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Will not finish Rating
+Anima (manga) Decent
This title looked interesting because it had anthropomorphic people (humans with animal features or animals with human features), but because of an uninteresting story combined with some yaoi overtones I will not be reading any more of this series.
Battle Club (manga) Decent
If you though Battle Vixens and Ikki Tousen was perverted, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! This manga is the apex of perverted without actually being a Hentai, with more big busted babes, more panty shots, more torn cloths, and more, um, “exposure”. This is just blatant. To counter this, it does have an interesting story and good art. But even with that, if you don’t like ecchi, you will not like this.
Battle Vixens (manga) Decent
With more panty shots then a Victoria Secrets catalog, this manga is borderline hentai! Though, because of comedy by overdose. This I’d rate far better then it’s animated counterpart Ikki Tousen, the art it good (albeit perverted), the stories not as dark and demented, some good puns and comedic timing, and Hakufu is not a complete airhead.
Et Cetera (manga) Decent
Another Manga that had potential that just didn't pan out. Still entertaining the majority of the time, but mixed with a very predictable story and some off color humor.
Foxy Lady (manga) Decent
For all the potential this series has, it barely squeaks by as passable. The basic plot line I like, this has the potential to be very amusing, but the humor that Ayun Tachibana delivers bounces between lighthearted comedy / romance and a perverted dark violent humor. Genuine funny moments intermixed with splattering blood, perverse characters, and some Yaoi thrown in for good measure (I almost threw the book away when I hit that chapter). The art isn’t top notch; some angles and expressions don’t come out quite right, but still pretty good for a first time published Manga-ka. Lastly, Tokyopop’s translation has some rough spots, get some more proof readers. I think the best way to describe this is a mixed bag.
Inuyasha (manga) Good
Another pretty good manga that is super long and I’ve already seen the anime adaptation of it, so I’ll probably never finish the manga.
Naruto (manga) Very good
Although this manga is good and it dosen't have sub-par fillers like it's TV counterpart, the anime follows the manga to the letter and I just have too many other manga to read and not enough money to buy it anyway (though that problem I don't think will ever go away)
Ninja Girls (manga) Decent
This story is fairly interesting and has some good humor, however this has some strong yaoi themes. Because the rest of the story is good I could almost ignore this, but I really don’t like yaoi, so I don’t think I’ll ever be finishing this.