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Darkside Blues (manga) Masterpiece
(an excellent manga by ADV, i would suggest this manga to anyone who whants to read a long manga with a hellofa good story, that none of you will regret reading. So if anyone happens to see this manga lying around in a bookstore i suggest that u pick it up and read it.)
Suki: A Like Story (manga) Masterpiece
(This manga was short but i loved. this isnt any manga that just anyone would. first off you have to like romance and drama stuff, now i only like it in animes and nothing else. But suki kinda remined me of I My Me strawberry eggs, because a girl falls in love with her teacher. thats all im saying.)
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (manga) Masterpiece
(I have read the whole thing as off last week and the whole manga is so damn good that I perfer it over the anime. And thats the truth.)
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