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Advice and More From the TATESC Award Winning Author of LILIES

by TATESC (Paid Advertisement),

Yuto Komiya was one of the winners of the first ever TATESC awards for her vertically scrolling manga LILIES—which is, to this day, one of TATESC's most popular ongoing titles. With submissions for the 1st TATESC Comics Global Awards currently open, Yuto Komiya was more than happy to give advice to those looking to win the award as well as share her experiences with the success that has come after.

What advice do you have for people who want to win the 1st TATESC Comics Global Awards?
People from different countries with different languages have different sensibilities. So I encourage you to express yourself freely—draw what you want to draw and how you want to draw it without thinking too much about trying to fit into a specific box.

What do you know now that you wish you had known back when you were submitting LILIES to the TATESC Awards?
To draw with the dimensions of a smartphone screen in mind. I thought I wouldn't have to worry about picture size since the manga just scrolls along. However, I know now that it is a good idea to consider the placement of larger images. Be sure to check the size of any single frame against the size of the screen to make sure it will fit on the screen in its entirety.

How many chapters of LILIES did you submit to the TATESC Awards? Do you feel like you should have submitted more?
I submitted three chapters. I personally think this is a good length as I think three chapters is enough to judge what kind of work it is and what it is trying to express.

How much of LILIES did you have planned out when you submitted it? Did you know the whole story and how it was going to end? Or did you just have an idea for the beginning?
The only thing I had in mind was that it would be an omnibus-style yuri manga. Since LILIES was based on a manga I had already drawn and uploaded online, I had multiple ideas for the characters but had not decided on the overall shape of the story or the ending.

Do you have any tips for how to make a successful vertically scrolling manga (as opposed to a normal page-turning one)?
Vertical scrolling manga scrolls from top to bottom, so the vertical presentation is important. It can show the passage of time or guide the reader's gaze, etc. You can use a variety of techniques, such as the placement of frames or the use of various brush effects. Since the pages do not flip like in a regular comic book, it is important to create a layout that makes the viewer want to keep scrolling. I myself am still in the process of trial and error when it comes to this—so this is something we can all work on together!

What kind of editorial help did you get after becoming a TATESC Award winner?
They helped me mainly with the creation of the work—such as holding meetings and deciding on the direction for the actual serialization of the manga. LILIES was my first time working on a commercial manga series, so there were many things I didn't understand and felt uneasy about—but the editorial staff was very supportive and helpful.

What is it like working with an editor and how did it improve LILIES?
LILIES changes characters every four chapters. I receive a wide range of support from the editorial staff. They help me with the characters, designs, composition, and name checking—and give me some general consultation. I am always encouraged to make improvements to the work—to make it both easier to read and more interesting. Having an editor look at the work allows the artist to concentrate on the production without worrying about outside things. It's a big help.

How have you improved as a manga creator thanks to becoming a TATESC Award winner?
The TATESC award was my first award ever, so it was a very big event for me. It was a major milestone and it gave me the confidence and awareness to see that drawing manga had become my actual job instead of just my hobby. It motivated me to really give it my all going forward.

How has your life changed after becoming a TATESC Award winner?
Now that I have a serialized manga to work on, my life has become mainly about drawing manga. I am able to spend my time drawing the manga I love. It's very fulfilling.

Do you have anything else you would like to say to all the people around the world working hard to win the 1st TATESC Comics Global Awards?
My name is Yuto Komiya and I am the creator of LILIES. As I mentioned above, I feel that the vertical scrolling format has great potential for artistic expression. And when people from all over the world are drawing in this style, I think the possibilities are limitless. I hope to be inspired by your manga, learn from them, and work hard alongside you. I'm cheering you on!

So there you have it. For all the 1st TATESC Comics Global Awards rules, prizes, and how to submit your vertically scrolling manga, be sure to check out the official contest page. Good luck!

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