Will not finish Rating Comment
Yu-Gi-Oh! (manga) Decent Friend forced me into reading it. Will say though it's a bit darker then the TV show.
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (manga) Awful I love Escaflowne the anime, but hated this. It's *nothing* like the series and espically Dilandau... poor Dilandau... T___T /sob
Shaman King (manga) Bad Friend forced me into reading a few books.. didn't care for it.
Sailor Moon (manga) Good Eh.. it's Sailor Moon.. nothing to see here, move along..
Revolutionary Girl Utena (manga) Decent Read 2 chapters of this somewhere, don't remember where.
NOW (manhwa) Not really good Don't remember a lot about this. Grandmother brought it for me to read during a short (but thankfully not severe) hospital stay. Was more focused on sickness then plot of the book. I eventually gave this book to a friend.
Naruto (manga) Weak Tried to get into it, but couldn't. I never liked ninjas to begin with, plus the fans of this series drive me crazy.
Inuyasha (manga) Weak Eh. Friend gave me some random # Inuyasha books for a gift. Fans kinda turned me off the series.
Excel Saga (manga) Good Didn't find it as good as the series. Guess manga just can't get the spazziness that animation can.
Bleach (manga) Bad Friend forced me to read 2 volumes. Didn't care for it.