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xxxHOLiC (manga) Not really good Read 14 volumes.
Tsubasa, RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (manga) Weak
Tekkonkinkreet (manga) Excellent
Solanin (manga) Very good
Slam Dunk (manga) Masterpiece Read 3 volumes.
Rurouni Kenshin (manga) Very good Read 9 volumes.
Rosario + Vampire (manga) Weak
Pluto (manga) Very good
Ode to Kirihito (manga) Very good
Nijigahara Holograph (manga) Very good
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days (manga) Weak Review #10 Date: 2 August 2009. I admit that after watching the alternate reality bit in ep. 26 of the TV series I wanted to see some more of that world, but this makes me take it back. It does have that "so bad it's good" vibe, like a bad soap opera, so it might be worth a read.
Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring (manga) Excellent
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman (manga) Very good
Hellsing (manga) Very good
Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) Masterpiece
Eyeshield 21 (manga) Masterpiece
Cross Game (manga) Very good
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star (manga) Bad Review #6 Date: 10 April 2009. Not a good way to start off my Seen All section. I'm not a huge fan of Bebop aside from the music, but even so, it can do a lot better than whatever was trying to be accomplished here.
Cowboy Bebop (manga) Weak Review #9 Date: 2 August 2009. While not as bad as Shooting Star, this isn't much of an improvement. It has some of the worst panel composition I've ever seen.
Cowa! (manga) Decent Review #8 Date: 2 August 2009. Nice read for the young'ins. Likable main characters and a story that doesn't wear out its welcome.
Apollo's Song (manga) Good
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