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Favorite shounen Rating Comment
Black Cat (TV) Very good
Bleach (TV) Very good This series starts off a little rough but I like how it introduces all of the characters. It shows different sides and characteristics so that they are not seen just as the typical shounen fighting series characters. Once the ‘Soul Society’ arc begins this show grabs on to you and is hard to let go. The action and fights are mostly cool to watch, just like I was looking for. The story still has its weak typical shounen moments but overall it is much better written than the norm and even has some twists that threw me for a loop despite the fact that I am usually good at predicting these types of series. The drama is good and the climaxes are actually explained quite well; I occasionally caught myself thinking, “Well this is dumb, they just pulled this out of their arses.” Only to find that the next scene brought it into a clear crystal light that really made me say, “Wow.”

Unfortunately once I got to episode 64 and slightly beyond I realized just why people told me to beware the fillers. I normally don’t mind fillers as long as they are generally entertaining but the plot beginning here at first merely seemed like a poorly written fanfiction was put through a blender with some kiwi and then animated. The mod souls are boring the new villains, the bount, are boring and poorly written. It starts to get better near the end of the arc but considering how bad the start was that’s not really saying a whole lot. But it was less painful to watch.

Once that ended and the new arc started, though, the show picked up in a hurry. It was exciting again and the characters were showing signs of life that had completely left them during the bount arc. There are still some character fillers here and there but like with Dragon Ball Z these are not all bad. And so the story goes full force into the Hueco Mundo arc and things are getting intense. This is the best of Bleach so far and I was really getting into it but then after episode 167 comes…

A filler arc. Right in the middle of a great story they jump off in a completely different direction. We are suddenly in a different time and other things are happening. What utter crap. Well that’s what I’d like to say except that the story is actually kind of decent. The reason it upsets me so much is because this whole part sticks out so badly because of the way it interrupts the current events. Well that and it contradicts completely the state and positions of the characters are in, whether these events supposedly takes place before or after the Hueco Mundo arc. They should have just done their best to stretch the events if they needed to buy time and could have even used this story to fill time after Hueco Mundo. Regardless of reason though, it happened and at it ends at episode 189. I hope this time they at least finish the current story before jumping to something else again.

Dragon Ball (TV) Very good
Fighting Spirit (TV) Masterpiece
Full Metal Panic! (TV) Excellent
Hajime no Ippo - Mashiba vs. Kimura (OAV) Excellent
Hunter X Hunter (TV) Masterpiece
Hunter X Hunter: G I Final (OAV) Very good
Ranma ½ (TV) Masterpiece
Rurouni Kenshin (TV) Masterpiece
Saber Marionette R (OAV) Excellent
Samurai Champloo (TV) Masterpiece
Shakugan no Shana (TV) Excellent
Soul Eater (TV) Masterpiece
Yakitate!! Japan (TV) Very good

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