A Collab with Real IMPACT: Bershka x EVANGELION

by Anime Limited (Paid Advertisement),
Give your wardrobe a '90s reboot with Bershka's latest mini capsule inspired by a popular Japanese anime.

EVANGELION is a medium-defining franchise. Even 25 years after Shinji first got in the robot, the latest EVANGELION film is finding new records to break in the Japanese box office, and lifelong fans continue sharing the classic TV series with new generations.

The Spanish fashion label Bershka has made 2021 into the best time to be an EVANGELION fan with their collection of cropped sweats, sleeveless hoodies and oversized tees featuring Shinji, Asuka, Rei, and EVANGELION Unit 01, and many more iconic characters. You can find the Bershka x EVANGELION collection at your local Bershka location, or worldwide via their online store.

Get some anime on your armor. The Bershka x EVANGELION mini capsule is available now!

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