My own personal recommended ongoing or completed Anime. With these 20 Anime I include all of their sequels, movies and OVA's.

Personal Top 20 ANIME Rating Comment
Aquarion (TV) Masterpiece One of the best works of Kawamori Shoji; great Plot, excellent Soundtrack, good Design and satisfying Ending. (Italian dub MTV Italia) (Eng sub)
BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad (TV) Masterpiece The most realistic Anime I've ever seen; great Plot, excellent Soundtrack, good Design and satisfying Ending. (Eng sub) (Italian dub MTV Italia)
Bleach (TV) Masterpiece One of the best late Anime, Fillers have a heavily effect on the original plot; English dub not that bad but since the story has a very strong Japanese effect doesn't make a lot of sense in English; great Plot, excellent Soundtrack, good Design. (Eng sub) (Eng dub)
Blood+ (TV) Masterpiece One of the most realistic science fiction Anime, An Anime I wouldn't mind watch all over again; great Plot, excellent Soundtrack, good Design and satisfying Ending. (Eng Sub) (Eng dub)
Case Closed (TV) Masterpiece First of all the PROPER TRANSLATION FOR THIS TITLE IS DETECTIVE CONAN, one of a kind Anime that would very much surprise a viewer which never makes it boring to see it, still the amount of episodes is absurd, over 500 episodes; great Plot, good Soundtrack, good Design. (Italian dub Italia1) (Eng sub)
City Hunter (TV) Very good Tsukasa HOJO City Hunter Anime adaptation. Sometimes extremely comical but with a very good plot and design work. (Italian dub Antenna Sicilia)
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Masterpiece One of the best Anime ever made with a very unique soundtrack by Kanno Yoko; great Plot, Amazing Soundtrack, good Design and satisfying Ending. An Anime I wouldn't mind watching all over again. Exceptional dubbing work from the Japanese as always, the Italian not less and for once a rare exception Americans, I highly recommend to see it in American or Italian (Italian dub MTV Italia) (English dub) (Eng sub)
Dragon Ball (TV) Masterpiece One of the best Anime ever created, very few appreciate the beginning of this legend; great Plot, good Soundtrack, good Design and satisfying Ending. I was very much disgusted when some dubbing version chose to change the soundtrack. (Italian dub Italia1) (Eng sub)
Eureka Seven (TV) Masterpiece One of my top 10 Anime, a very unique and excellent plot it. It is amazing to see how the characters develop in maturity throughout the story and also one of Kawamori Shoji best Mecha designs, a very good job done by the American dubbers as well; great Plot, excellent Soundtrack, good Design and satisfying Ending. (Eng sub) (Eng dub)
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) Masterpiece One of The best there is. One of the very few Anime that I like more the adaptation than the manga; great Plot, excellent Soundtrack, good Design and satisfying Ending. (Eng sub) (Italian dub MTV Italia)
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (TV) Masterpiece I randomly was watching T.V and happened to see it. This Anime is one of the best there is; a one of kind plot, hilarious scenes, great soundtracks and I would highly recommended it. You'll never get tired to watch it over and over again. Italian and English dub were the best, the Japanese voice for Onizuka was a little corny. (Italian dub MTV Italia) (Eng sub) (Eng dub)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (TV) Masterpiece I started to watch this Anime late but it is really one of the very unique there is. The plot and character mature to level that feel like a real life concept and even the battles become intense. Really great soundtrack, great performance from the Japanese voice actors and the Anime adaptation is more realistic than the Anime. (Eng sub)
Lupin the 3rd (TV) Masterpiece I've started to watch this Anime since I was a young child but even today I keep on watching re-runs. Its hilarious and an amazing plot one after the other. (Italian dub Italia 1)(Eng sub)
NANA (TV) Masterpiece The first time I saw Nana it was sort of a sex scene, I was like "what the hell?" and just turned it off. But after curiosity ate me alive I just started to watch it from the beginning. It's a complicated story but the effect of having a reality concept makes it more interesting. Good soundtrack and Animation and very unique plot. (Italian dub MTV Italia) (Eng Sub)
Naruto (TV) Masterpiece One of the very unique Anime that exists. I started watching Naruto a little late about the time when they stopped making new episodes for some time. I think Naruto gives the ninja mysteries a much more merited status that any other ninja related Anime. Good soundtrack, good animation but at the end of it just feels really wrong. The fillers made the ratings to fall and also the idea that Cartoon Network was to become its broadcaster out of Asia. This Anime should have never been dubbed since many names with an English pronunciation don't make sense at all...for example in English Naruto is spelled Nar-u-toe or Saskay instead of Sasuke (Eng sub) (Italian dub Italia 1) (Eng dub Jetix)
One Piece (TV) Worst ever (dub), Masterpiece (sub & Ita.dub) 10th anniversary note, One Piece is an Anime you will never get tired of my Anime top forever 10.
Saint Seiya (TV) Masterpiece One of the early Anime I saw on T.V. Maybe because I am European that I like this Anime so much but it is really an Anime I would watch and re-watch again. Of course dubbed in English doesn't make much sense. (Italian dub Italia 1) (Eng sub)
Trigun (TV) Masterpiece Amazing Anime of that time, great plot with hilarious and serious scenes, great soundtrack and ending which delivers almost a better plot that the original manga. Didn't like the English dub, the voice of Vash felt too young. (Italian dub) (Eng dub)
Wolf's Rain (TV) Masterpiece One of the greatest Anime there is. The unique plot it has is not the only thing that drives this Anime to the top but even the Animation, the soundtrack and also a great performance by the Voice actors. (Italian dub MTV Italia) (Eng sub) (Eng dub)
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files (TV) Masterpiece Although I like this Anime I can't believe that there was a time that it even had more rating that dragon Ball. A good plot, even though the characters don't develop enough its really great and so is the fighting scenes in it. Didn't like the English dub because certain characters names were pronounced wrong all the time. (Italian dub) (Eng sub) (Eng dub)
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