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Yahiko no Sakabato (manga) Very good Yahiko's the star.
Tuxedo Gin (manga) Good Nice romantic comedy. Still good though predictable.
Rurouni Kenshin (manga) Masterpiece After the Shishio arc, it's the Jinchu arc (that includes the OAVs). Jinchu arc is very much the emotional climax of the whole series.
Maison Ikkoku (manga) Good Horay public library! Borrowed and read the whole series from there. The series could have ended around vol 7 but Rumiko TAKAHASHI loves to stretch her series. Nonetheless, the whole series was funny. But I did not like how it was so easy for Yusaku and Kyoko to choose each other at the end without having to gather their courage and break some hearts (Mitaka got tricked and stuck with that dog lover girl and Kozue dumps Yusaku herself). Weak resolutions to those conflicting relationships! :p
Love Hina (manga) Masterpiece I like the manga version of "Love Hina Again OAV" much better. It also continues on, developes Motoko more, goes on one last crazy adventure in the tropics, and ends with a happy wedding.
Kimagure Orange Road (manga) Good Episodic. Ummm... been so long since I read it, I forgot if Kyousuke finally makes a choice between the two girls in the end... must not have been very significant ending if I can't remember it.
Inuyasha (manga) Very good Read like to volume 15 and skipped to the chapters that continues where the TV series stopped. The anime follows it closely. Read a lot of the chapters afterwards, then stopped for a bit, and when it finally ended, I read the ending (prelude to boss battle, boss battle, epilogue).
GTO (manga) Masterpiece The anime didn't really have an ending but the manga did. Very dramatic ending like the live-action. My only disappointment is that there wasn't a "I'm sorry, lets be friends again." scene between Urumi and Miyabi in the end.
Gantz (manga) Very good As bloody and sexual as Berserk but the plot (until this final 3rd phase) leaves a lot of questions on "why". The setting is mostly an excuse to show as much gruesome fights and sexy babes as possible. That violence and sex is pretty addicting though :).
Bad Company (manga) Good Worth reading if you like GTO.
Aishiteruze Baby (manga) Good Good series. Pretty characters, funny, good storytelling, good ending.
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