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Peach Girl (TV) Bad I may have been able to tolerate the terrible art in this series if it weren't so insipid and contrived. Sae is a purely evil character who inspires violence in the most peaceful corners of my shoujo-anime loving mind. From the very first ep, I wanted her dead, horribly, painfully, torturously dead. The rest of the cast while seeming to have some kind of third dimension also end up being cardboard cut-outs of generic teens placed conveniently for the most base situational drama. After the glory of Hachikuro, Marimite, Parakiss and even Kare Kano, Peach Girl is so poorly written, tactless, graceless, and not in the least engaging. This isn't serious character drama, it's just stupidly contrived juvenile rubbish. I skimmed through a few of the later eps and nothing seemed to have changed, and felt absolutely no guilt in spoiling the last episode. I'm glad I didn't force myself to watch any more than a few full episodes.
Noir (TV) Bad
stalled (somewhere around ep 9)

the themes of Noir aren't bad at all, in fact they're quite good. i also can tolerate poor animation quality which certainly is the case with Noir. what prevents me from investing any more time in this series is the horrendous over-use of flash-backs and musical themes. if each flash-back were a different scene, i might give it some grace, but almost without fail the same flash-back scene will appear. so too will the euro-trancy action theme whenever any excitement happens. i can even over-look the action cliche of heroes never being hit by a thousand bullets shot by a thousand men - it's part of the atmosphere and action-theme, and i can easily get into the spirit of it - but hearing that same theme and watching that same flash-back induced one too many eye-rolling moments.
Trigun (TV)
stalled (ep 7)

this is one of those series i've always wanted to complete, and always have access to, but never get around to. a somewhat older anime compared to my current viewing habits, it's one i encountered regularly in my early anime watching years. as my tastes have evolved though, it might just be a little too on the shounen side at times, and the art-style may be edging out into the classic 'bean' era that i've never taken to much. one of these days i'll finish it, as from what i know of the story, it is both hillarious and sincere.
I''s Pure (OAV)
stalled (ep 3)

Three episodes in and I'm beginning to feel distaste for this series. The narrative is built on scenarios that are far too common in popular anime - the brash boy who doesn't understand his feelings, situational misunderstandings to complicate the relationships, and of-course the boy being central to more than one girl's feelings. The bad thing about this is it isn't very long, so I might as well finish it now that I'm half-way through - unfortunately I still don't have enough of the anime I really want to watch yet, but should that change, I''s Pure will easily be relegated.
Ichigo 100% (TV)
stalled (ep 2)

Seems funny enough for a comedic anime, extremely light sincerity included as expected, also full of anime cliches which doesn't bother me too much. Outright comedies just aren't engaging me at the moment, but my tastes for social-drama are taking me farther and farther away from productions like these.
Suzuka (TV)
stalled (ep 1)

while Ichigo verges on the edge of cliches i will tolerate, Suzuka just seemed to overstep the line far too eagerly. i don't know whether i'll continue watching this one, perhaps i'll put another few episodes into it and see where it heads, but compared to the anime i usually watch, i'm not confident Suzuka will stand-up.
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (TV)
hiatus (somewhere beyond ep 30)

the friend whose DVDs i'm watching have gone into temporary storage while his house is renovated.
Negima! (TV)
hiatus (ep 4)

It's charming, but it's just not what i'm into at the moment. I've re-watched the first three or so episodes several times but always let it go again. I am committed to finishing it one of these days, if only barely. I really owe it to myself to watch this as I was so keen on it for so long - as with Ichigo though, I'm finding that as I watch more seriously focused dramas, I don't take to the comedies full of cliches as much.
Shuffle! (TV)
hiatus (ep 1)

again a charming and comedic anime, but one that hasn't grabbed me right off in the face of those in the now viewing category. as per my comments on Negima, when my season of comedy returns, i'll finish watching this.
She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV)
encountered (various)

Saikano is an anime one of my friends has shown to me in little sprinklings as we do for each-other at times. he wasn't too impressed with some elements of it which of-course have an effect on my perceptions, however i always judge what i see free of the perceptions of others. i understand that this is a favourite of many, but i never took to it for various reasons i won't go into. considering one particular narrative point that my friend shared with me regarding the relationship between the two main characters, i doubt i will ever fully watch this series.
Gantz (TV) stalled (ep 1)

i realise that Texhnolyze, Ergo Proxy and Gantz are all very different presentations, but i find the presentations of the later two to be aspiring to the former, Texhnolyze being one of the abstracts that i hail as top tier. like Ergo Proxy, Gantz seemed to have far too much dialogue and extraneous explination. further to that, the themes felt overly justified and not just a little bit immature. i don't know whether i'll invest any more time into this series, but my lasting impression from the first episode is that the characters simply wouldn't be quiet and let the images speak for them. perhaps i should stop comparing anything remotely abstract with Texhnolyze, but i find that if an anime wants to take itself seriously, it should set aside childish things... i could explain that, but it really is merely my perspective.
Ergo Proxy (TV) stalled (ep 1)

i hate judging an anime on the first ep, and in a sense i suppose i don't, but first impressions certainly are hard to break. i won't say it's bad until i've given it a fair go, and in truth, comparisons disregarded, Ergo Proxy doesn't seem that bad at all, it might turn out to be quite good.
i watched the first ep knowing next to nothing about it - only being attracted to some of the character designs. upon completing the first ep, the 'edginess' this production seems to strive for, like Gantz, inevitably makes me think of Texhnolyze - and instantly it just doesn't stack up. like Gantz, Ergo Proxy just contains far too much dialogue for what i want out of this kind of presentation. further to that, there is far too much justification and establishing of premise rather than true abstract presentation such as i find in Texhnolyze.
i may watch further, i'll have to see how the next few episodes turn out.
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