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Amazing Banpresto Figures

by Tokyo Otaku Mode (Paid Advertisement),

Tokyo Otaku Mode is an official partner of Banpresto, authorized to sell Banpreto figures online to customers outside of Japan. Normally, there's only one way to get these highly sought after figures, travel to Japan and try your luck in an arcade. Tokyo Otaku Mode saves you the trouble (and the random luck aspect), so you can order these figures online.

Here's quick sample of what Tokyo Otaku Mode offers.

This cute figure is Anastasia - the half-Russian idol from the popular installment in the IDOLM@STER series of idol-raising games, The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. Appearing just as she does on one of her rare cards, Anastasia has short grayish hair, a green jacket, blue shirt, white short shorts with a brown leather belt and cute high-heeled black shoes.

Get this, and other IDOLM@STER figures at Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Among the many relationship dynamics that appear in the Dragon Ball franchise, father and son is perhaps one of the most important, such as the relationship between Goku and Gohan, as well as Vegeta and Trunks. Dragon Ball Z SCultures Big Molding Tenkaichi Budokai 5 combines that with the other thing Dragon Ball Z is known for, and that's unbelievably intense fight scenes!

Featured are Son Goku in Super Saiyan form and his father Bardock, each battle-worn and mid-combat for these brilliantly painted, non-articulated figures!

Get this, and other Dragon Ball figures at Tokyo Otaku Mode.

These fantastic statues are inspired by the first part of the Madoka Magica recap movie, Beginnings, and sees main character Madoka Kaname and her friend Homura Akemi, dressed in beautiful white dresses with white shoes. These two statues look amazing together.

Get this, and other Madoka Magica figures at Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Taking a break from her intense idol training, this figure is a part of the Moment After School series of figures based on your favorite Love Live! characters!

The lovely and talented Maki Nishikino is enjoying some refreshingly sweet milk tea for this 5.1” figure.

Get this, and other Love Live! figures at Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Another Outer Senshi, Sailor Neptune joins Banpresto's Sailor Moon Girls Memories line! 6.3” tall, she is standing arms folded with a serene expression on her face, her wavy blue hair falling on her shoulders. Although she looks pretty with her long legs and feminine pose, her true character and beauty comes out when displayed together with the other Scouts, such as Sailor Uranus!

Get this, and other Sailor Moon figures at Tokyo Otaku Mode.

"Bring on the hardship. It's preferred in a path of carnage."

Recreated based on his post-timeskip appearance, volume 3 of Banpresto's One Piece SCultures Big Figure Colosseum line brings to you the bounty hunter-turned-pirate Roronoa Zoro!

He's depicted striking with one of his three famed swords, crouched and mid-attack to capture the energy One Piece is known and loved for.

Get this, and other One Piece figures at Tokyo Otaku Mode.

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