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Anime that's been recommended to one degree or another; as with all slice-of-lives, only watch one ep./day.

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Amanchu! (TV) Masterpiece

High school girls NOT in miniskirts! (also, shot is in AMV)
  1. Series set up. Homeroom teacher tells everyone to enjoy the next three years while they can. The animation styles contrast in an interesting way. Nice OST as well!
  2. Again, the contrast in animation styles is quite interesting; also, the contrast in how Futaba & Hikari/Pikari greet the morning is interesting as well. OST continues to stand out ─ but not the OP or the ED.
  3. There's no denying it: That muppet is cute.
    "I'm allergic to the word 'study'." Too funny!
    I relate all too well with Futabi Oki.
  4. 11:00 mark: OK, I'll admit it ─ the humor is actually effective! :-)
Oddly enough, this series has me contemplating all of my failures in life. I've always been left behind. Always. I've never been good enough to succeed. Why?! I feel so pathetic. I will simply have to accept the fact that there are many things in life that I cannot do ─ no matter how much assistance I receive.
  1. 9:30 mark: Remarkably humorous.
  2. 4:20 mark: "I'm the only one left behind." ―Futaba Oki
    I can relate to that remark all too well.
    Possible con: No explanation has been provided for Futaba Oki being moved to the Izu peninsula. We haven't even met her family! Just sayin'.
Ruminating on how I've always been behind everyone has me circling downward in a vicious cycle. Not good! :-(
There's no denying it anymore; I can't go on like this alone. I am alone and the bottomless abyss beckons. Was I merely being delusional all this time? I don't know, and that uncertainty is the only thing that I am certain of. I am at the edge of the abyss of the deep end of the pool, staring down at it. I don't know what to do anymore ─ and that's assuming that I ever did know in the first place.
"There's a harsh truth to face." I'm never going to accomplish the goals I want to fulfill. A life without hope invariably ends in suicide. I suppose my epitaph would best be: "UNREALIZED POTENTIAL". Everyone that I've started out with has long since disappeared over the horizon, leaving me all alone, by myself. There never was a reasonable chance of hope for me; entertaining any meaningful hope for myself is merely delusional. I don't know what to do; a life without hope is its own unique hell.
    • The club deals with various setbacks.
    • The Diving Club slacks off with midterms approaching.....
    • 04:53 mark: Never before has a letter being opened up been slowed down as much through time dilation. Pro: Unexpectedly anticlimactic. Very good.
    • Futabi is unexpectedly competitive. Very un-Japanese for someone of the feminine persuasion. Very good!
    • 1st ½ ends with a twist. Very good
  1. Huh?! No sign of her family with her making the move???!!!
I knew that I'm fragile, but I never realized that I'm this fragile.
    • The girls go shopping.
    • The girls go the beach.
    Futabi passes the pool course ─ something that I cannot do.
  1. Kitten as metaphor for Futabi.
  2. Both Futaba and Hikari pass the open-water test and get their certifications.
  3. OAV | Futaba's two middle-school friends (Akane Mizunashi & Chizuru Himeno) visit Shizuoka during Summer break and become acquainted with the other members of the Yumegaoka High School Diving Club.
Amanchu! Advance (TV)
  1. More of the same ─ which is good thing!
  2. Hikari ("Pikari") befriends a boy (Kokoro Misaki) on the beach; she also secures prime/VIP seating for the fireworks display.
  3. Futaba passes the navigation test, but encounters more difficulties.
  4. 08:30| Surreal.....
  5. Futaba performs her first open-water dive. She also meets members of Hikari's family.
  6. Futaba & Hikari share the same Halloween dream.
  7. School cultural festival preparations also result in a school legend.....
Konohana Kitan (TV)
(12 ep.s)
Lucky Star (TV) Decent
Mitsuboshi Colors (TV)
Rilakkuma and Kaoru (stop-motion ONA)
(Recommended by Andy Pfeiffer & Steve Jones
  1. Apparently, there are 13 episodes/13 minutes each. Kaoru is the classic Office Lady ─ taken for granted both at work and at home.
  2. This series is the epitome of cuteness! (kawaii?)
Showa Monogatari (TV)