Product Spotlight: Fullmetal Alchemist Collector's Edition

by Funimation Entertainment (Paid Advertisement),

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most legendary anime of all time. The adventures of the Elric brothers have resonated with fans all over the world. This Fullmetal Alchemist The Complete Series - Collectors Edition is the ultimate celebration of Fullmetal Alchemist and an essential addition to any anime collection.

However time is running out! Funimation's rights for Fullmetal Alchemist expire on July 31, 2016. On this date Funimation will stop streaming the series, and they will stop producing this award-winning Collector's Edition.

The Collector's Edition set features:

  • All episodes 1-151
  • Artistic packaging, styled like Edward's suitcase
  • Alchemy book-styled chipboard box with texture and foil accents
  • 3 panel digipak featuring brand new artwork
  • 6 full color discs featuring episodes and extras on Blu-ray for the first time
  • 3 deluxe 8”x10” art prints
  • 10 collectible art cards featuring exclusive art in a textured envelope
  • AND a 300-page full color artbook with leather texture cover including illustrations, character profiles, layouts and background art, production sketches, an interview with the Japanese and English staff and cast, new interviews with Director Seiji Mizushima and staff.
The highlight of this set is the full color artbook designed to look like Ed's journal. It is full of secrets, and it is a journey for fans to discover on their own.
  • For the true Fullmetal Alchemist fan, there are fan-favorite jokes and key plot points embedded into the text and art.
  • For the codebreaker, there is an alchemical script found throughout the art book, for fans to decode, to learn more about the characters and history of alchemy.
  • For the alchemist, there are references to real historical texts and diagrams about alchemy, some of which were even embedded into the show.
  • The artbook is full of hidden gems for you to discover, each time you read it you'll find something you never noticed before.

Remember: Time is running out, so

get it now before it's too late!

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