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Wolfsmund (manga)
Volume 1; 15 September 2013-
What Did You Eat Yesterday? (manga)
Volume 1;
Vinland Saga (manga)
Omnibus 1; 27 February 2014-
Twin Spica (manga)
Volume 1; Started 6 October 2012; May not continue if the library doesn't get more than the first volume.
Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee (manga) Excellent
Volume 14; Stated about 12 June 2012;
Sunny (manga)
Volume 2; 20 August 2013-
Soul Eater Not! (manga)
Volume 2;
Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro (manga) Decent
Volume 3;
Saturn Apartments (manga)
Volume 1; 23 October 2012-
Sankarea: Undying Love (manga) Good
Chapter 32; Started about 3 June 2012. I'm now waiting for the English volumes.
Saint Young Men (manga)
Chapter 11; 10 November 2012-
+: Treats its topic very respectfully,
Pandora Hearts (manga) Good
Chapter 72; I can't really remember what happens, so I'm going to marathon reread before reading more.
Otomen (manga)
Volume 14; 18 May 2013-
One Piece (manga) Masterpiece
Volume 66;
No. 6 (manga)
Volume 2; 12 March 2014-
Natsume's Book of Friends (manga) Excellent
Volume 14 (still need to read volume 3); Started about 14 September 2012.
Maximum Ride (U.S. manga) Decent
Volume 6;
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (manga)
Volume 1; 2 December 2013-
Karneval (manga)
Volume 11; 8 November 2013-
Higurashi When They Cry: Abducted by Demons Arc (manga)
Finished the Atonement Arc (Series volumes 15-18) and most of omnibus 2 of Massacre Arc.
Hetalia - Axis Powers (manga)
Volume 2;
GTO: 14 Days in Shonan (manga)
Volume 3; 25 March 2013-
(The) Flowers of Evil (manga)
6 volumes;
Emma (manga)
9 volume; 19 December 2013-
Durarara!! Saika Arc (manga)
Volume 2; 7 June 2013-
Drifters (manga)
Volume 2;
+: It's actually has a plot! lots of historical figures that make the history nerd in me happy, art fits the story type
-: Really needs translation notes, some of the art uses too much black and it's occasionally hard to see what's going on
A Devil and Her Love Song (manga)
Volume 7; 17 June 2013-
Deadman Wonderland (manga)
Chapter 51; Stared about 21 September 2012.
Children of the Sea (manga)
Volume 4; Started about 31 May 2012.
A Bride's Story (manga) Excellent
Volume 5; Started about 25 April 2012.
Blue Exorcist (manga)
Volume 9; Started about 4 October 2011.
Blood Lad (manga)
Omnibus 3; 4 December 2012-
I really like some parts (like the art style and whatever Braz's plot is), but Fuyumi and the way the story treats her really brings it down.
Black Butler (manga) Masterpiece
Chapter 92;
+: Clean and appealing art, generally historically actuate, parodies/homages classics or historical events (like Jack the Ripper, the Titanic, Sherlock Holmes, etc.), unpredictable but well thought out plot twists, deliciously dark, great anti-heroes
-: Similar and too many feminine character designs, awkward tone changes at times
Arata: The Legend (manga) Good
Volume 14; Started about 20 August 2012.
Another (novel)
20 March 2013-
+Anima (manga)
Volume 3; 14 March 2014-
Afterschool Charisma (manga) Very good
Volume 7; 22 December 2012-
+: Interesting premise, lots of food for thought, fascinating characters
-: Some weird logic, average plot, some cheesy cliches that feel completely out of place
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