Seen some Rating Comment
Yuri!!! on Ice (TV)
Yukikaze (OAV) So-so Still haven't watched the last DVD after at least 4 years but hey, at least the boys are pretty... right?
Trinity Blood (TV)
Top Secret ~The Revelation~ (TV) Good
togainu no chi - Bloody Curs (TV)
Tiger & Bunny (TV) Very good
Strait Jacket (OAV)
Sekkō Boys (TV)
Scar-red Rider XechS (TV)
Ristorante Paradiso (TV)
Requiem from the Darkness (TV)
Polar Bear's Café (TV)
Otogi Zoshi (TV) Good
No. 6 (TV)
No Money (OAV)
(The) Morose Mononokean (TV)
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (TV)
L/R: Licensed by Royalty (TV) Decent
Kyo kara Maoh! (TV)
Kimi ni Todoke - From Me to You (TV)
Kill la Kill (TV) So-so
Kaiba (TV)
(The) Highschool Life of a Fudanshi (TV)
Hetalia - Axis Powers (TV) Very good
Hellsing Ultimate (OAV) Good
Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (TV)
Guin Saga (TV) I've only watched the first episode but what I saw looked pretty good. If only there were more hours in the day...
Giant Robo (OAV)
Genji Monogatari Sennenki (TV)
Emma: A Victorian Romance (TV)
(The) Devil is a Part-Timer! (TV)
Cyber City Oedo 808 (OAV) Decent
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! (TV)
CLAMP School Detectives (TV)
Cheer Boys!! (TV)
Bubblegum Crisis (OAV)
Black Jack (TV)
Black Butler (TV) Good
Beelzebub (TV)
Battery the Animation (TV)
All Out!! (TV)
Akihabara @ DEEP (live-action TV) Decent
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