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Ah! My Goddess (TV) Masterpiece Simply the best series I have ever watched. I love the characters, the story, the animation... everything about it. And though the ending only lay the barest of foundations, I am confident that the second season will only make what was already great even better. This is one series that I find myself watching over-and-over, and it never gets dull or boring. I can't wait for the second season to be released. Go out and get this series right away.
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy (TV) Very good OK, this series I just absolutely adore. Things pick up pretty much from where they left off at the end of the first season, and the laughs come early and often. After watching the rest of the disks, I must say that though the series was good, it was no where near as good as season one was. It was not the fault of the production group, it was just simply that the story arc the had to work with for this season wasn't as strong as the first.
Ai Yori Aoshi (TV) Excellent I really enjoyed this series. Being a romantic at heart I was instantly drawn to Kaoru and Aoi and their struggle to be together. It was a most interesting take on a Harem comedy because though Kaoru was being chased by several other girls, he only had Aoi in his heart. The only problem I had was the somewhat forced interactions between Kaoru and the other girls. They kept putting him and the other girls in situations designed to get them alone, and it really didn't mesh well with the overall feel of the story.
Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ (TV) Very good I enjoyed this sequel to the Ai Yori Aoshi, but it didnt quite have the charm of the original. It was funny, and romantic, and we learned quite a bit about some of the other characters--especially Tina--but it was so short that I couldn't help but feel that there was more story to tell. They didn't really advance the Kaoru and Aoi relationship much further than they had in the first series. It was well worth watching but I would have really liked to see what they could have done with a full season in stead of just 12 episodes.
AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission (OAV) Decent
Air Gear (TV) Good
Burn Up W (OAV) Decent
Burst Angel (TV) Decent
Chobits (TV) Good
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (TV) Masterpiece A most excellent show whose only flaw is that it has no ending at all. But since it is just a stepping stone leading us to the second season I can overlook this one small flaw.
D.N.Angel (TV) Excellent What a great series. I really didn't want this one to end. Great action, romance and a supernatural mystery; all woven together into a thrilling, sometimes funny story that left me wanting more.
DearS (TV) Good Yeah, it's cliched. Yeah, it's goofy, and the fanservice is over the top, but at the same time it is very endearing(no pun intended). And Ren is just so damn cute. I really enjoyed this series, but I also can't help but feel that there was more story to tell. Still, it was well worth my time.
Desert Punk (TV) Not really good Rude, crude, and utterly hilarious at times, DP has so much potential. Too bad the ending totally sucks and makes everything that lead up to that point a complete waste of time.
Divergence Eve (TV) So-so
Elemental Gelade (TV) Excellent
Eureka Seven (TV) Masterpiece This show is awesome. One of the best, if not the best shows I have ever seen. Great characters, and awesome story, and visuals that will blow your mind. The single complaint I have with the series, is that the ending, though it did tie up virtually all the loose ends, was a bit open-ended for my taste. I would have liked a more concrete conclusion instead of the "draw your own conclusion" ending that we got. Even with that, however, the series still stands as one of the greatest works of anime ever done.
Full Metal Panic! (TV) Excellent
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (TV) Masterpiece Wow. Wow. This series is so awesome I can't really put it into words. The first FMP was great, Fumoffu was a riot, but TSR hits the ball right out of the park. Great animation, an engrossing story, and a top-notch Dub just pull all the elements together to form one of the greatest series I have ever watched. I hope there is more to come in the future.
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (OAV) Very good
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (TV) Excellent
Getbackers (TV) Very good Very good series over all. Lots of great action and a ton of laughs. Ban and Ginji are two awesome characters that take the rest of the supporting cast on a pretty wild ride. Suffers a bit from a sub-par English dub, but thankfully Ban and Ginji's dub was quite good and saved the show.
Ghost in the Shell (movie) Good
Girls Bravo (TV) Good
Godannar (TV) Very good So, how to describe Godannar? Well, the first time I saw it, fanservice on crack came to mind, and that description still stands, but, if you look past that, there is also a pretty good story driving this series. Godannar is a love story at it's heart, though they kinda go about it in a very indirect way. The series is brilliantly animated, with vibrant colours and amazing visuals. Funny, quirky, sometimes downright goofy, and at times tragic, Godannar is well worth the time spent watching it. Plus, it has probably the most satisfying ending of any anime I have ever seen.
Gravion (TV) Good
Gravion Zwei (TV) Good
Green Green (TV) Decent Well, it's fanservice on crack, and bust-a-gut funny at times, but the ending left me feeling a little cold. I felt they could have handled things better. I don't have a problem with them ditching the comedy for a bit of drama, but I felt they ended things rather abruptly. I have seen the 13th "adults only" episode, and that gives a bit more closure. I only wish hey could have dumped the adult content and released it as a regular OVA to give the initial series a more satisfying ending.
Grenadier (TV) Very good Ok, so this one will never be accused of being high-brow, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to watch. I really enjoyed how the characters developed and changed as the story progressed. How Rushana had a positive effect on all those she came into contact with. It was too short to get anything really meaty out of it on the character development side of things but that's to be expected in a 12 episode series. Well worth my time.
GUNxSWORD (TV) Good Overall, Gunsword was a decent story. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, and a little bit confusing but still a decent show. The ending, however did leave me feeling a little flat. Though the main story was resolved, I felt they left a lot of loose ends that could have been handled better. And the very last scene just screams sequel to me. Maybe that was their plan, but if not, then it finished with more of a whimper than the bang I was suspecting.
His and Her Circumstances (TV) Not really good This show has a great story, and I would have loved to rate it higher, but the pacing of the story is too manic and herky-jerky. They jump all over the place and watching the series I found myself likening it to a music video. You never seem to have long enough before the scene changes to really get a feel for what was going on. It's too bad too, because the story could have been more powerful if they just slowed down and gave me more time to enjoy what i was watching. The ending however was totally fragmented and incomplete. It was really a let down do sift through all those fragments of a great story and get nothing but a tiny pile of sand when finished.
Ikki Tousen (TV) Good
Last Exile (TV) Very good
Love Hina (TV) Good Started off very strong. Went totally insane for a few episodes, and then settled in to become a pretty entertaining series. It was totally over the top in it's goofiness, and I really got tired of Naru beating Keitaro over and over for no reason, and never saying sorry when she jumped to the wrong conclusion. If not for that I probably would have rated the series higher.
Love Hina Again (OAV) Very good A lot more risque than the TV series was, but still pretty funny. Focuses more on Naru and her struggles with her feelings for Keitaro. Takes a while to get there, but the ending is pretty satisfying,
Love Hina Spring Special - I Wish Your Dream Good A good follow-up to the first OVA movie. We find out how Keitaro really feels about Naru in this episode, but again an ending that takes away from the emotions built up during the show knocks my rating down a bit. Watch before the Love Hina Again OVA.
Love Hina X'mas Special - Silent Eve Very good Very heartfelt and angst-filled OVA. I would have rated it higher, but the ending took away from the very powerful emotions that the rest of the episode worked so hard to build. Watch before the Spring Special OVA.
Maburaho (TV) Very good
Midori Days (TV) Very good This is probably the oddest romantic comedy I have ever seen; anime or otherwise, but this sweet, heartfelt, and sometimes downright hilarious little series really delivers. Has an excellent English dub that really adds to the immersion I felt while watching the story play out. The ending turned some people off, but I really liked it. I highly recommend this series to anyone wanting a good laugh and a nice little romantic story.
Mouse (TV) Good
Najica Blitz Tactics (TV) Decent An OK series, that is very Bond-esque in it's delivery. The ending, which was kinda wishy-washy, kept me from giving it a higher rating.
Ouran High School Host Club (TV) Very good
Please Teacher! (TV) Good The context of this show was a little disturbing; teacher marrying her student, but they actually portrayed it in a very un-sleazy way. The series had quite a few laughs, especially the 13th un-aired episode that had me rolling on the floor.
R.O.D -The TV- Excellent Very good show, well worth the money spent.
Shakugan no Shana (TV) Excellent If I could tell you one thing about Shana it would be this: Expect the unexpected. Shana is a very clever and highly entertaining show that never quite does what you think it will. Gorgeously animated by JC Staff, it throws twists and turns at you from every direction, and just when you think you have it figured, it changes direction and charges off into new territory. A great show that I can recommend unequivocally.
Steel Angel Kurumi (TV) Very good
Steel Angel Kurumi 2 (TV) Weak
Steel Angel Kurumi Encore (OAV) Very good
Suzuka (TV) Very good
Tenjho Tenge (TV) Very good Great fighting anime with a surprisingly deep background story for a series so focused on fanservice. Only thing that is troubling is that the end of the season did not really end anything. None of the major plot lines were resolved.
Tenjho Tenge: Ultimate Fight (OAV) Good These two episodes while good, strike me as an aborted attempt at a second season that never came to pass. I don't know if that is true, but considering that the OVA picked up right where the first season ended but never did more than get the story moving again before it was over, I have to believe that they were planning on more but for some reason never followed though.
Vandread (TV) Good
Vandread: The Second Stage (TV) Very good
Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan (movie) Very good
Virus Buster Serge (TV) Good
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (TV) Good Though I enjoyed this series very much the ending was so very sad. All that struggle, all that sacrifice, and the two that had already given up the most had to give up their happiness as well.
Witchblade (TV) Good
Yumeria (TV) Good
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