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Chobits (manga) Excellent
i watched the anime, but that left a few questions unanswered, and i enjoyed it, so i had to read the manga, and i was definitely not disappointed. the pace is a little faster than the anime, but that leaves more time to explain things, i loved the complex themes in the story of "perfection" and "love", i also enjoyed the growth of the characters, mainly Chi, i'm not perverted or into hentai or anything (which is gross) but i welcomed the ecchi scenes that were left out in the anime, mainly because i was curious (so sue me) overall, a great story
GTO (manga) Masterpiece
i read this after i watched the anime, and i wasn't satisfied with that ending, once i read the real ending which was in the manga, i was definitely pleased, i won't say that the manga was better than the anime, but they were both really good, i loved the last story and other side stories not included in the anime, and i wich that they were, because they only increased my love for GTO
Love Hina (manga) Excellent
i liked the tv series, the movies were good, and the OVA was okay, but i wanted real closure of Keitaro's and Naru's relationship, and i definitely got it, the manga is much more ecchi than the show, but it didn't hinder the enjoyment of reading it, and it strung the events of the tv series, movies and OVA much better, and the closure was really good, even though it was obviously expected, it's really sweet to watch, and even though i'm a guy, i can appreciate a nice romance from time to time
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