actually normal and sympathetic. Kuroneko is okay, obvious fanboy bait but whatever.

But two okay characters cannot and do not make up for all the others, who are utterly intolerable. DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. But you are going to anyway because you're an idiot and I hope you end up crying and tearing your hair out. Serves you right.

Orenchi no Furo Jijō (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

Um, no. The humour is weak and the show mainly trades on shounen-ai vibes.

Over Drive (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

Strange show that is difficult to classify. In many areas it's painfully generic and cliched, yet it also has wacky elements that border on the plain weird. The comedy did nothing for me and the lead guy is too shaky in his characterisation to make me care. But I do have to give the show props for having a memorable and complex female lead who is more than just a love interest or fanservice vehicle (though she's those things too). Overall however, it just isn't a well-written or engaging story, and it leans too heavily on zany elements.

Overman King Gainer (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

It's confusing due to its abysmal pacing, but packed beneath as many giant robot tropes as the creators could cram in is actually a surprisingly fresh - and halfway-decent - premise about citizens choosing to escape to greener pastures by carrying out an "exodus" from their own city. That's the real star of the show, not some silly-looking robot with dreadlocks. (Yes, you read that right.) If only Tomino had allowed the world he had built to breathe rather than suffocating it with mindless action and robot tropes, but alas it was not be.

Penguin Girl (ONA) Bad
One episode.

From the premise I knew it would probably be a bit crap, but come on. It should be illegal to make Anime this bad. It embraces every cliche it can lay its paws on and just wallows in stupidity. Ugh.

(The) Pet Girl of Sakurasou (TV) Not really good
Nineteen episodes.

By now I am sick and tired of Mari Okada's incompetency at handling drama. She has no subtlety, her characters have the irritating propensity to just scream at one another because in her mind SHOUTING AND PUNCHING IS DRAMA, and the situations she puts her characters in and the way they act are ridiculous to the point of not being plausible. Worst of all, she has the tendency to deliberately prevent them from developing until the very end. This means that her characters are making the same mistakes and facing the same hurdles and going through the same arcs several times before they are finally allowed to change. For example, a character will learn an aesop and seemingly get better/more stable, then a few episodes later be making the exact same mistake as if they never learned it in the first place. She just doesn't seem to understand how humans think and feel; her characters so often come off as completely unrelatable because of their bizarre decisions and behaviour.

I'm well aware that with shows like Pet Girl of Sakurasou she is merely adapting the original source material, in this case Light Novels. But the fact that she is chosen and gets so much work means that producers and directors like her style and feel it is compatible with such source material. Even more tellingly, the undeniable trend throughout so much of her work towards melodrama is certainly not blameable on any one individual Manga or Light Novel series. Maybe if it had been one or two shows then it could be passed off as a co-incidence. But when we are talking about the same problems over and over again, then the problem is clearly on her end.

Now that I've talked about her, I'll get to the actual show. Pet Girl of Sakurasou had some great points. On the one hand it was far better than a show with the name "Pet Girl" had any right to be. There was real heart in here. But I had to drop it because the characters just pissed me off so much. As much as they were passionate and had some great moments - real well-written scenes that came across as genuine and touching - most of the time the characters were appallingly handled. It was cringe-inducing to watch them; I can't remember how many times I yelled at my monitor, "That's not how people in real life act, dammit." When episode nineteen started with yet another manufactured plot point which introduced yet more melodrama, and Sorata was yet again acting like a screaming ape rather than a human being, I gave up. My patience ran out and I just simply gave up the fight. There are nuggets of quality in here - some truly great stuff - but they're buried under so much BS that I could no longer be bothered anymore.

It isn't terrible, and perhaps the most frustrating thing is that it could have been a great show with but a few tweaks. I can only wonder how impressive it would have been had Okada not been handling the adaptation.

Phi-Brain - Puzzle of God (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

The premise is silly but not entirely stupid. The puzzles themselves however are absurdly moronic. One dude who is supposed to be a bigshot in the school puzzle club spends hours coming up with a supposedly difficult Sudoku that is so easy to solve it's offensive. The second episode has a dumb trap which is based on the game Rush Hour, as if that is somehow one of the pinnacles of humanity's puzzle abilities. What makes it worse is that the characters play it 100% seriously, as if these puzzles really are hard. Well maybe for the mentally retarded writers they are, but that just makes me so very sad. If this was a tongue-in-cheek lampooning of Shounen Anime then it could have been funny; unfortunately it wasn't.

Phoenix 2772 - Space Firebird (movie) Bad
Dropped after one hour.

Seriously? Osamu Tezuka himself did the screenplay and its based off one of his own Manga? It sucked. The first two minutes is spent staring at a bird's arse, then nine minutes of actually good (yet curiously dialogue-free) animation as Godo is born, raised and trained. But then it goes rapidly downhill from there.

Apparently a child raised to be a pilot for the military - literally indoctrinated since birth - can turn out to be a disobedient and impolite fellow who refuses to follow orders and has moral qualms about killing. That's stupid. A character should act as he was raised, and then if he was raised wrongly he should have to overcome his brainwashing. It's called a character arc. Yet Godo acts like a typical teenager as if he was the unwilling civilian pilot in a Gundam show. He doesn't act like someone who has been indoctrinated in an militaristic society since birth.

The training academy is run rather poorly and is very ill-disciplined given the backgrounds of the cadets. They were all chosen to be pilots based on natural aptitude yet only the main character is shown to be any good.

Godo is chosen to try and capture an extremely powerful alien capable of annihilating starships, and he has to do it by himself. Uh, why?

Godo's brother Locke is sentimental about being twins even though the way they were raised would mean that blood ties aren't important. He is also already a powerful politician who is engaged to a high-ranking girl even though he is only the same age as Godo and of the same lowly gene class. Finally, they don't even look like brothers, let alone twins.

The "romance" between Godo and the Senator's daughter is only slightly less annoying and far-fetched than the one between Anakin and Padme in Attack of the Clones. Godo and the girl take one look at one another, fall instantly in love and that's that. There's no chemistry between them, they don't have any special scenes together, and there's nothing notable about her. To call it a shallow romance is being generous; it's practically non-existent. She's just there as eye-candy, to give the main character a (human) love interest, and to get him into trouble so the plot can progress in an even more stupid direction than it already was.

I kind of began tuning the movie out when he got to Iceland and can't remember much afterwards, except for that one guy who had the same character design as Black Jack. Anyway, nine minutes cannot and do not make up for the rest of the material. What a pathetic and highly disappointing movie.

Photo Kano (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

The Harem aspect isn't even all that painful, to be honest, although it is pretty dull. But the voyeurism skeeves me the hell out. It's treating girls as nothing but objects to be admired and desired rather than people. Ugh, no thank you.

(The) Pilot's Love Song (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

The film The Princess and the Pilot was a solid and enjoyable movie. This show, set in the same world but featuring different characters and a brand-new plot, is neither well-written or fun. The characters are annoying, the plot is vague and uninteresting, and the mechanical designs are pathetic.

Pokémon (TV) So-so
Unknown amount of episodes, way too many to count.
Pokémon Chronicles (TV) Weak
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a few.
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (ONA 2014) Weak
Eleven episodes.

They dun goofed. Let's count the ways. Poor to sometimes non-existent character development. Mercury, Mars and Jupiter become practically irrelevant after their respective intro episodes, not only in terms of plot and in battle prowess too. A loudly exclaimed feminist message that is undermined by Tuxedo Mask constantly rescuing Usagi (including TWICE in two minutes in episode eight), and also by the other four girls being paired up with the four generals. Boring battles. Horrible CG transformation sequences. Poor quality control e.g. for characters staying on-model. Colouring issues, for crying out loud. And probably the biggest issue of all; a complete lack of charm. The original Sailor Moon series may have aged badly in terms of visuals and sound quality but it still exudes a charm that can put a smile on the face. This new series however is practically lifeless and is sorely lacking in passion.

Perhaps I should have stuck around for the next arc to see if it is any better but the show has more than worn out its welcome. It was billed as being faithful to the manga so I decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about with this legendary franchise. That's why I stuck with it even though I wanted to drop it at multiple points, especially after the frankly atrocious episode eight. In fact, looking back I probably wouldn't have made it past episode three had this show not possessed the "Sailor Moon" moniker. So me dropping it has been a long time coming. It's entirely possible that if the next arc gets rave reviews I could come back. But given how badly written the show has been up to now I highly doubt that will be the case. Instead of a new arc what they really need to achieve a blank slate is a new production team.

(The) Prince of Tennis II (TV) Awful
Princess Lover! (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

Pretty generic Harem title. Everyone was raving about the first episode but I don't see what the fuss was about. The episodes I did watch were alright, though not nearly enough to keep me hooked. I hear this show went massively downhill in its second half, so I'm glad I bailed when I did.

Princess Resurrection (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Generic and underwhelming to an almost pathological degree. Apart from the animation the show isn't bad, just oh so mediocre.

Pupa (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Not scary at all, and should never have been made into five-minute episodes.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (TV) Decent
Four episodes.

While I like the overall direction the show has gone in (exploring the aftermath of the second Bahamut war) and the social commentary around slavery and humanity's overreaching quest for strength, I can already see huge cracks forming. The first season fell apart and this season will too, mark my words.

Rail Wars! (TV) Bad
One episode.

Nevermind the pro-rail propaganda - which was (almost) kind of cute in a dorky way - its stupidity was painfully bad. Ugh.

Recently, my sister is unusual. (TV) Awful
Two episodes.

I didn't think this type of show could go any lower. I was wrong.

Recorder and Randsell (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Ooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaay. (A one-word comment on a one-joke anime; how fitting).

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars (TV) Bad
Two episodes.

The close bond between the two lead girls is a positive, and the mecha fighting is pretty good. But the plot bordered on nonsensical (not helped by Rena being unable to give even a cursory explanation for her decision to leave), every villain so far is as shallow as all heck, and the editing leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, the mere fact that the princess routinely walks around without any guard and gets accosted in public by the bad guys is so goddamn stupid that the show went from a 3/10 to a 2/20 solely on that basis.

Rental Magica (TV) Not really good
One episode.

So generic and boring it's near impossible to watch.

Rewrite (TV) Not really good
One episode.

I'll never get that forty-eight minutes of my life back. I should really put KEY VisualArts on my blacklist, because they bring me nothing but grief.

Wait a minute; do I even have a blacklist?

Riddle Story of Devil (TV) Weak
A rather strange show, it didn't feel awful when I was in the middle of watching it, but when each episode ended I thought to myself, "What the eff?" It doesn't feel or look like trash but make no mistake, it absolutely is.
Rio - Rainbow Gate! (TV) Awful
One episode.

Watched it for the "lolz", simple as that. It's a horrible attempt to glamourise gambling using Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired "Heart of the Cards" cheating tactics. What casino would hire someone who gives good luck to the patrons? Maybe as a loss leader??? Oh, and of course, how could I forget the fanservice? Rio herself is completely bland - not a woman I'd want to date for her personality - and her ample cleavage is ruined by having shiny spots on them. Not sexy at all. Now, did we really need to see her wear a wedding dress to a poker match? Of course we did. If it wasn't for completely nonsensical fanservice there would be no reason to watch this show at all. Silly me.

Hah, trying to apply things like "logic" to a show this blatantly bad is not going to get me anywhere. This is going to be a VERY guilty pleasure (emphasis on "guilty") on someone's part. But I'm leaving this train right now. It crashed before it even left the station, and all that's left is to point and laugh at it. Oh, and move on to Anime that's actually worth my time.

Rizelmine (TV) Bad
Three episodes.

Here's a thought. How do you make an irritating Sudden Magical Girlfriend Appearance Character seem sympathetic? By partnering her up with one of the most obnoxious lead males ever who makes all the dumbarse characters around him look like saints. Sure, teenagers can be sullen and surly, but this boy has no redeeming features; he's just a complete moron and a massive jerk.

Add to that the rest of the show is crap as well and you get a stinker.

Ro-Kyu-Bu! (TV) Bad
Two episodes.

It has a surprising amount of heart (check out the second episode), but that doesn't save it. It is still a show that massively sexualises young girls as a matter of course. Heck, even if you don't mind the Loli aspect with the gratuitous shower scenes and the maid costumes and the like, the story still kind of sucks and the characters are irritating. Meh.

Rockman.EXE Axess (TV) Weak
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a few.
Ronja the Robber's Daughter (TV) Decent
Two episodes.

It's alright, in that it is watchable and isn't bad, but it's nothing special.

Ryoko's Case File (TV) Weak
Seven episodes.

To be fair, I knew I should have dropped this after the giant snake. I even told myself that I should. But I kept watching because it is a show that one can switch their brain off and just enjoy. The episodes are easily digestible and the art, animation, voice acting and music are all well done. Plus Ryouko herself is awesome. Unfortunately, you have to turn your brain off to enjoy this, because it sure is stupid as hell. The writing is so sloppy it borders on being actively bad. There's no character development (not within the first half of the series, at any rate) and only a vague ongoing plot that doesn't seem to be very interesting. I've watched the DVD extras, and the second one shows clips from virtually every episode. I paid attention to the clips of the show's second half and yeah, I really don't need to see any more of this stupidity.

If I had to sum this series up in one sentence it would be, "somewhat fun but really dumb". Pity.

(The) Ryuo's Work is Never Done! (TV) Weak
One episode.

Yes yes, Ai cuter than a basket of baby rabbits. It just makes it more awkward for her to be part of Generic-kun's harem. Of course, she's only that cute because she represents an ideal; no real nine-year-old would act like her. And even if we put the whole lolicon thing aside, the episode really wasn't that good. Tired proto-harem antics, impossible setup boring lead who we're supposed to care about but don't, the one-note childhood-friend character, et cetera. But the moment I knew I would drop it was when the heterochromatic rival dude shows up in a white cape; my mouth was literally agape.

S.A (TV) Weak
One episode.

Was this supposed to be a comedy? I ask that because I didn't find at all amusing, and in fact if anything it was downright tedious.

Sagrada Reset (TV) Weak
Six episodes.

Dull, lifeless, even lower energy than Jeb Bush.

Saint Seiya Omega (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

This show will appeal to those nostalgic for the original series, those (probably female) who like seeing bishounen wear shiny outfits and pose constantly, and those among us who are children. Everyone else should stay away. It's not that this series is actively bad, it just doesn't offer anything that we haven't already seen done in a better manner many times before. The villain is so comical he's a joke, the lead character is nothing more than a brash obnoxious kid voiced by a Seiyuu who can't act, and the plot treads ground so well-worn it is merely following a trench dug deep in the landscape.

There's absolutely nothing here that it even faintly interesting or fresh, so you are missing absolutely nothing by letting this one go.

Saiyuki Reload Blast (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

While it's true that this was always going to be a tough sell to win me over (because I'm jumping into the story halfway-though), I am still disappointed in how little effort was actually put into this show. Repetitive, predictable, but also fairly aimless, these three episodes were just exercises in wheels spinning on the spot. Expendable episodes for what I can only assume is an expendable season.

Samurai Flamenco (TV) Awful
Eleven episodes.

I cannot remember another show that self-destructed as suddenly and as completely as this one did. Episode seven will go down in legend.

Samurai Harem (TV) Bad
One episode.

You know a show has issues when you want to bail on it after less than a minute.

Samurai Jam -Bakumatsu Rock- (TV) Not really good
One episode.

After cringing my way through the first episode it is obvious that this show is far too corny for my tastes. I'll have to pass on the rest of it.

Scar-red Rider XechS (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

The first half of the first episode with its moody-yet-contemplative atmosphere really drew me in to this world. Unfortunately the characters are annoying, the fights are boring, and the monsters are lame. The series started off strong but each new additional element brought it down even further. The second episode was problematic and the third just turned me off. I give the show props for trying but it just isn't all that good.

School Rumble (TV) Good
Seven episodes.

Well-directed and full of life and enthusiasm (I do like the dub), but it's not really my cup of tea so I'm dropping it now. Humour is such a strange thing.

Schoolgirl Strikers Animation Channel (TV) Weak
One episode.

It's the kind of show where the enemies are generic monsters from another dimension, all the characters attend a special high school, and there's a shower scene less than ninety seconds into the first episode. Yeah. At least it's watchable.

Sengoku Collection (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.
Sengoku Paradise Kiwami (TV) Not really good
One episode.
Senki Zesshō Symphogear (TV) So-so
Three episodes.
Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash! (TV) Bad
One episode.

Well, at least there's some sort of plot that turns up immediately. That's something, I guess. Doesn't make up for the stock characters, the cliched setting and the three breast gropes.

Servamp (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Geez, talk about tonal issues. The second half of the episode is completely over-the-top and doesn't fit in with the first half. Then there's the characters. Kuro is an even more irritating take than usual on the "deadpan snarky guy who hates exerting himself" cliche. And Mahiru is just another bland protagonist, except his shtick (besides being an orphan who lives alone) is that he volunteers to do stuff that other people don't want to do. Oooh wow, so compelling.[/sarcasm]

Shaman King (TV) Decent
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a few.
Shangri-La (TV) Awful
1/2 episode.

Unwatchable. I literally could not stomach any more than the first half of the first episode.

She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV) Bad
Two episodes.

This has such a stupid stupid stupid premise, and the execution - instead of saving the show - just makes it even worse. I can't believe this show has been hyped as much as it has.

Shin chan (TV) Decent
One episode.

I laughed at a few of the jokes, but this is the sort of show that if I watched a few more episodes I would easily end up hating.

Shining Hearts (TV) Not really good
One episode.

Okay, so this has nice backgrounds and good-looking (if unoriginal) character designs. Those two are the only positives this show has. Everything else is either bad or, at best, painfully mediocre. This is one of those uncommon but not unknown cases where I wish the show had rampant fanservice. But apart from three females showing off huge amounts of cleavage there is not even any of that, so what's the bloody point?

Look, I knew the show was going to be dull before I even watched it, but I was surprised at how utterly useless it is. There's no way I want to check out another episode, especially since I read about the character that Rie Kugimiya will play and how she apparently uses icecream-based attacks. Also, why does Hiroshi Kamiya play both Rick and Alvin, A.K.A. the two named male characters with speaking roles in this episode? It was bizarre to hear them talk to one another.

Yeah, when the only thing I really remember was how a Seiyuu played two characters, and when I'm arguing that more fanservice would have actually helped this, then you KNOW it is not worth watching.

Shinzo (TV) Decent
Unknown amount of episodes, most of it I think.
Shōnen Hollywood - Holly Stage for 49 (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

It is trying to be different from the usual idol crowd, I'll give it that. But I can't help but be bored with it (especially as it's mostly people standing around talking rather than doing anything). And I find it impossible to care about the characters; no matter that the show pretends otherwise, being an "empty vessel" is not a personality trait.

Silver Spoon (TV 2) So-so
Nine episodes.

The moral lessons were screwed up, and no-one fricking talks like that.

Sin Strange Plus (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

Even more tiring in its wackiness than the first season.

Sister Princess (TV) Weak
Five episodes.

The biggest problem is that the girls have no personality. They simply exist to take care of their brother - whom they instantly adore despite having never met him before - and they don't show much evidence of actual individuality. They are gimmicky, from their character designs to the stereotype that each one is boxed into (the childish one, the traditional one, the hyperactive one, the mechanically-brilliant one, the frail one, the goth one, so on and so forth). The girls even have their own unique ways of addressing the brother. It's just so artificial and soulless.

A Sister's All You Need (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

Acts like it has hidden depths but really is ain't much better than the farcical parody that opens the first episode.

(The) Snow Queen (TV) Good
Nine episodes.

It's pretty good, but it just didn't really interest me all that much. It seems padded out, and of course it is aimed squarely at children (those trolls are annoying). Gerda is a highlight though; likeable, proactive, thoughtful, hard-working, and yet carrying the distinction of being the rescuer instead of the stereotypical distressed damsel. Hans Christian Andersen was ahead of his time when it came to writing heroines. But as good as she was I wasn't too wowed by the rest of the show, and I get the gut feeling that it isn't as good as the original fairy tale. Still worth showing to any kids you happen to know.

So I Can't Play H (TV) Awful
One episode.

Oh my goodness, it was worse than I feared. The male lead speaks his dirty and shallow-minded thoughts out loud and powers up by groping the lead female's breasts and planting his face into her crotch.

Just . . . no.

SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation (TV) Weak
One episode.

Completely vapid, there isn't anything that so much as resembles a plot, and even the humour was scarce. Only good for diehard Sonico fans or those who like ogling girls.

Sonic X (TV) Weak
Unknown amount of episodes, not very many.
Soul Buster (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

Another crap Chinese knockoff, heh.

(The) SoulTaker (TV) Worst ever
Three episodes.

Not even Akiyuki Shinbo going crazy with the storyboarding and art direction could save this anime. Though given that he's the freaking director, he's very much part of the problem. The show is an original work - i.e. not based on any pre-existing source material - so he and his team have no-one to blame but themselves.

Sound of the Sky (TV) So-so
One episode.

This was a lot better than I thought it would be, but it still can't escape stereotypical characters and a bad setup. Also, the Moe-for-the-sake-of-being-Moe element is just not my style.

Space Dandy Season 2 (TV) Good
Six episodes.

It's not a bad show. Visually it is quite interesting and creative. But I don't like it at all. Its brand of humour annoys me, and the continued hints at a wider plot that never eventuates is frustrating.

Sparrow's Hotel (TV) Bad
One episode.

A more hilariously-awful first episode I have not known. It was so terrible I was cracking up the entire three minutes. I've actually seen worse first episodes but none have been so ironically entertaining such as this.

Spiritpact (TV) Awful
One episode.

The writing is very poor, true, but it's the utterly unlikable protagonist that really kills this show.

Star Driver (TV) Weak
One episode.

My love hate relationship with BONES continues. This is a Super Robot show which tries to be more than combining Mecha piloted by GAR heroes screaming silly slogans at the top of their lungs. No, this is a Super Robot show which features retarded Mecha piloted by pretty-boy heroes merely shouting catchphrases (and bizarre catch phrases at that). Oh, and the plot from what I've read up on (it's at episode nine when I'm writing this) is none too special either. The setting mixes the tired student council/high school cliche with a lacklustre mysterious/important island affair, and the combination is let down by sub-par writing.

It's nicely animated and scored, but I watch Anime for the characters and writing first and foremost. And BONES fails on both counts yet again.

Starship Operators (TV) So-so
One episode.
(La) storia della Arcana Famiglia (TV) Weak
One episode.

The exposition is stupid and ham-fisted, talking about things the characters already know. What makes it so much worse is that some of the characters NEED to hear the exposition because - get this - they don't know it yet. That's right, two of the characters don't even know what their own powers are even though they've had them for goodness-only-knows how long and are part of a group who deal exclusively in these sorts of powers. The Lover and the Fool didn't know that when they made their respective pacts with the card they got the powers they had. It's so mind-boggling stupid and clunky that I can't believe this made it past the first draft.

Then of course the characters are all one-note stereotypes designed to appeal to Fujoshi senses. You know, the idiot one, the serious one, the hungry one, the eye-patch one, the cocky one, the smooth one, and so on and so forth. It's not surprising given that this is an Otome game, with a Reverse Harem that allows for wish-fulfilment but also maximises slash possibilities. I might have been surprised that the girl's mother is Japanese despite the show being set in Italy, but of course this is a stupid production anyway so why not?

There's nothing of value here. The show doesn't look or sound very good, the characters are stale as heck, the action is unimpressive, the plot shallow and dear god the exposition is atrocious. Do not bother with this, it sucks.

Strike the Blood (TV) So-so
Eight episodes.

It isn't bad per se, but it is painfully mediocre and struggled to hold my attention. It's such a by-the-book instruction-manual show that a computer could make it, and it's nothing that we haven't seen a hundred times already. I've seen plenty of inferior series that were actually more fun and creative than it.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector (TV) Bad
One episode.

Super Robot sucks, blah blah blah. Fact is, this show is worse than usual, since you not only have had to watch the previous season (which isn't a bad thing by itself), but you also have to have familiarity with the numerous games spanning a truly incomprehensible meta-verse. This show is for SRW fans only.

Well, maybe it does. But it's certainly not for me, that's for sure. I want more out of my Mecha than this juvenile attempt will ever dream of providing.

Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side (TV) Decent
One episode.

This episode was definitely more watchable than DanMachi. But I'm still not invested in the world or the characters, and so I'll pass.

Taboo Tattoo (TV) Weak
One episode.

Is it normal that I enjoyed seeing the main character getting his arse kicked (twice no less)? Given how annoying he was, and how poor this episode was, probably yes.

Tales of the Abyss (TV) Weak
One episode.

Started with boring and cliched opening narration followed by a godawful two-minute-ten-second-long opening theme. Goodness gracious. Then we got introduced to the painfully cliched happy-go-lucky cocksure shounen hero archetype who grates on my nerves with every line he speaks, and then a scene immediately happens with a minor character which is just an excuse to shove ultra-clunky expository dialogue on us (get used to this, because it features often in this episode). Straight after, before we've even had time to breathe or get to know anyone, the stock good-natured best friend character (who is implied to have homosexual feelings for the main character) and the stock princess fiancee (who is obsessed with the hated "forgotten childhood promise" cliche) both make an appearance. And then we learn that the hero has amnesia and oh my god I cannot go on or I'll slit my wrists.

I did eventually finish the episode (wrists intact) by watching it straight before bed when I was too tired to care any more. It's not awful, just so reliant on cliches and so steadfastly by-the-numbers that any guy familiar with the genre could have written this (dialogue, setting, plot, characters and all) inside a day. I'm not just saying that, I mean it literally. The show has zero energy to it, there's no attempt to do anything good or new or exciting, and even the art, animation and music are all barely passable. There are so many other good series out there, don't even gives this one the time of day.

Tamako Market (TV) So-so
Six episodes.

It's pleasant enough but not what I'd call a great title. Episodic Slice-of-Life with only the barest frame of a plot is a perfectly good genre, but works in it have to be dramatical and/or funny. Unfortunately, Tamako Market has very little drama (practically non-existent) and is not especially humourous or endearing. It's simply just there. Yes, it's very cute, adorably so. You have to hand it to Kyoto Animation, they are the masters at producing Moe character designs. And yes, the bird is quite amusing in his outrageous way. But the humour is simply not compelling enough.

As for the themes, they're not too strong either. It just seems to boil down to, "Isn't friendship wonderful?" Well, yes, but the extent of this show is merely to watch a group of kids and the adults around them interact in an idealised setting and living out snapshots of their lives; Christmas, New Year's, Valentines, starting school in Spring, enjoying Summer vacation, et cetera. That's it. If it were consistently funny then that would be more than fine. But as it's not, there's very little here of actual substance.

Of course, I could just not be getting the joke, or am not attuned to the particular brand of humour in the series. I disagree with that sentiment, but even if it were true, it just shows how one-note the series actually is. Humour is subjective, and putting so much emphasis on the spotty humour is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Okay, okay, the series is still incredibly cute. But that seems to be something that is audience-dependent rather than an actual merit of the show.

Tamako Market is perfectly harmless. But by taking no risks in order to cater towards shallow Moe fans it has not created any room to succeed in anything but already-guaranteed financial success. Artistically-speaking, comedically-speaking, this show is rather lacking.

Tayutama - Kiss on My Deity (TV) Weak
One episode.

The fox girl was cute. Everything else about this show though was pretty crap, even the voice acting. Avoidance is highly recommended.

Teekyū (TV) Not really good
One episode. If you can call something two minutes long an "episode".

Wow, is this for ADHD sufferers? The dialogue is a mile-a-minute, but none of it was really funny (and it doesn't help that there's no time for the gags to set in before the next one comes along). The hyperactive opening lasted more than a quarter of the "episode" which pissed me off, and was the difference between So-so and Not Really Good.

Tenjho Tenge (TV) So-so
One episode.

A dumb show which has lots of fanservice and action but even more cliches. Tolerable, but not my cup of tea.

Terraformars (TV) So-so
Six episodes.

This could prove itself to be a fairly popular show. It is similar in plot to Attack on Titan, where instead of humanity cowering behind a wall they are protected by the vastness of space, and in both cases their means of protection isn't quite large enough to offer true safety. Therefore the heroes - who have taken on the powers of their opponents - must sally forth to the humanoid enemy's territory to discover a means to fight back while battling intrigue and corruption from evil humans back home. So yeah, the groundwork for a megahit is there, and it might well achieve that.

But while Attack on Titan had many many problems, it was still interesting. True, it was extremely slow-paced, but it was rarely tedious. Terraformars on the other hand, despite all the blood and (censored) gore, despite the large variety of cool powers on display and the numerous battles between humanoid roaches versus insectoid humans, was just dull. Unexciting. Uninspiring. It was mind-numbing stuff; bland, banal and boring. As the show went on I found myself skipping through more and more of each episode, even the fight scenes. Now that's a fatality the show can't move on from.

(The) Testament of Sister New Devil (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

Basara is no milquetoast, Maria is fun to watch, and I do appreciate the central theme of family and the attempts to have meaningful character development. Er, that's all very well and good, but the show is still stupid and poorly-written. And Mio is all over the place as a character, like no-one on the staff had a clear idea at what her personality was supposed to actually be. Finally, the story is still tied down by its ecchi-harem roots, which - in the hands of this director and screenwriter - really limits where it can go and what it can do. I give the show props for trying, but effort alone is meaningless if the payoff is insufficient.

Those Who Hunt Elves (TV) So-so
Six episodes.

Wasn't all that interested in its brash and dumb brand of humour.

Tide-Line Blue (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

Both Teen and Keel are awful characters for this type of show, although it's hard to know what type the show even is supposed to be. That's because it is all over the place tonally. It is possible to integrate slapstick comedy with serious drama, but it's not easy and the writing needs to be at the top of its game. The writing in this show however was of poor quality, though admittedly there was some "promise to the premise", to turn a phrase.

Tiger Mask W (TV) Not really good
One episode.

This franchise should have remained in the past. The level of cheese is over nine thousand.

To Be Hero (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

It takes a person with a childish sense of humour to enjoy this show. Instead of the acid test they should call it the faeces test.

Tokyo ESP (TV) Weak
One episode.

Well, if the show's aim was to stop me from watching it then it thoroughly succeeded.

Tokyo Mew Mew (TV) Not really good
Unknown amount of episodes, not very many.
Tokyo Ravens (TV) So-so
Five episodes.

The reveal at the end of episode three was good, and the show was interesting while it was set in a rural town. As soon as the setting moved to the school in Tokyo - A.K.A. 'every magic school ever' - it got thoroughly uninteresting. That Natsume's gender had not been outed also stretched belief. Then there was the drama which hinged on a powerless guy trying to do his best in the world and protect his friends. That's fine, but it was subsequently extremely cheapened when it turned out he could have received powers at any time.

Perhaps if this show had been one cour I might have finished it. But it is set for two cours and I don't want to stick around that long when it is already showing alarming signs of fading into mediocrity (or worse).

Top Secret ~The Revelation~ (TV) So-so
Nine episodes.

Very interesting premise with loads of potential, but this is a clunky by-the-numbers crime procedural with no subtlety and little nous.

Toradora! (TV) Weak
Two episodes.
Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru (TV) Weak
One episode.

Stupid premise, vapid characters, hollow plot. A feeble and forgettable production.

Towanoquon (movie series) Not really good
Four movies/episodes.

It ain't a good production and hadn't been right from the start, but it was the end of the fourth episode when I finally gave up on it. It had some good elements and the potential was definitely there, but the execution was not handled very well and nothing was really done to try and hold my interest. The melodrama, far-fetched powers, silly ideas about technology and the lack of sorely-needed tension all served to be the straws that broke my will to continue. I have since spoiled the ending for myself; I didn't miss anything good.

Transformers: Energon (TV) Weak
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a few.
Trickster (TV) Weak
One episode.

Oh hey E do ga wa Ran po Tell me why peo ple love you so Your shows are all bad They make me so mad Why don't you give up and just go?

Trinity Seven (TV) Weak
Two episodes and approximately the first third of episode three.

I give the lead guy props for not being a total wuss; he still irks me a little but at least he's watchable. And the plot - such as it is - does have potential. Like, there's a kernel of an interesting mystery here. But on the downside, this show has troubles on multiple fronts. Its tone is uneven and distracting, its editing is poor, there are massive cliches everywhere (oh hey, another show featuring a mage academy), and most of the girls (if not all of them) just aren't believable in their roles. The only thing the show really offers that is actually any good is fanservice, although even then you'll have to wait till the uncensored home video release to see the good bits.

Tsugumomo (TV) Weak
One episode.

Lucky not to get an even lower rating, this blast-from-the-past uses every stale cliche in the book.

Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION (TV) Not really good
One episode.

I found this to be soooo painful to watch I should be given a medal for surviving it. But the actual episode itself - while generic and vapid, with no drama or tension - wasn't a disaster. True, the infodumps at the start (including twelve characters introduced in less than eighty seconds) did make for a poor start, and the concert with its mediocre CG and underwhelming music did make for a lacklustre end. However, props given where due, it was a bold move to make the focus character a random young boy whose fangirl sister had sent him in her stead, and the episode was significantly better for it. Both he (and his sister) were the only characters with strong personalities in the entire episode, so at least they weren't bland.

tsuritama (TV) Not really good
Dropped about one-third of the way through the second episode.

I've heard this show being called "weird for weird's own sake", and that is a succinct way to put it. However, it does leave out how the weirdness is oftentimes really off-putting. The stupid facial expressions that the main character exhibits when stressed are extremely dorky and not at all how people actually deal with stress. Said character is also going to save the world apparently, which is patently ludicrous; what's he going to do, scare people to death with his face? The grandmother allowing the alien to live in her house is an Anime staple but not handled very well; we're just supposed to accept it and move on. Then there's the alien himself. Completely obnoxious and asinine, he bullies the main character into doing what he wants with a water pistol that fires mind-controlling fluid. How daft is that? And the main character doesn't seem to have a spine at all to stick up for himself when the alien starts ruining his reputation and dragging them into stupid situations.

Look, there is a right way to do wacky in Anime, and you need look no further than FLCL. Tsuritama has a stupid plot, an unrelatable lead and a thoroughly unlikeable alien who is supposed to be quirky but comes off as a prick who is also permanently high on drugs. But most fatally, is just not funny. At all. Having weirdness in a show should be a means to an end, not an end in itself. NoitaminA is aimed at showing artistic series to people who don't typically watch Anime, but it has been very hit and miss lately. This show is unambiguously a miss.

Tsuyokiss - Cool×Sweet (TV) Bad
One episode.

If this show doesn't make you facepalm and/or groan then you have no standards.

Turn A Gundam (TV) Not really good
Nine episodes.

Tomino is extremely lucky that Gundam became the huge juggernaut that it did, because its success has covered up the fact that he can't write or direct worth a damn.

Twin Angels BREAK (TV) So-so
One episode.

The season's contractually-obligated traditional magical girl show, and it's about as generic as they come. Not bad, not good, just meh. Unless you're a magical girl completionist there's no need to check this one out.

Twin Star Exorcists (TV) Not really good
One episode.

There's no way I'm going to willingly endure fifty episodes with this show's cliched story, lame humour and irritating male lead.

Ultraviolet: Code 044 (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

The main character just decides to rebel for no reason other than to move the plot along and save the life of her enemy for no reason other than because he's her future love interest. It's lazy storytelling at its finest.

Umi Monogatari (TV) So-so
One episode.

Okay, I only downloaded the first episode of this because I thought it was Umineko no Nako Koro ni. Needless to say, I was in for a shock.

It isn't that bad, apart from being a cliched Moe excursion with unnecessary fanservice. The character of Kanon was certainly interesting, but I just did not like the show.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll (TV) Not really good
Seven episodes.

The plot had some substance to it but was not all that well executed. Maybe if the show had spent more time on developing its story rather than romcom shenanigans then it would have been better off.

Unlimited Fafnir (TV) Bad
One episode.

So not quite as terrible as Infinite Stratos, but that's the best I can say about it.

Although, I did get a lot of laughs at the CGI's expense. If it's that bad in the first episode, I can only imagine how awful it will be later on.

Unlimited Psychic Squad (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

The writing was pretty bad. The action scenes lacked any drama or tension. The characters were a bit better, probably the best element of the show, but even they weren't strong. To put it bluntly, this show is not at all worth following.

Upotte!! (ONA) Bad
Six episodes.

Okay, I was watching it for the lulz. And it was kind of enjoyable, in a weird way, despite a complete absence of any sort of intelligent logic. The gun history segments were actually quite engrossing. But even so, after watching episodes five and six, I didn't want to watch any more. Namely, episode five has this one girl being downright evil and torturing others in between bouts of fingering herself, then in episode six there are no consequences for her actions. Does this school not have teachers and does this tournament not have rules and adjudicators? Oh wait, that's right, complete absence of intelligent logic and all that. Gotcha.

Maybe if it was actually genuinely funny (rather than being ironically funny), and maybe of the characters and the drama between them had been better handled then I might have continued on with it. Oh, that's right, elf-girl masturbating in middle of a live-fire battle with her enemy just metres away. Gotcha.

Vatican Miracle Examiner (TV) Weak
Five episodes.

The fifth episode destroyed what little credibility the show had left. And yes, I did say the fifth, not the fourth.

Vividred Operation (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

Great animation, great battle sequences. But the rest of the show is pretty cringe-inducing. Mashing Mecha, Military and Magical Girl together to bait Otaku sounds like a recipe for success, especially with fanservice added on top. After all, it worked for Strike Witches. Vividred Operation looks like it too will be popular. But it's also stupidly-written, which should come as no surprise. The fanservice is blatant without even being particularly tasteful (or graphic for that matter). The writing doesn't even try to make the different genres blend in with one another, and the character drama is by-the-book at best; in episode two, a melodramatic line about disliking tomatoes is particularly facepalm-worthy. Two episodes in and it's painfully clear that the show has no interest in logic and probably hasn't even heard of the word.

It's not a terrible show, and to fans of fanservicegenre mashups it will be very appealing. But to those people who actually want something that makes an ounce of sense, don't even bother.

Wake Up, Girls! (TV) Decent
Three episodes.

Realistically honest and cynical look at just how exploitative the idol business is. I liked how the girls were all different and forced to face reality, and there wasn't really the normal hijinks and antics that such idol shows get up to. But what drags it down is that female manager who just absolutely ruins every scene she's in. I was happy when she left the prequel movie and distraught when she came back in episode two. With her there the show is virtually unwatchable.

Wake Up, Girls!: The Movie Good
Good solid movie that acts as a prequel to the television series but that easily works as a standalone story. It's the sort of idol story that I'd like to see more often instead of crap like AKB0048 or [email protected].
Wanna Be the Strongest in the World (TV) Bad
One episode.

An extremely misogynistic fanservice show masquerading as a female-empowerment Sports story. No thanks.

We Without Wings - Under the Innocent Sky (TV) Bad
Three episodes.

So apparently there's supposed to be a plot, but the show spends so much time on fanservice - WEAK fanservice - that the common thread which binds the individual storylines together has still not been shown. If it even exists at all, that is. The first episode was to me pretty funny, but only because I made a huge error and thought that this was some sort of parody. Er, no. It's just another plotless Ecchi-Harem show with way too many similarly-looking girls fulfilling all the usual Otaku-bait roles such as Tsundere waitress/maid, ditzy younger sister, panty-flashing Loli, et cetera -you know the drill- et cetera.

Give it a pass, you're not missing much.

Welcome to the Ballroom (TV) Weak
Five episodes.

Sigh. A show about ballroom dancing made by the team behind the extremely overrated Haikyuu!! is not exactly my cup of tea. But I came into Welcome to the Ballroom with as open a mind as I could, and I gave this show as good a try as can be reasonably expected. I was willing to get hooked if it was gripping enough, just like what happened with Madhouse's adaptation of Chihayafuru, and the way that show expertly got me invested in a sport (karuta) that I'd never even heard of before then. I even broke my three-episode guideline and watched two more episodes, just to give Welcome to the Ballroom an extra chance to convince me to stay. And it's become clear that in fact it ain't me that is the issue here.

Firstly, the technical merits are disappointing. The direction is so-so when it should be popping; this is supposed to be a first-rate production, after all. The animation is inconsistent; very good in flashes but usually barely even there, and for a show about dancing to utilise so many still frames is criminal. (One of the animators died from overwork, which speaks of huge problems behind the scenes.) The music is kinda not doing its job, with the show being oddly muted sound-wise (this includes background stuff like the audience and foley effects). The character designs have bizarrely long necks, which is obviously a deliberate choice to showcase the choreography but simply looks weird and unnatural. Ditto for the expressions the dancers use, which are supposed to mimic the robotic smiles of real-life performers, but instead make the characters look like crazed psychopaths

Secondly, I'm not really feeling the motivations of the characters. They all want to be the best and be the star but there's no mention of their love for dancing in and of itself. Other motivations, like wanting to express oneself artistically, or improving one's confidence, or just having a fun and sociable way to keep fit, are notable for the absence. Nope, everyone just wants all eyes to be on them. Actually, that's not entirely true. One girl only performed to be the partner to her arsehole brother, and he is only too happy to discard her when the opportunity arose.

Which leads me onto my final point.

The characters are a joke. Ugh. Even fans of the manga don't try to defend the mean-spirited tone and the misogyny, because the anime is only adapting the story faithfully. Having imperfect characters is important for drama, and no-one's perfect, but Sengoku and Gaju are so obnoxious as to be nearly unbearable. Mako and Shizuku are there to be eye candy and little else, and given no agency or even much personality beyond looking cute and beautiful respectively. Another woman, an instructor, is defined almost completely by her breasts and their propensity to bounce. Hyodo, a rival, is easily the best character thus far, someone flawed but ultimately well-meaning, but he isn't the main character; Tatara is. And Tatara's motivations are - as mentioned above - simply limited to wanting approval from others. Anything would have been good enough, as long as it gave him the applause he seeks, and he just happened to fall into ballroom dancing due to blind chance. Not exactly the most sympathetic of reasons, in my opinion.

After hearing about how Shizuku is treated in episode six - where she supposedly doesn't get a single line despite the episode being about who her new dance partner will be - I'm out. I don't want to watch this any more.

Winter Sonata (TV) Decent
Three episodes (including episode zero).

It is unfortunate that I dropped this, since it seemed like the sort of romance story I would enjoy. I don't really want Tsunderes and Kuuderes and whatever, and nor do I want bizarre and far-fetched Romance storylines. I long for realistic characters in realistic relationships. And Winter Sonata looked like it could provide me with that fix. Plus, the character designs are really really nice. So what went wrong?

Part of what went wrong were the fansubs, specifically with regards to the speed. At the time of this writing all the episodes have indeed been subbed, but it took many many months for the series to be completed. I lost interest in the show, and couldn't be bothered to get the rest of the episodes. Now, granted, the show failed to really hook me in in the first place, but the long wait was the difference between (casually) watching it and dropping it.

Then there is the proverbial elephant in the room; the show is in Korean. That is not a racist comment on my part, but rather a linguistic(?) comment. I like the sound of the Japanese language, and through watching scores of shows I have gotten very used to it. Korean is horrible by comparison, at least to me. Stilted and seemingly monotonous (though sub-par voice work could be the reason behind that), listening to the dialogue grated on my nerves while simultaneously boring me.

Maybe one day I will pick this back up, when I'm pining for a good Romance show and can better tolerate the dialogue. But with new Anime to watch every three season and a seven-hundred and thirty-plus episode backlog as of the time of writing, I do doubt that. The first three episodes were alright and showed potential, but even disregarding the audio it was not the best viewing experience.

Witch Craft Works (TV) Weak
Three episodes.

Kagari is a cool lead character but Takamiya is pathetic. Lame villains and a bad balance between humour and drama and the show isn't worth following. At least the ED was pretty funny.

Wolf Girl & Black Prince (TV) Weak
Two episodes.

I really don't like any of the characters so that's (mostly) why I'm dropping it. There's no-one here I can sympathise with or root for, they're all vapid and horrible. The show should be renamed "Unhealthy Abusive Relationships: The Anime".

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman (TV) Bad
One episode.

"You're devaluing women", says the male lead when chiding a girl. Oh my, that's too funny coming from a misogynistic show like this one.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot (TV) Bad
Two episodes.

Had a decent premise, but tripped up badly in execution. The fanservice would have been tolerable if the rest of the show was any good, but it wasn't. Action scenes were boring, lead male was cookie-cutter, Kate was just precocious pedo-bait, and the entire second episode was a waste of time with huge cliches. Nothing really worked, nothing new was added, no innovative changes were made, no characters were interesting, plus it wasn't good to look at or pleasing to listen to. Barely rose above being completely insipid.

World Trigger (TV) Not really good
Two episodes.

A poor adaptation of what is already a weak and generic story. There are a lot of anime in the superpowered-teens-fight-aliens-from-another-dimension sub-genre, and many of them are better than this. So don't waste your time here.

X (TV) Weak
Fifteen episodes.

First off, skip the first episode. Confusing the heck out of the audience by introducing too many characters all at once is a very bad way to start a show.

CLAMP's idea of fate reminds me very much of Norse Mythology. However, though their version of fate was absolutely critical to the story time and time again - seriously, the characters never shut up about it - it is clear that CLAMP did not rub two brain cells together when coming up with it. Such an important piece of the show - pretty much the story's raison d'être - was also its most overwhelming weakness. You don't have to understand anything about quantum physics or even believe in free will to realise that their version of fate would be simply unworkable. One character gets told the very reason he will die by a seer who is, we are told more than once, never wrong. What is to stop him from throwing himself in front of a bus, thereby invalidating the seer's prophecy? I suspect that fate would then collapse as much as this show's plot did.

The last big concern I have is something that is related to fate (given the nature of the show, everything is related to fate), and that is Fuma. Not to spoil anything specific, he undergoes a massive change for one of the stupidest and possibly laziest in-universe reasons I've ever witnessed in an Anime. It's utterly pathetic and infuriating, and it gave the coup de grace to a show which was struggling but still managing to hold on.

The character designs are totally nineties, I wish they'd been updated a bit. Also, the art looks rather poor for a series that for three months ran concurrent with RahXephon. The music was okay, they reused that one good theme a lot but that's normal for television Anime.

The English dub is simply unwatchable. As everyone before me has mentioned, the casting was very faithful to the original Japanese, as in the dub tried to match the voices wherever possible. Too bad that in some cases they chose fidelity over competence. Terrence Stone should be ashamed of himself.

Really and truly, this is an average effort from Madhouse but nothing short of a disaster from CLAMP. They need to get their heads back to actual reality instead of spinning idiotic tales such as this one.

xxxHOLiC (TV) Not really good
One episode.

It tries to be funny but the comedy is painful, with Kimihiro's antics being irritating rather than endearing. It tries to be atmospheric and moody but the effect is ruined because the main characters look like noodles. It tries to say insightful and meaningful things about destiny, circumstance and choice, but instead spouts pretentious and logically unsound BS at us. And it tries to make Yuuko into this powerful and mysterious and (other)worldly presence, but she just comes across as a pathetic scam artist who - pun unintended - blows smoke up up her own arse.

So no thanks, I'd rather not sit through this torture session. And CLAMP, get your act together already. Remember when you could actually write something worth a damn?

You and Me. (TV) Not really good
Three episodes.

You can tell that the show's creators had little faith in it. They must have thought - correctly, I might add - that it is very, very boring. The monotone, humourless dialogue in what is supposedly a Comedy. The absence of a plot. The reminisces of the past in which the characters are just as dull as they are now. The show is not funny and practically gave up trying to grab my attention before it had even started.

Realising they had such a dreary stinker on their hands, the creators chose not to actually spice up the show to the level of bland tofu. Oh no, they decided to leave it about as interesting as days-old grease. Instead, their answer was to insert numerous and frequent scenes of cats. They may have been trying to target the cat-lover demographic (which as we know is a huge percentage of people) but the scenes fell flat and were all-too obvious. It doesn't help that the felines are often yawning or sleeping, as if unconsciously mirroring the mental state of the audience.

It's such a forgettable show that it's lack of good elements or bad elements is almost unusual enough to make it interesting. It slightly succeeds on that front - goodness knows I'm surprised I've managed to talk so long about it - but it isn't exactly an attribute to start crowing about. Skip it, you're not missing anything.

You're Being Summoned, Azazel (TV) Decent
One episode.

Three words: Too. Effing. Weird.

Your Lie in April (TV) So-so
Ten episodes.

So cringe-inducing it's actually painful to watch.

Yowamushi Pedal (TV) So-so
Sixteen episodes.

Started off well, then nosedived in quality. It went from a decent story about a anime geek who finds his calling - and some good friends - in an athletic endeavour, to a pathetically-written battle show that lacks any semblance of intelligence. For example, the 60km training/initiation ride was enjoyable, but the last few episodes have been painful. Given the 'tactics' that we can expect from the inter-high I don't want anything to do with the show anymore.

Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~ (TV) Not really good
Five episodes.

It's not terrible, just pointless and poorly constructed. The first two episodes were repetitive, failing to really introduce the characters. The melodrama in episodes three and four, the pool scene in episode four and the ridiculous villainous plot in episode five all served to turn me off the show. I couldn't care for any of the characters because the show didn't give me a reason to.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (TV 2/2000) Decent
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a lot.

Yes, you may be wondering why I would rate this so highly. The show never makes sense, it always has horrible dialogue, battles drag on for episode after episode, there's no real character growth, it is super cheesy, it exists only to sell an expensive card game to children . . . but it was Good Dumb Fun. Mindless, repetitive fun, the perfect thing to watch every day after school. That's it. Compared to the sorts of Anime I like nowadays the show is bloody awful, but to my pre-teen (and yes, it must be said, my teenage self as well), Yu-Gi-Oh! was something I looked forward to when I got home from school.

It was entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. And that's all it needed to be, from my point of view.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (TV) Weak
Unknown amount of episodes, quite a few.

So I didn't like this show anywhere near as much compared to the original, and I have to wonder why. It isn't all that different from the original, apart from the Hogwarts-inspired school. I guess I have to put it down to my evolving tastes as I got older combined with myself getting a little tired of the franchise. Same thing happened with the Dragonball franchise. Is it fair to punish a sequel for being exactly the same as the original? Not entirely. But that's just the way the cookie crumbles, so to speak.

Yurumates3Dei (TV) So-so
Two episodes.

Another short Anime. Like Gakkatsu! the second episode was funnier than the first, but not enough to convince me to stay with this. Also, the character designs with their freakishly large eyes (even for Anime) are off-putting.

Yuruyuri - Happy Go Lily (TV) So-so
Six episodes.

So, this is a fairly harmless - read boring - show. So, this show has absolutely no plot. So, the characters are uninteresting and unfunny. So, the technical merits are sub-par. So, I'm dropping this show.

Cute girls doing cute things has been done already, and by titles far more accomplished than this. Yuruyuri is just riding on the coattails, offering nothing new. In fact, it isn't offering much of anything. Taking the term "plotless nonsense" to be both a goal to aspire to and a mantra to live by, there is absolutely no reason to watch this. I wasn't expecting much, but I'm annoyed at just how little effort went into it.

Z/X Ignition (TV) Weak
One episode.

Pathetic, confusing and decidedly boring, this latest animated advertisement for some real-life collectible card game falls flat on its face.

Zakuro (TV) Decent
One episode.

What can I say, except that this didn't catch my attention? The character designs were okay, the banter was okay, in fact everything was "okay". But I didn't see any real potential in this show, despite the episode being arguably no worse than the first episodes of several other shows. Ergo, it got the flick, some of the others did not.

Zombie-Loan (TV) So-so
Three episodes.

Very generic and uninspired show. Big fat meh.

Zone of the Enders (TV) So-so
Seven episodes.

I really liked this show's sense of humour. Unfortunately, Zone of the Enders is not very well-written. Plot holes abound, Dolores is WTH, Baan (the racist Wired dude) is an absolute prick, and the entire show does not embrace its craziness like say, Outlaw Star. it was perfectly watchable but eh, no, I couldn't be bothered.