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Baki (manga) Good -A steamy, jaw-dropping pile of trash made of crude machism, superhuman, retarded characters, slow but perfectly random storytelling and unimaginable fights and situations.
Battle Royale (manga) Very good -Crasser, bloodier and more cynical, but also more profound than the movie, this version reaches its artistic heights in the close-ups of the children's slaughters.
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (manga) Decent -This... is... just... too... much...! Randomness on a whole new, almost beatnik-ish level: it can be explained otherwise than by Yoshio Sawai just grabbing his pen and starting drawing the most outrageous thing that comes to his mind... every single week!
Case Closed (manga) Very good -Stunning "whodunnits" at a maschinegun's rate. Aoyama surely is one of the most imaginative mangaka, despite the repetitive chapter concept.
Doraemon (manga) Excellent
Dr. Slump (manga) Good -Refreshingly candid in humor and structure, sometimes surprising and hilarious, sometimes utterly simplistic.
Dragon Ball (manga) Very good
Galaxy Express 999 (manga) Very good
Yakitate!! Japan (manga) Excellent -THE shōnen for the new century! Surrealistic, surprising and hilarious.
Zetman (manga 2002) So-so -Masakazu Katsura is overburden with the self-imposed task to tell a dark, complex comic-story.
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