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Historie (manga) Masterpiece


See comments in the Top Ten section.

(The) World is Mine (manga) Masterpiece


See comments in the Top Ten section.

Berserk (manga) Excellent 34/34+
Black Jack (manga) Excellent 10/17
Boku to Issho (manga) Excellent 01/04
Children of the Sea (manga) Excellent 02/04+
Kiichi!! (manga) Excellent
Marie no Kanaderu Ongaku (manga) Excellent 01/02
Me and the Devil Blues (manga) Excellent 04/04+ [Number corresponds to Japanese release.]
Mushishi (manga) Excellent 02/10
One Piece (manga) Excellent 50/57+
Ōoku: The Inner Chambers (manga) Excellent 03/10
Palepoli (manga) Excellent
Vagabond (manga) Excellent 31/32+
Wandering Son (manga) Excellent 09/09+
Yotsuba&! (manga) Excellent


“Enjoy everything.”

Baka to Gogh (manga) Very good 01/02
Blade of the Immortal (manga) Very good 21/25+ [Number corresponds to Japanese release.]
Ciguatera (manga) Very good 04/06
COO's World (manga) Very good 01/02
Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) Very good 22/24+
G Senjou Heaven's Door (manga) Very good 02/03
Gin Tama (manga) Very good 03/31+
Hataraki Man (manga) Very good 01/04+
Himizu (manga) Very good 01/04
Hyouge Mono - Tea for Universe, Tea for Life (manga) Very good
Kabu no Isaki (manga) Very good
Kekkaishi (manga) Very good 18/26+
Moyasimon (manga) Very good 01/08
Nodame Cantabile (manga) Very good 16/24
REAL (manga) Very good 06/09+
Ressentiment (manga) Very good 03/04
Vinland Saga (manga) Very good 08/08+
Eden - It's an Endless World! (manga, Hiroki Endo) Good 13/18
Hanashippanashi (manga) Good
NANA (manga) Good 11/21+
Neon Genesis Evangelion (manga) Decent


Sadamoto is torn between his own vision and a straight-adaption, which makes the whole affair seem half-assed. The biggest problems are that a lot of his unique takes involve chipping away personality tics of a lot of characters (Misato, Asuka, Ritsuko, Fuyutski... hell, the adult cast as a whole is really brought down), and adding some really bizarre solutions for anime events that were either unexplained or just casually alluded to (treating Eva-01 as some sort of monkey that can be captured after it goes berserk, for instance). Those that aren't a part of his interpretation just become boring as a result, like when he literally draws an entire chapter that's basically just a bunch of storyboards from The End of Evangelion.

The neurosis-filled miasma that was Anno during the production of the anime made a lot of experiments -- a lot of them worked, some failed, and others fell somewhere in-between -- that at least provided a satisfying deconstruction and new creativity that television anime had needed since its inception. Sadamoto's manga is simply a lifeless retread by someone of a more sound mind -- a normal person taking on an abnormal story, in the end.

The rating is a notch higher due to his developments for Kaji and especially Kaworu.

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