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Japan (manga by K. Miura) Not really good
(The) Demon Ororon (manga) Decent
Grey (manga) Decent
Hot Milk (manga) Decent
Kiss wa Naisho ni (manga) Decent
Mimia Hime (manga) Decent
Sand Land (manga) Decent
Brothers (manga, Shou Tajima) Good
Bye bye, papa (manga) Good
Futaba-kun Change! (manga) Good
Giri no Vacances (manga) Good
Happiness (manga by Furuya) Good
Kajika (manga) Good
Katsu! (manga) Good
King of Thorn (manga) Good
Mai the Psychic Girl (manga) Good
Milk Crown H! (manga) Good
Milk Crown Lovers (manga) Good
Miyuki (manga) Good
Muchakucha Daisuki. (manga) Good
Nasu (manga) Good
Salad Days (manga) Good
Sumire no Hana (manga) Good
Tende Freeze! (manga) Good
Tomorrow ~Until it changes to fondness~ (manga) Good
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa (manga) Very good
A Distant Neighborhood (manga) Very good
(The) Four Immigrants Manga Very good
Gokujō Drops (manga) Very good
Kimishika Iranai (manga) Very good
Love Roma (manga) Very good
Arcana (manga, Yua Kotegawa) Excellent
Believers (manga) Excellent
Bitter Virgin (manga) Excellent
Concerto (manga) Excellent
ES (manga) Excellent
Forget (manga) Excellent
Hōkago Play (manga) Excellent
Hotarubi no Mori e (manga) Excellent
Koikaze (manga) Excellent
Land of the Blindfolded (manga) Excellent
Love Hina (manga) Excellent
Maison Ikkoku (manga) Excellent
Manhole (manga) Excellent
My Lovely Ghost Kana (manga) Excellent
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (manga) Excellent
Orenji Yane no Chiisana Ie (manga) Excellent
Please Save My Earth (manga) Excellent
Sexy Voice and Robo (manga) Excellent
Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms (manga) Excellent
Kodocha - Sana's Stage (manga) Masterpiece
Mahoraba (manga) Masterpiece
Misaki de Bus o Orita Hito (manga) Masterpiece At 46 pages, this is a short manga. But in that category (short one-shot manga) it is the best you'll ever find.
Monster (manga) Masterpiece
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (manga) Masterpiece This is it -- the One True Manga. If you only read one manga in your life, make it this one.
Black Magic (manga)
First Love Sisters (manga)