Will not finish Rating Comment
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV) 3D was annoying, worse than in WHR.
Tenshi no Shippo Chu! (TV) What a disaster. Watch the original instead.
Gravion (TV) Weak Weak writing and campiness ruined the show. It's not even good when considered as a parody.
ToHeart - Remember my memories (TV) Weak and ponderous.
Initial D: Extra Stage 2: Tabidachi no Green (OAV) Way to trample the franchize into the dirt.
Upotte!! (ONA) Too nasty.
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (TV) This was an extremely rare case when the deep rework for American market was better than the Japanese original. Jessie's treachery was the only good storyline in the whole thing.
Tales of Symphonia the Animation (OAV) The worst of game-based anime.
Bodacious Space Pirates (TV) So-so The supposed growth of Marika was boresome. Chiyaki was okay.
Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran (TV) The sake-drinking chick is actually pretty funny, but they should've given this a story.
Mushi-Shi (TV) So-so The most boring anime ever. Loved by many, however.
Inuyasha (TV) Starts well, but how many goddamn shards are there?!
(The) Irresponsible Captain Tylor (TV) Slapstick is not my cup.
Please Teacher! (TV) Silly and boring.
Dominion Tank Police (OAV) So-so Seen on pirate cable back in early 90s, it was ordinary even back then.
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files (TV) Ruined by the power inflation. Good action up until the end of the tournament, but then creators should've jumped into a well.
Scrapped Princess (TV) So-so Raging mediocrity is the motto of this series.
Heat Guy J (TV) Poorly made, silly cop story. And look at those gigantic noses! Van and Hitomi are getting envious now.
Allison & Lillia (TV) Nothing more than a modern teen adventure story in a pseudo-historic setting.
Angel Beats! (TV) So-so Not the best way to model purgatory. Pointlessly violent. Quit at Mabu Tofu episode as a high point, figured Jun Maeda cannot do any better even working for Seiji Kishi.
Sakura Wars (TV) Not as nasty as its companion movie. Pays attention to characters.
Kodocha (TV) Nice production, not my taste.
EX-Driver (OAV) Neat flick for dumb little boys. Roll-bar broke, my foot.
Ranma ½ (TV) Decent Might be all right in 26 ep, but milked to death over 7 seasons.
Yowamushi Pedal (TV) Massively didactic, insufferable setup. Then turns into an endless shounen sports anime with battle after battle.
Trigun (TV) Lots of people ask me to re-evaluate this silly space western, so the jury is out. But it's LONG.
Love Hina (TV) If they resolved the story in 13 episodes, it would be something. The iconic harem comedy which stopped being iconic. Watch Zero no Tsukaima instead if you're into harem.
Yukikaze (OAV) I'm an airplane nut, but this is too silly even for me.
Rune Soldier (TV) I wanted to finish this some time ago, but I was told it hasn't got much of anything. Sort of like Scrapped Princess.
Cowboy Bebop (TV) I might have seen all actually, but I can't even remember now. I was so tired by the end... Thank god it's over. Next!
Arjuna (TV) Hateful environmentalist propaganda packaged into an anime: no, thanks. Good music though.
Chihayafuru (TV) Great production values, but the main love triangle was disappointing. The pretty guy is a total jerk. Arata and Chihaya are disturbed.
Fairy Tail (TV) Good Excellent fighting shonen, but creators did not know when to stop.
Mission-E (TV) Electric women kick hapless men's butts in this androphobic fantasy for feminists.
FLCL (OAV) Dumb. Overhyped. Excel Saga wannabe. If you have to break the 4th wall, you have exhausted other options, and you lose.
Angel Tales (TV) Dumb, but oddly engaging. Still, dumber than Futakoi.
Black Lagoon (TV) Dropped, seen 3. Most beautiful 2D animation ever, better than most features. Unknown if story goes anywhere.
School Rumble (TV) Dropped after 4. Very straightforward. Good jokes in theory, but nothing else.
Haganai (TV) Not really good Creepy in anime form. Just play the game where it is appropriate.
Ai Yori Aoshi (TV) So-so Cannot be given a consistent rating: first two eps are excellent, then series degenerates into a b-list harem. Aoi is lovely and powerful, but she can't carry the show by herself when the story stinks so much.
His and Her Circumstances (TV) Good Begining was nice, so I'm glad to stop after about 6 eps.
Pani Poni Dash! (TV) Becky is not sympathetic at all. I fail to see the attraction of the story. The art was awesome, but...
Kanon (TV 1/2002) Weak All girls are defective (expect the main one perhaps).
Blue Gender (TV) Action flick, post-acopaliptic world, love story. A solid midfielder.
Hidamari Sketch (TV) abandoned, seen 8. A nice 4-koma adaptation, but the integration is not at Azumanga level. It's more like a Lucky Star without otakuism. Pathetic animation did me in.
[email protected]: XENOGLOSSIA (TV) - suspended, seen 8. Mai-HiME + mecha, only better; but no good love. Nyoro~n. "The girlmecha thing" is becoming a main theme gradually.
Strike Witches 2 (TV) - suspended, seen 4. The supposed fanservice is still awful.
Noein - to your other self (TV) - suspended, seen 4. Patchwork of stolen elements. Crazy production list. Curious pencil art on main characters. Team Rocket FTW.
Brighter than the Dawning Blue (TV) - suspended, done 7. This is not very hopeful... Feena is tremendous, her man provides a good back-up, but the show overall is weak. A rare jewel of OP.
My-HiME (TV) - suspended, done 6. Tragedy keeps ramping up, so...
Shakugan no Shana (TV) - suspended, done 4. No judgement - waiting for complete release.
Princess Tutu (TV) - dropped, seen 2. Terrific anime, but not for me.
Air Master (TV) Weak
Bamboo Blade (TV)
Black Cat (TV) Bad
Bleach (TV)
DearS (TV)
Dragon Ball (TV)
Dragon Ball Z (TV)
Flying Witch (TV) Not really good
Fractale (TV)
Gabriel DropOut (TV)
Galaxy Angel (TV) Decent
(The) Girl Who Leapt Through Space (TV) Good
Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! (TV) Not really good
GoShogun (TV)
Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl (TV)
Gunbuster (OAV)
Heaven's Lost Property (TV)
Hidamari Sketch × Honeycomb (TV)
Hyakko (TV)
Juden Chan (TV)
Kimi ni Todoke - From Me to You (TV)
Kimikiss pure rouge (TV)
Kyōran Kazoku Nikki (TV)
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (TV)
Lord Marksman and Vanadis (TV)
Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden (TV)
Meltylancer: The Animation (OAV)
Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club (TV)
Minami-ke (TV)
Modern Magic Made Simple (TV)
Mr. Osomatsu (TV)
Muromi-san (TV) Not really good
Myself; Yourself (TV) So-so
Nodame Cantabile: Paris (TV)
Non Non Biyori (TV)
Panda! Go, Panda! (movie)
Pokémon (TV)
Pretear (TV)
Psychic Squad (TV)
Revue Starlight (TV)
Rumbling Hearts (TV)
Rurouni Kenshin (TV) Decent
(The) Ryuo's Work Is Never Done! (TV)
Sailor Moon (TV)
Samurai Champloo (TV)
Speed Racer (TV)
Strike Witches (TV)
Suzuka (TV)
Takamiya Nasuno Desu! (TV)
Tamako Market (TV) Not really good
Time of Eve (ONA)
True Tears (TV)
(The) Twelve Kingdoms (TV) Good
Voltron (TV)
Wakaba Girl (TV)
(The) World of Narue (TV)
Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl (TV)