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Ai Ore! (manga) I liked the idea of the story where the two main characters look like the opposite gender. However I don't like the execution of the story. I guess I was hoping for more of a comedy playing up the idea, but instead got something more dull with a kinda creepy guy.
Attack on Titan: Junior High (manga)
Baby & Me (manga) it's cute but not for me.
Battle Royale (manga) After the rape with the mother, I couldn't keep reading. I love the movie but I think I'm going to have to make a pass on this one.
Cherry Juice (manga) Meh, they are into each other and it was so easy for them to be so. Kinda makes it boring that way.
Crimson Hero (manga)
Flame of Recca (manga) The main guy is a huge dork, saying stuff about wanting to be a ninja. It was kinda funny in that way. However, when him and his friends had to enter a fighting tournament, I was done. That stuff gets boring quick.
Gekka no Kimi (manga) He finds this one girl and has a lot of sex with her. And the whole time he talks about that, and some curse that happen in his past life. It just got boring after awhile.
Hana-Kimi (manga) I hate the main character from the start. "I'm going to leave everything behind, including my gender, to move half across the country to see a cute boy jump." Couldn't she just visit Japan to see him jump in person? But NO! that wouldn't be over 20 volumes of killing your time.
Hot Gimmick (manga) I couldn't get into it. That guy is just a huge dick.
Never Give Up (manga) It's kinda funny and kinda cute, but I'm not interested enough to read 13 volumes of it.
(The) Stellar Six of Gingacho (manga) I really want to read the rest of it, but I don't think there is a way for me to do that. Unless someone releases it.
Sumomomo, Momomo - The Strongest Bride on Earth (manga) Sometimes funny but that it. I feel really dirty when she opens her legs and says "have sex with me." I'm getting cold shivers just thinking about it.
Vassalord (manga) I should of known that I wouldn't be into this when I read the back of the book.
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