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Anime News Network Australia was launched in 2006 to become the leading online source of news and editorial for the Australian anime and manga markets.

The key benefit in advertising on Anime News Network is that our readership fits a particular demographic; mature anime fans. The majority of visitors to Anime News Network are between the ages of 18 and 24 and, needless to say, they're all anime fans, but also have a healthy appetite for other forms of animation, video games, and many other related interests. As long as you are interested in reaching anime fans that make their own purchasing decisions, Anime News Network is the ideal place for you to advertise.

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For Conventions

Anime News Network has a special, no-cost advertising trade available to conventions. Details available here.

No Bootlegs! No Pirates!

Important: Don't waste our time if you sell bootleg/pirate DVDs or host unlicensed content on your website. Not only will we not allow you to advertise with us, but we'll probably report you to the appropriate authorities, licensors and/or licensees. We do not consider gray market imports of otherwise legal goods, or doujinshi, "bootlegs," although we may require potential advertisers to prove that their gray market imports are legal goods.

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