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Alien 9 Hybrid DVD [Updated 9/10/03] Alien 9 is a very original series. You don't see an Anime about six grade girls capturing aliens that land on their school grounds everyday. Though I found the main character extremely annoying, which in turn degrades my opinion of the OVA, it is still an incredibly well crafted story with sufficient character development. For Anime fans that are into incredibly strange Anime, I recommend you see this OVA. [Currently Traded]
Arjuna - Rebirth Hybrid DVD 1 Arjuna starts off very well. Character establishment and plot set up executed nicely. Not to mention a gorgeous soundtrack and outstanding artwork. Themes developed after episode one (episodes 2-3) could have been shown more subtly and had the same effect.
Arjuna - Journey Hybrid DVD 2 Second set of episodes has some problems getting across themes and motifs without being too preachy. Otherwise a good set of episodes that is definetly foreshadowing what will happen in later episodes
Arjuna - Conflicts Hybrid DVD 3 Incredible set of episodes we got here. All the elements involving environmentalism play out extremely well here. Not to mention the great relationship development between Juna and Tokio (what shoji kawamori is good at). Much of the plot set up before this disc had relevance and these episodes really dives deep into the themes. Absolute brilliance.
Arjuna - Understanding Hybrid DVD 4 Spectacular end to this series. Never before have I seen an ending to an Anime play out so well. All the elements involving enviromentalism and saving the earth proved worthy of making an entire Anime series dedicated to those themes. I was doubtful of whether or not Shoji Kawamori could make this another one of his masterpieces after watching the first disc of Arjuna but he pulled it off. Shows glowing with originality, like Arjuna, is why I am still an Anime fan today.
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Hybrid DVD 1 [Wanted: CB Box] I must say that Cowboy Bebop is an ingenious work of fiction. I absolutely love the character development and interaction, the wittyness of the jokes and the overall fun factor of this series. Music is done by one of my favorite Japanese Composers: Yoko Kanno and the art has a stylish almost western like feel that fits perfectly for the series. Theres a lot of depth under this action packed thriller and I can't wait to see more!
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Hybrid DVD 2 Haven't watched yet
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Hybrid DVD 3 Haven't watched yet
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Hybrid DVD 4 Haven't watched yet
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Hybrid DVD 5 Haven't watched yet
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Hybrid DVD 6 Haven't watched yet
FLCL Hybrid DVD 2 haven't watched yet
FLCL - w/ Artbox Hybrid DVD 3 Have not watched it yet.
.hack//SIGN - Login - Limited Edition Artbox + DVD Hybrid DVD 1 [On Order]
.hack//SIGN - Outcast Hybrid DVD 2 [On Order]
Haibane Renmei - New Feathers + Artbox Hybrid DVD 1 Wow. Haibane Renmei starts off with a blast. Though these first few episodes aren't exactly filled with action or drama the characters and the overall mood of the story have been established perfectly. The themes of this show, though mentioned subtly in this first volume, do a great job at foreshadowing the depth of many of the issues this series has yet to cover. I also enjoy the fact that though this Anime appears to be very simple on the outside at first, it slowly nibbles down at that facade with every new detail mentioned about the world this Anime takes place in, thus complicating the story that much more. The animation is top notch. Haibane Renmei's art features obvious similarities from past works by the talented "ABe" such as Serial Experiments Lain and Niea_7. To complement the animation a wonderfully soothing soundtrack compiled mostly with orchrestrated themes was definetly a plus. Haibane Renmei Volume 1 came to me wonderfully packaged in a beautifully designed hard sturdy box. The DVD case, which has a reversible R2 cover also includes two pencilboards and a nicely done small booklet describing the town and characters of Haibane Renmei. All in all a wonderful release. I cannot wait to see more.
Heat Guy J - DVD 1 w/Artbox Hybrid DVD 1 This one was definetly one of the surprises this year. I would have never expected Heat Guy J to be as entertaining as it is. It has the stylish atmosphere of Cowboy Bebop and an intriguing plot line that has me hooked. Viewers will clearly be reminded of the movie "The Terminator" when watching this Anime. The CG Animation is definetly one of the best I have ever seen in an Anime series, something I would expect from Satelight. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this show.
His and Her Circumstances - The Appearance of a Normal Life (w/ Art Box) Hybrid DVD 1 What a truly original gem we have here. I would not have expected anything less from GAINAX. This is definetly a one of a kind Romance Anime that should be watched at least once by all Anime fans. Character interaction is absolutely stunning-- creating an atmosphere that will surely bite down on your pathos. Music, though not exactly out of this world, fits very well with this series. Anno has created magic again, except this time he decided to lose the giant mechas. Volume 1 comes with an ultra nice sturdy box. Go watch this now!
His and Her Circumstances - Love and War Under the Cherry Blossoms Hybrid DVD 2 This second volume of KKNJ continues this shoujo masterpiece with five incredible episodes. I have never seen such an original romance Anime and wish that all Anime in the future that deals with "love" follows this series in originality. Characters are extremely believable and beautiful to watch, making this an extremely addicting series.
(The) Irresponsible Captain Tylor (TV) Hybrid DVD [Complete Boxset] Recieved the Box set but found out that there is going to be a re-release of this series -_-. Guess i'm selling it hahahaha!!
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar - Sweet Mischief + Artbox Hybrid DVD 1 Sugar is cute. Sugar is extremely cute. Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar is an extremely cute series...and I love it so far. When I saw the box and the cover art of the first DVD for this series I knew I had to get it. Though the concepts behind this series are rather simple, the episodes are still full of fun and entertainment. Though I don't recommend this series to everyone, if you're looking for an Anime to brighten up your day (not to mention a great score and beautiful animation) and fill you up with euphoria than this is the gem you are looking for.
Noir - Shades of Darkness + Artbox + T-shirt Hybrid DVD 1 I'm enjoying these first few episodes of Noir a whole lot. The mood and plot has been set up for this series and I am anxiously waiting to watch the next batch of episodes. The only thing I hope that doesn't happen to Noir is that it doesn't fall into a repetitive formula of "monster of the week" only replace the monster with "bad guy". To top it off, a beautiful score along with fluid animation makes this a great purchase for any Anime fan. **Did I mention the well crafted and sturdy collector's box?
Now and Then, Here and There - DVD Box Set Hybrid DVD 1-3 Amazing. Simply Amazing. This series has made me want to cry, hate and laugh as if it were a series made to simply control the feelings of my mind, like a puppet. It is clearly a gripping tale that is one of the best Anime I have ever seen. I cannot exactly describe NTHT but if you want something to compare it to, I would say it's a mix between Berserk and Grave of the Fireflies. I can honestly say that this is the masterpiece Anime you have to watch.
Please! Teacher - Meet the In-Laws Hybrid DVD 2 haven't watched
Please Teacher! (TV) Hybrid DVD [Empty Box] Arrived
Princess Mononoke Hybrid DVD A Ghibli classic. Incredible animation, a wondeful score and an engrossing story. A must see for any Anime fan.
RahXephon - DVD 1 + Box + T-Shirt Hybrid DVD 1 Absolutely stunning. Rahxephon wastes no time getting into the action of the story right away. Though this first volume leaves me with lots of questions I have certainly enjoyed every single one of these introductory episodes and cannot wait to see more. With a gorgeous soundtrack and striking animation Rahxephon seems to be setting itself up for something big, something revolutionary. The first volume of Rahxephon comes in a very flimsy box which is really the only complaint I have about the release. The T-shirt is pretty average as it's not very detailed but still passes as a pretty cool extra. A must see. [Currently Traded]
Rune Soldier - Enter the Klutz Hybrid DVD 1 Hilarious. Though this Anime doesn't have much depth (so far) the scenes play out extremely well making this a fun ride for any fan of the comedy genre.
Samurai X - Trust Hybrid DVD 1 Samurai X better known as Rurouni Kenshin starts off as a great OVA. Wonderfully presented themes, character development, and plot advancement makes this a must buy for any Anime fan.
Samurai X - Betrayal Hybrid DVD 2 The conclusion to this four episode OVA has got to be one of the most gripping endings in Anime history. I was so emotionally heartbroken after watching the final episode that I was literally about to shed tears. The fight scenes were gorgeous due to the obvious dosage of money put into this production. Music was absolutely fantastic and fits very well with the mood of the OVA at all times. All said and done this was a great experience and I wouldn't hesitate to watch it again and again. This is a masterpiece.
s-CRY-ed - The Lost Ground [Limited Edition] Hybrid DVD 1 A fun action filled series that clearly reminds viewers of shows such as Dragonball and YuYu Hakusho. The thing about this Anime though is that it isn't your typical fighting Anime series...That's right folks, this one actually has character development and an interesting plot. Though I must admit some of the attack names do get repetitive and are a bit corny, this series is still one of the better if not best fighting Anime available on the market today. Great Start.
Street Fighter Alpha - The Movie Hybrid DVD I'm a street fighter fan so this was a must have in my collection. Though the movie itself isn't anything groundbreaking, being the street fighter nut I am, I liked it. Great action scenes along with high budgeted animation makes this a fun movie for any fighting game fan. check out my review I did for this movie on ANN (a long time ago).
Vision of Escaflowne [Limited Edition Box Set] Hybrid DVD 1-8 [Empty Box] arrived