Debatable as to wether I've read more manga or seen more anime, but nonetheless, its my top 5 choices for manga titles. *note*, 5 is an arbitrary number that I treat a suggestion and then completely ignore. The likelihood of more or less than 5 titles being in here at any time is very high.

Top 5 manga titles Rating
Banana Fish (manga) Masterpiece
Not usually one for the shojo category or even for mafia style gang fights, but Banana Fish's constant speed of always moving the story along, coupled with shocking events, great characters, and memorable events and places makes it a highly entertaining fast read that seems to go by in an instant. A prologue and epilogue at the end of volume 19 really helped to close and define the ending more, a must read, shojo fan or not.
Cromartie High School (manga) Excellent
A brilliant comedy with superb panel placement, it's almost like the Monty Python of all things manga. Its sense of dry humor appeals to my comedic senses and after a while, all of the bizarre little things that happen make perfect sense.
Firefighter! Daigo of Fire Company M (manga) Masterpiece
Flower of Life (manga)
Hikaru no Go (manga) Very good
Maison Ikkoku (manga) Masterpiece
Oh, how I avoid love triangles and romance, but the comedy here pulled me in. It may start off purely comedic, but by the end of the series, you can't help but root for Yusaku, the main character and underdog, in his endeavors of courting the beautiful Kyoko. A lively cast helps move things along and cause problems for Yusaku, but there's never a dull moment, and when it gets serious, it's actually pretty easy to take it as such.
Ode to Kirihito (manga) Excellent
Phoenix (manga) Excellent
Sucker for Osamu Tezuka here! My favorite volume was Resurrection (with Sun in 2nd and Karma in 3rd). All similar, yet all unique, the Phoenix is the connecting factor between the stories of life, death, and eternal life and the consequences of greed, desire, and power.
Please Save My Earth (manga) Masterpiece
Twin Spica (manga) Masterpiece
What's Michael? (manga) Excellent
Having a cat, I can just see real cats everywhere in the only 2 volumes I've gotten to read. It's entertaining because the cats are realistic, not lasagna eating, dog-smacking idiots who do the same things for forced laughs. Best animal manga I've read award.