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After School Nightmare (manga) Masterpiece Absolutly fantastic story! A sweet, yet violent in parts, love story! It was so good that I was quite willing to stay up to 3:30am to read them all!
Boys Over Flowers (manga) Good
Can't Lose You (manhwa) Very good
(Le) Chevalier d'Eon (manga) Masterpiece So violent! Yet so good! There are few violent manga stories I will really enjoy, but this is one of them!
(La) Corda d'Oro (manga) Very good A sweet story. I really don't know who I wish the girl to fall in love with... But it is a lovely story, the drawing as also very good (except on of the guys looks like he has a monobrow...)
(The) Gentlemen's Alliance Cross (manga) Very good
Ghost Hunt (manga) Masterpiece I love it! It's scary, and interesting, and almost romantic (but not... T.T)
Kare First Love (manga) Weak
Ouran High School Host Club (manga) Masterpiece
School Rumble (manga) Masterpiece
Trinity Blood (manga) Masterpiece Probably the best manga stpry you will ever read! It is almost romantic, violent and an interesting story! Oh! And there are plenty of vampires! (Thats always a plus) The drawings are a little wonky in places, and the screentone could be better... But I absolutly love it! It's my favorite at the moment!
Vampire Game (manga) Masterpiece Everyone's in love with the princess (except for those trying to kill her...), and I love it! There are battles, magic and there are vampires! One of my favorite stories!
Vampire Knight (manga) Excellent
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