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We are happy to introduce you to Coolmic, an official digital comics and anime store that provides Japanese comics in English (since 2018) and in French (since 2019) for smartphone users. Coolmic also publishes exclusive, original comics that can only be read on their website, such as popular titles Revenge on Trash Guys and Need More Followers. Making an account with Coolmic is easy and it's free!

Coolmic Offers Free Contents!

On this platform, you will be able to access digital comic genres, such as Girls, Young Adults, Mature, Teens Love, and Boys Love. As of this month, they have over 300 comic titles you can choose from, and they are releasing more every month.

You can access and read these comics anytime and anywhere with your mobile device. Coolmic offers a wide range of comics varying from romance comics to more mature contents. The comics are updated daily and the first episode of every comic can be read for free!

You can also find Coolmic's frequently updated selection of free comic chapters here.

Coolmic does not require app installation on your phone as you can access your account and library through your mobile device's browser. It's also easy to read; just scroll vertically! Daily updates mean that there's a lot of exciting content to look forward to. Coolmic's site doesn't just have comics, they also have anime. Some of their most popular titles have been adapted into anime. So you can also watch your favorite anime episodes anytime, anywhere! You can watch all of the previews for free right now here.

When you purchase a new chapter of a series, it gets automatically added to your “Library” which you can view and access anytime.

How to Purchase Tickets for Coolmic?

To get additional comics and anime, you can purchase tickets. You can buy the appropriate ticket packs with a credit card or through PayPal. Special ticket offers are sometimes available.

Special Fairs

Coolmic distributes weekly newsletters, host fairs, and events regularly. Surprise sales discounts are also in store for you! Get more information here.

Become a Coolmic Artist

Coolmic supports aspiring artists who want to publish and showcase their work on the platform. If that sounds like you, keep reading! Coolmic artists are compensated, and their works are sometimes included in Coolmic's fairs and events. Selected titles could potentially be translated into Japanese in the future. Not only that, but Coolmic users can then easily share and promote these titles to Facebook and Twitter with just a single press of the “share” button.

Why not become a Coolmic member? You're one step away from reading exciting comics! Register with Coolmic now by going to this link and unlock even more content by signing up!

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