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Animax Carnival Artiste Interviews

Anime fans in Southeast Asia! The day you've been waiting for is almost here!

Happening this weekend (26th and 27th March) at Malaysia's Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre is the fifth Animax Carnival, organized by top anime TV channel in Asia, Animax. As the official regional media partner, we managed to get an exclusive access to the three ani-song artistes who will be performing for free this weekend. Read on to find out what you can expect from them this weekend!

Nagi Yanagi

  1. How was the transition from being an independent artist (doujin) to a professional? Does going pro affect your indie projects?
    • There were too many activities online, so the chances of directly meeting my fans became really slim. After my major debut, I had opportunities to meet and interact with them directly at various events and could see for myself who were the people listening to my songs. What changed a lot is that every time I write a new song now, I will think about these people (my fans). After debuting, I make more cheerful songs, but the basis and process have not differed much from my indie past.

  2. Is it true that you do the album artwork of some of your releases? If so, how is your process? Do you have an image in mind at the start then write your songs or the other way around?
    • Initially I studied painting. Rather than painting for my music, I regard both music and my painting as a single piece of work. After deciding on the concept, I work on music and painting simultaneously. Not limiting to just artwork, I also often work on my music with various types of visual images in my head.

  3. Are the Norn9 games and anime your voice acting debut, or did you do voice work before? How was the experience? Any plans to do more voice acting in the future?
    • Narration in advertisements and poetry reading were part of my experiences. I played the character partly as a representation of the music in “NORN9” but I currently don't have any intention of playing other characters.

  4. Any idea when your next album is coming up?
    • A journey-themed concept album “Follow your tracks” will be released in Japan on 20 April 2016. We had special packaging for every album so far, so for this upcoming album, we will have a trunk case as the CD cover. We have many tricks up our sleeves. The limited edition album will also consists of much enjoyable content, including past singles in new arrangements, as well as a video from last year's concert.

Nagi Yanagi will have a fan meeting at the event on March 26, and will perform on March 27.


  1. Your most recent Southeast Asian performance was in Anime Festival Asia in Singapore on November. What has changed for you between then and now?
    • We have more opportunities to perform live overseas now. Especially for everyone in Asia, we go there packed with much more love to offer. We're really glad to sing directly to our fans.

  2. Anything particular you want to do in Malaysia? What is your goal in performing in Malaysia?
    • I hope everyone enjoys our performances and these songs can somehow give everyone encouragement. Whether it's a performance in Japan or overseas, they are all very important performances!

  3. Your group's most recent album, Birthia, contains songs from before your major debut in 2014, in particular a lot of songs from your "ONE" single. What was your goal creatively in remaking the songs? Was there an overriding theme for the album?
    • For fans who knew us before or after our major debut as GARNiDELiA, by getting to know the story, and the kind of music we have produced so far, I feel that this will draw the distance closer between our fans and us.

  4. What's the creative process like for you two? How do you create songs? Does the music come first or the lyrics?
    • Usually Toku comes up with the music first, and I finish the song with lyrics inspired from there.

GARNiDELiA will have a fan meeting at the event on March 26, and will perform on March 27.


  1. You've composed many songs for the Fafner anime franchise, including your most recent single, "DEAD OR ALIVE." What about it inspires you creatively?
    • When I compose the songs for Fafner, I always read the scenes and discuss with the production staff. I think it is very important to understand the story fully. Usually the stories are of sadness and desperation, but I often think about the reasons behind the despair. The people fighting for peace and I write about that.

  2. Which artists or works (music, film, literature, etc.) serve as your most important inspirations?
    • atsuko: Madonna
    • KATSU: Motley Crue

  3. When performing live, do you guys do anything special before getting up on stage? Such as a kimezerifu (signature line) or other gesture?
    • We form a circle, after which, we exchange firm handshakes with each staff member individually. It is the affirmation of our sense of trust with one another.

  4. What are your goals in performing in Animax Carnival in Malaysia?
    • Atsuko: To sing ani-songs. Although the performances in Japan and Malaysia do not differ much, but I want to give a performance that is fun and passionate with a sense of unity. We speak different languages but with everyone so excited, we will be performing with even more energy than usual. Please look forward to it!
    • KATSU: I want to charm the audience with a fascinating stage performance that makes them go “This is angela!”

The moment you guys have been waiting for is here! With free performances from guest performers – angela, GARNiDELiA, and yanaginagi, and amazing activities, Animax Carnival Malaysia 2016 will be the best carnival yet! Log on to the official website for more information – www.animax-asia.com/acmy2016. #AnimaxACMY #AnimaxDaisuki

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