5 HIDIVE Features for the Anime Fan

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If you do not already have a HIDIVE subscription, you are missing out on a lot! Since launching in 2017, the platform has been providing the anime community with more than just a means to watch anime. HIDIVE has a number of features designed for anime fans. Check out our five favorites:
One of the most asked for features will now be available for the 2018 spring simulcast season! Subscribers will now be able to watch the English dubbed version of some of the most exciting shows of the simulcast season just two weeks after its initial premiere. HIDIVE is kicking off this ambitious project with DEVILS' LINE, a love story between a vampire and human filled with action, drama, suspense, and government conspiracies.

2. Pinned Search
HIDIVE makes discovering your favorite types of content easy! Not only can you utilize categories, genres, and filters to find what you are looking for there's also the Pinned Search function. With this, subscribers can search for terms related to series they already like to find similar ones. Prefer settings in alternate worlds or magical adventures? Run a search then pin the results to your homepage for easy access later!

3. Profile Customization
Every HIDIVE subscription comes with three profiles customizable per person. This feature includes avatar creation, language preferences, subtitle options and rating restrictions. Plus, each one has the option of being secured with a unique PIN, so you do not have to worry about anyone snooping around your profile. Did we mention that you can have two concurrent streams with 1080p?

4. In-Episode Chat
What's the best way to enjoy your favorite simulcast shows? Talking to other fans watching it at the same time! All the series available on HIDIVE include the option of participating in the in-episode chat, so you can connect with your friends and other fans of the show and discuss what's happening in real-time.

5. Multiple Versions of Content
Not only does HIDIVE provide different languages for content, but there are also different cuts. Yes. That means even the uncensored home video versions. The original broadcast or premiere of a title is often not the final. HIDIVE has acquired multiple versions of content to provide subscribers with the choice of their preference.

BONUS: Lock-In Rate
HIDIVE wants to make sure anime fans can access as much content as possible. To help ensure that, the service is providing its early adopters with a special lock-in rate of only $3.99 USD/mo for the next two years! That means subscribers can have access to all of the above plus all the awesome stuff that comes out in the future (and trust us, there are a lot of cool things brewing in the HIDIVE)! Fans have until April 8, 2018, to take advantage of the special pricing. Anime never sleeps, and neither does the HIDIVE acquisition team, they are always on the lookout for the next hit series as well as classics from every age of anime. With a library including classics like the epic space opera Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and the upcoming simulcast DEVILS' LINE, you will never run out of content to binge.

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