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Crunchyroll Anime Awards Predictions, Guests, and More!

by Crunchyroll (Paid Advertisement),

To celebrate the Anime Awards, Crunchyroll is excited to announce its partnership with Twitch to exclusively livestream the awards ceremony, live from Hollywood at at 6:00PM PST on Saturday, February 24th. Follow Crunchyroll's Twitch channel now and get notified when the awards ceremony begins. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can still purchase tickets and see Anime's Biggest Night in person! Check out the trailer below:

Neat trailer, huh? Now, let's break down some predictions and picks for winners in the Anime Awards with videos produced by some of your favorite anime influencers.

Best Anime of 2017 - What Should Win Crunchyroll's Anime Awards - Mother's Basement

“As the Anime Pope, I am duty-bound to tell my followers what to do with those votes, because if there's one thing the world needs more of, it's a blending of religion and democracy.”

My Thoughts on Crunchyroll's Anime Awards' Nominees- ProZD

“But my personal favorite was My Hero Academia season...I was just blazing through it because I was enjoying it so much.”

Talkin Aboot: The 2017 CR Anime Awards - Glass Reflection

“I did a review on Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and I said it was my favorite Kyoto mining comedy since nichijou but I'm hesitant to actually give it Best Comedy because while I do think it is one of my favorite comedies of the year I also really liked the show for a lot of the more dramatic moments…”

Don't miss the special appearances and presenters scheduled to appear, featuring a rather well-known NFL player with a passion for anime and true legends of English anime voice acting:

Mike Daniels, Green Bay Packers defensive end
Caitlin Glass, Voice Actor (Skip Beat!, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card)
Stephanie Sheh, Voice Actor (Sailor Moon, Kill la Kill)
Todd Haberkorn, Voice Actor (Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail)

Check out the influencers that have made an impact on anime fandom online in 2017 that will be present at the awards ceremony and participating throughout the festivities:

Freddie Wong ProZD
Reina Scully
Mother's Basement
Lily Pichu
Miles Luna
Glass Reflection
Super Eyepatch
Wolf RDC
World 1
Victoria Holden
Riley Rose Critchlow

This is a jam-packed article for a jam-packed show, but there's so much going on at the Anime Awards that we didn't want you to miss a thing before Saturday night's festivities! See you on Twitch Saturday night!

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