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With a catalogue filled with new and classic titles, you can always discover something new to watch (or re-watch) on HIDIVE. Feeling a little nostalgic? There's something for that. Want a slapstick comedy, or a something more psychological? HIDIVE has you covered! Here's some of the hidden gems to go and watch now:


Yuki takes loving school to a whole new level – she never wants to leave and joins the School Living Club, which prides itself on making the most of life at school. But Yuki's carefree attitude makes it impossible for her to understand the dark reality that leads to her new school life.

Kino's Journey

A nostalgic title that really dives deep into the beauty and darkness of life. With just her talking motorcycle, Hermes, and desire to learn, Kino sets off to travel the world and learn as much as she can about where they go and themselves. Follow the road less traveled through a journey that can be thought-provoking and at times, disturbing.


Every good deed has a price, something the Takakura family learns the hard way after Himari's declining health is suddenly and miraculously improved with the swift action of a penguin hat. Her brothers spring into action to make sure that her health continues to improve. On the hunt for the illusive “Pengiundrum”, the boys are forced to face their own past while new enemies who also seek out this mysterious item await them in their journey.

Hozuki's Coolheadness (Season 1)

Keeping Hell running smoothly and efficiently is a task only Hozuki can make look easy. Together with his boss, Lord Enma, Hozuki keeps things in tip-top shape six feet under. From advising newcomers to negotiating diplomatic missions, there is always a micromanaged solution Hozuki has to offer. This dark comedy brings to light the true meaning of life after death. Plus, how hard can it be to keep hell up and running?
(PS, you can watch the entire first AND start up the second season on HIDIVE.)

Engaged to the Unidentified

Sweet sixteen and never been kissed, but is engaged? Kobeni's life is turned upside down on her sixteenth birthday when she learns she's engaged to a stranger! When her new fiancé and sister-in-law come to live with her, learning to adjust to her new life is harder than expected. Is there more than meets the eye with Kobeni's new beau and his sister?

Princess TuTu

In a magical world where everything is fantastic and wonderful, Ahiru can transform into Princess Tutu, a beautiful human ballerina whose dances help people relieve themselves of the turmoil that lives in their hearts. Princess Tutu captures the story of heroes and their struggles with fate, their beliefs and feelings, and whether their actions will truly determine if they live happily ever after. A true fairy tale from beginning to end.


Need more gems in your life? You're in luck—Land of the Lustrous is coming out of hiding from the USA and Canada on June 15, 2018!

So, stop dilly-dallying and head over to HIDIVE for simulcasts, dubs, classics, and even live-action films!

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