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This category applies to those titles in which I was reading/collecting that have been dropped by the publisher or just left stranded after a publisher bit the dust. =(

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50 Rules for Teenagers (manhwa) I read the one volume that ADV printed and it did seem promising. It follows a teen girl who lives with her father and two brothers. I was annoyed that the bulk of the housework and childcare duties fell to the only girl child, while her perfectly capable older brother was catered to hand and foot. This seemed to change by the end of the volume as our heroine has had enough and puts his useless ass to work. I would have liked to see how it all turned out, but the chances of someone rescueing this are slim to nil.
Apothecarius Argentum (manga) This one starts out slow with a more episodic storyline and begins to show signs of a larger plot at around volume 2. I was initially put off by volume one as I like a more involved plot, but I decided to try it again and read farther. I'm glad I did, as this is an excellent story. Both the plot and the characters are well written and developed. Yamashita manages to flesh out her world, introducing more characters and countries along with political intrigue. I'm really sad that I only got to read 8 out of 11 volumes as volume 8 ends in the midst of a lot happening. I only hope that someday some company rescues this gem and completes it, as it was one of the better titles in CMX's catalog.
Cantarella (manga) A lot of You Higuri's manga is set in historical Europe. This series is loosely based on the history of the Borgia family in renaissance Italy. Higuri has done her research and managed to get the feeling of historical Italy depicted in her art. As for the story, there are quite a few supernatural elements, starting with Cesare being born possessed by evil spirits. Cesare was an interesting protagonist, a bad guy that you empathize with and want to see succeed. I wasn't enamoured with the direction the story took in later volumes, with Cesare's weak, crying sister Lucretia taking center stage. She was pretty much useless, with no personality or agency of her own, only used as a pawn to further the plot. I'd love to be able to read the last two volumes, as I've only ever read the 10 volumes that GoComi! put out. But, this is a tragedy, so I can guess how it'll end.
Comic (manhwa) I didn't know what to make of this when I first picked it up. At first glance, it's yet another manga about manga. The lead character, Alice, had just won a contest and had her comic featured in a magazine. She ends up being roped into being an assistant for another very popular artist who also happens to be in her class as school. The comic creating elements in this pretty much disappear after the first couple of volumes. Good thing, because I don't find it that interesting. After that, it becomes a delicous melodrama full of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Lots of people are unbearably frustrated by stories like this, but I found it highly entertaining. Unfortunately, this series is on haitus. I've read up to volume eight so far and I will definitely be on board for more if it ever gets published.
Crimson Hero (manga) Having read and been underwhelmed by the mangaka's previous series, The Devil Does Exist, I was surprised by how good this was. Crimson Hero is a sports shoujo about a girl who loves volleyball and forms a team at her new high school. The sports aspect takes center stage, with lots of practicing and playing, and any character relationships are mostly related to volleyball, whether it's rival players, team mates, or a romance put on hold so that goals can be met. I think Crimson Hero is better than TDDE because Sumiyoshi is such a strong, driven character with a clear cut goal to work towards. This gives the series a direction that was lacking in the earlier manga. Unfortunately, sports series never seem to be very popular here, so Viz's release is on hold at volume 14. It would be nice if they would print the remaining 6 books, but I'm not holding my breath.
DVD (manhwa) I only was able to read the two volumes that Dramaqueen published, But I really wish I could have continued. This manga is about an "odd trio", two guys and a girl who end up living together. The characters have unique personalities and they play off of each other interestingly. The art and character designs are pretty distinctive as well. It's too bad this is unfinished, as it is a bit more "off the beaten path" than what is normally published here, but all the more refreshing for it.
From Eroica with Love (manga) Sigh. This was one of the casualties of CMX. It is a wonderful 70's shoujo about a flamboyant art thief and a very strict NATO officer and their run-ins with the KGB. Based on the first volume, I wasn't quite sure what the fuss was about. The series opens with three teens with psychic powers. These were supposed to be the main characters. About halfway thorugh, Aoike realized that the antagonist Eroica was much more interesting and decided to focus on him and also create his exact opposite, the Major. The series takes off from there and the three teens are never seen again. The series main strength besides the characters is that it doesn't take itself seriously at all. Reading it is like stepping in a time machine. It's very campy, full of hilarious action and witty dialog. Whoever translated this did a great job, as the humor reads very naturally. I've read all 15 volumes and would love to read more. Fortunately, volume 15 wraps up a story arc, so it's a decent stopiing point.
Fujoshi Rumi: Mousou Shoujo Otaku Kei (manga) Fujoshi Rumi has got to be the most hilarious otaku in-joke style manga I've ever read. I do love Genshiken and Lucky Star is great, but for sheer laughs, Rumi wins. The manga-ka really gets into Rmi's twisted head and the comedic reactions are priceless. Unfortunately, Media Blasters stopped publishing this manga at volume 3, so it's unfinished. I'd love for them to start publishing manga again, but I'm not holding my breath.
Gakuen Prince (manga) This is a trashy fanservice manga, only for girls. The premise is a little disconcerting: Mizutani is one of the few male students at a newly intergrated all girls school so in order to avoid hazing and constant sexual harassment by the female students, he enters into a fake relationship with a plain girl. Obviously, the fake relationship will end up being a real one by the end. In the meantime, all sorts of ridiculous obstacles are thrown in their way. It's all very over the top. I'd have liked to read more, as it is compulsively readable, but Del Rey only published three volumes. I can't really say it is any good, but it is fun.
Masca (manhwa) Oh CPM! This was another casualty of your demise. Only one volume made it out. How I would have loved to read more. For one, the art is absolutely stunning. The plot, involving demons, was intriguing. I highly doubt anyone will pick this up and that's a crying shame as I'd be first in line to buy more.
Papillon - Hana to Chō (manga by Miwa Ueda) This series bears a lot of similarity with Ueda's previous series "Peach Girl". This one features a shy and insecure girl named Ageha and her pretty and popular twin, Hana. Hana is also insecure and works to sabatoge Ageha's relationships with boys. I see a lot of Sae in Hana and a lot of Momo in Ageha. Both girls in Papillon eventually grate on the nerves with their insecurity though. Despite that, I still find it entertaining. It's addicting. I fully admit that it's trashy and pulpy, but I can't stop reading it. Unfortunately, this is one of those seris that Del Rey was publishing that hasn't gotten picked up by Kodansha. If they ever do print the remaining volumes, I will surely buy them. I hate having incomplete series on my shelf.
Peace Maker Kurogane (manga) This is the sequel to the five volume Peacemaker manga. While the first was pretty much a coming of age tale starring Tetsunosuke, the sequel is quite a bit darker and focuses on the other members of the Shinsengumi and the organization as a whole (and it's downfall). The series is still ongoing, although Tokyopop stopped at volume four (which ends in a cliffhanger). It seems to be taking history heavily into account, rather than making everything up, so I can safely predict that the ending will be quite tragic. Some characters have already bit the dust and tragic endings are forshadowed for a few more. Peacemaker appears at first glance to be a lighthearted shounen set in the Bakumatsu period, but it quickly outgrows that illusion. Even Tetsunosuke himself is noticably aged up as time passes. I really wish I could continue with this series, as I found it a pleasant surprise. Hopefully it is finished in some fashion. I hate cliffhangers.
Pine Kiss (manhwa) Pine Kiss is a really engrossing drama featuring some interesting but really flawed characters. The "poor little rich girl", Sebin Jo, is the worst of the lot. Her crush, the new teacher, Orion, is almost equally irritating in his wishy washyness. These two are also being pursued, for unfathomable reasons, by Dali and Sanghyung, both classmates of Sebin Jo. Rounding out the love pentagon is Dali and Sanghyung's friend Rocky. Nobody is partically likable here, but if I had to choose, I empathise the most with Dali and Sanghyung. However, their immaturity and stubborness make it hard. I wouldn't mind seeing Sebin Jo get hit by a bus though. This series is extremely addictive. I'm sad that Netcomics seems to have stalled out on it, as my need to know what happens is pretty strong. I've read up to volume four so far, so I have one more volume to go before the official releases stop.

After several months, I've finally read volume five. I had no trouble just jumping back in, as the characters were so memorable. Unfortunately, this is where the official releases stop, as this volume was released way back in 2007. I'm not holding up much hope for Netcomics to finish at this point, which is a shame, as this is a very engrossing drama and I'd love to continue.

Play Boy Blues (manga) I read the one volume that CPM/Be beautiful published. I know this series continues, but unless another publisher picks it up, I won't get to read it, as CPM no longer exists. It's a shame, because I did enjoy volume 1.
Saver (manhwa) Wow! I was expecting another run of the mill manwha when I picked this up, but that is definitely not what i got. Plot wise, it reminded me of Basara. Lena is transported to a medieval fantasy land where she disguises herself as a man, "Ley". She is the "chlid of prophesy" or some such. As a heroine, she reminded me quite a bit of Balsa from Moribito, or the Major from GITS. She's a capable sort who takes charge and gets things done rather than waiting around to be rescued from the hero. In fact, there is no clear hero here, which is also refreshing. I hate when you can predict the romance angle from chapter one. Not so here and romance is practiclly nonexistant after six volumes. Thus far it has all been action and adventure. Unfortunately, Tokyopop has only released 6 of 17 volumes before stalling out. I highly doubt that this series will be finished by them, as I never see anyone requesting it. Too bad more haven't discovered it, as I feel it's a hidden gem
(The) Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko (manga) I was only able to read two of this three volumes series, but I liked what I saw. Kanoko is a different sort of heroine. Dry and observant, she watches her classmates interact for entertainment all while keeping herself apart as an "objective observer". This doesn't always work out and Kanoko finds herself dragged in despite herself and manages to make friends anyway. About the only complaint I have is that Kanoko changes schools in every chapter. It's never explained, and it's just kind of a lazy way to set up new scenarios. Other than that, I enjoyed the manga and would have liked to be able to read that last volume.
Skyblue Shore (manga)
Suppli (manga) I absolutely love this manga! it's about a working woman in her late 20's and her attempts to balance her workaholic ways with her attempts at forming personal relationships. I really like how it doesn't gloss over how women are treated in the workpalce, often getting handed the crap jobs, passed over for promotions and generally being dismissed. I really wish I could see the rest to find out how the romance plays out. I have feeling Fujii will have her heart broken several times before finding happiness, if she even does. Does this have a happy ending? I wish I could find out, but I doubt another publisher would bother picking this up, as even Tokyopop stated that it was a poor seller for them. I'd be first in line to buy though if I am proven wrong.
Swan (manga) This manga is about ballet and it reminds me a lot of Glass Mask, in which an underdog with inferior training but great talent competes against prodigies for roles and in competitions. It is also a 70's manga, with all of the awesome retro shoujo art that implies. In fact, this manga has some of the most beautiful panel work I've ever seen in any manga. I'm just sad that CMX died before publishing the rest. I'm not expecting to ever read the ending.
Vassalord (manga)
Wild Adapter (manga) The lead character is the mysterious Kubota who begins the story working for the Yakuza. Kubota is a hard guy and the world he lives in is pretty violent. He runs across a young man with a beast hand and amnesia and takes him in. The plot centers around some sort of drug, "W. A." or Wild Adapter. Minekura's art is perfect here, wonky anatomy aside, characters are depicted so well and their expressions especially are drawn perfectly. I never had any trouble figuring out what the charactres were think/feeling based on the art. This is a very dark story and I wish I could have read more. I'm not sure if it's on hiatus or what, Tokyopop certainly isn't publishing any more.
Your & My Secret (manga) Of all the Ai Morinaga manga I have read, this series is my favorite. The premise is silly without going over the top, the characters are fun and memorable, and the writing is genuinely funny. It may have jumped the shark though when Momoi's dad gets caught in the machine and shrunk. I still thought it was funny, but it seemed like Morinaga was stretching a bit for material. At the end of volume seven, she states that volume eight will be the last (probably). Too bad that I'll never get to read it, as Tokyopop's edition stops at volume 7. This is one I'd definitely like to continue.