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Hosoda Collection Product Spotlight: Summer Wars

by Funimation Entertainment (Paid Advertisement),
It's been a few years now since the 2010 release of Mamoru Hosoda's breakthrough hit, Summer Wars - and it is finally returning to Blu-ray/DVD with a special release made for devoted collectors and fans of director Hosoda!

This release is next in line for Funimation's new Hosoda Collection series of releases. These are a set of premium releases of the films of Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children, The Boy and The Beast, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time). Each iteration details the extensive process used to make the movie and comes with exclusive extras, including a 52-page artbook and plenty of behind-the-scenes interviews, all within deluxe packaging.

The release allows fans to learn more about the anime film making process – from how characters were conceptualized to the detail that goes into making and planning an anime movie. This releases extras will include interviews with pretty much every major creative force behind the film, including Ryunosuke Kamiki (voice of Kenji), Nanami Sakuraba (voice of Natsuki), and director Mamoru Hosoda! Still more releases in The Hosoda Collection for Wolf Children, and The Boy and The Beast will follow, but for now, check out some major features of Summer Wars below:

The star of each Hosoda Collection release is the 52-page book; featured within is an in depth look at the making of Summer Wars, including long-form interview with director Mamoru Hosoda as well as interviews with Animation directors Hiroyuki Aoyama and Tatsuzo Nishita, character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and other key players such as the screenwriters and the voice actors for both grandma Sakae and Kazuma!

Full list of interviews:

Fans will be able to view initial sketches of the characters, movie posters, settings and other concepts which demonstrate the progress of the film's conception. The book also includes amazing art of the setting in Summer Wars as the beautifully built world of OZ.

All Hosoda Collection releases will feature an elegant crystal clear slipcover. This cover can be removed to reveal the clean depiction of your favorite avatars within the world of OZ, all housed in a clear disc case.

Add this definitive release of Summer Wars to your collection today for a piece of anime film history! Order today on the Funimation shop to own it.

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