'Come to Japan' Campaign: Visit the Kizuna AI Booth at Japan Week for Another Chance to Win a Trip to Japan!

by Kizuna AI (Paid Article),

Hello! I'm Kizuna AI, the (self-proclaimed) world's first YouTuber. I'm also the ambassador of the ‘Come to Japan’ campaign organized by the Japan National Tourism Organization's (JNTO) New York office!

Speaking of New York, I'm excited to announce that we will have a Kizuna AI booth set up at the Japan Week event, which will be held in the Vanderbilt Hall at New York's Grand Central Terminal! For those who haven't made plans to attend yet, it's a free event running from March 14-17, and it allows visitors to experience the art, crafts, food, and technology of Japanese culture. If you're interested in traveling to Japan, or simply want to see a beautiful booth designed after me, you should definitely come!

As part of the ‘Come to Japan’ campaign, we'll be having a lottery at our booth where you just might win a pair of round-trip tickets to Japan! Of course, plenty of other amazing prizes are available as well.

Japan Week isn't the only opportunity you have to win a trip to Japan, though! There's also an online quiz about Japan's charms. If you can get a high score on the quiz, you'll be able to enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win a pair of round-trip tickets to Japan, just like the lucky lottery winner at Japan Week. The quiz is pretty hard, so you should check out the videos and articles on the campaign website before giving it a shot!

Be sure to visit the ‘Come to Japan’ campaign website via the link below for more content and details about how you can win a trip to Japan!

‘Come to Japan’ Campaign Website

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