My Collection volume 
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie [Special Edition] Hybrid DVD
Ergo Proxy - Awakening Hybrid DVD 1
Ergo Proxy - RE-L124C41+ Hybrid DVD 2
Ergo Proxy - Cytotropism Hybrid DVD 3
Ergo Proxy - Wrong Way Home Hybrid DVD 4
Ergo Proxy - Deus Ex Machina Hybrid DVD 6
Eureka 7 Hybrid DVD 1 (Great kickoff to one of my favorite series'. Renton Thurston is a seemingly average 14 year old boy who aspires to be a great lifter some day. That is, until a gorgeous girl crashes into his home, changing his and her lives forever. Great animation and story.)
Eureka 7 Hybrid DVD 2 (As Renton becomes associated with the crew, he discovers the realities of his idols.)
Eureka 7 Hybrid DVD 3 (The Gekko stumbles across a uniqe phenomena known as a 'Coralain'. What is this enigmatic object's importance? And who is the strange pink-haired girl Anemone?)
Eureka 7 Hybrid DVD 4 (As the Gekko and its crew recover from its clash with the Federation and the Coralian, Renton begins to question his involvment with GekkoState.)
Eureka 7 - Limited Edition w/Manga Hybrid DVD 5 (This Limited Addition DVD-container /w manga and T-shirt are a great collectable for any die-hard Eureka seveN fan. Cool artwork and great for its price.)
Eureka 7 Hybrid DVD 5 (After Renton realizes what he's been doing, combined with Eureka's condition, he realizes that he can't stay on the Gekko anymore. After wandering aimlessly for a few days, Renton discovers two uniqe people; Charles and Ray Beams.)
Eureka 7 Hybrid DVD 6 (Renton's life is great with the Beams', as they practically adopt him as family. Until they realize Renton is affiliated with GekkoState, and that the Beams' are on their way to destroy GekkoState. Now Renton must make the choice; will he stay with the Beams'? Or will he go back to Eureka and GekkoState.)
Eureka 7 Hybrid DVD 7
Eureka Seven Hybrid DVD 8
Eureka Seven Hybrid DVD 9
Eureka Seven Hybrid DVD 10
Excel Saga - Complete Collection (Thinpak) Hybrid DVD
Hellsing Ultimate Hybrid DVD 1
Hellsing Ultimate Hybrid DVD 2
Hellsing Ultimate Hybrid DVD 3
Mushi-Shi Hybrid DVD 1
Mushi-Shi Hybrid DVD 2
Paprika Hybrid DVD