Top 5 Traumatizing Moments Rating Comment
Flame of Recca (manga) Excellent Yanagi becomes the Flame of Recca after she gets killed, but then revives after 3 pages of making you feel like crap... thank goodness.... (0u0)
Gantz (manga) Masterpiece Kurono dies after valiantly fighting and killing off most of the remniants of the vampires......(>_<)
Pita-Ten (manga) Masterpiece Shia dies and Misha has to return to heaven to never see him again, right after letting him know she was his suicidal ancestor's lover.... leaving Koutaro 10 years more mature than he should be...(T-T)
REC (manga) Aka almost gets raped.... for a whole explicit 2 chapters... while Matrumaru is drinking with the real net-friend who helped her get thorugh her school life, after somehow stopping it from happening she doesn't say enything but instead tries to forget it by having sex with Matsumaru... which doesn't happen like always....(>_<) WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Suzuka (manga) That BITCH Suzuka leaves poor Yamato 'cuz she wanted to go to the Sates, making the whole fucking story start all over again and all of Yamato's efforts until then useless, SON OF A BITCH! (>_<)
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