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Elfen Lied (manga) Masterpiece A rather intense tale, very graphic, definitely contains some rather adult content, so is not suitable for youngins'. Beautiful, powerful story, and a very noticeable increase in the quality of the artwork in a short period of time. Sort of disturbing though how much Yuuka, deuteroganist Kouta's cousin, likes Kouta. Update (all spoilers) Now that I finished reading Elfen Lied, there are some facts that have come to my attention. I thought that the end was beautiful for the most part, but in my opinion it would've been better if Kouta and Yuuka didn't end up together, not a big fan of the whole cousin sex thing, also with Yuuka being an annoying, extremely clingy, doesn't understand anything retard, I was not a fan of this ship, and would've even hated it if they weren't cousins. Kaede is the best character in the whole tale, and although her death makes sense, I would've rather the Kouta/Kaede ship because, well, even though her pure Lucy personality was sadistic, Kaede being the original character, and being the least flat personality out of all the females. Kaede was the most fascinating character, and it's a shame she perished, her and Kouta had a serene love for each other in the end, as he waited ten years after her death for her. And on of the saddest facts overall is that in the end, Kaede still didn't get to tell Kouta that, after all these years, she loved him.
Nyorōn Churuya-san (manga) Excellent
Ouran High School Host Club (manga) Excellent
Rosario + Vampire (manga) Excellent Essentially both seasons of the show are dulled down versions of the first series, and after reading, I realized that although the animé was not standout, its source material is strong.