Will not finish Rating Comment
Naruto (manga) Weak Tried to get into it, but couldn't. I never liked ninjas to begin with, plus the fans of this series drive me crazy.
Revolutionary Girl Utena (manga) Decent Read 2 chapters of this somewhere, don't remember where.
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (manga) Awful I love Escaflowne the anime, but hated this. It's *nothing* like the series and espically Dilandau... poor Dilandau... T___T /sob
Bleach (manga) Bad Friend forced me to read 2 volumes. Didn't care for it.
Yu-Gi-Oh! (manga) Decent Friend forced me into reading it. Will say though it's a bit darker then the TV show.
Shaman King (manga) Bad Friend forced me into reading a few books.. didn't care for it.
Sailor Moon (manga) Good Eh.. it's Sailor Moon.. nothing to see here, move along..
Inuyasha (manga) Weak Eh. Friend gave me some random # Inuyasha books for a gift. Fans kinda turned me off the series.
NOW (manhwa) Not really good Don't remember a lot about this. Grandmother brought it for me to read during a short (but thankfully not severe) hospital stay. Was more focused on sickness then plot of the book. I eventually gave this book to a friend.
Excel Saga (manga) Good Didn't find it as good as the series. Guess manga just can't get the spazziness that animation can.