Anime Spotlight - ARGEVOLLEN

by Anthony Foronda,

Broadcast Begins July 3rd(JST)

Key Staff

Director: Atsushi Ōtsuki
(To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness, Ladies versus Butlers!, Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox )
Series Composition: Tatsuo Satō
(Bodacious Space Pirates, Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars, Tokyo Tribe 2)
Character Design: Yūichi Oka
(To Love-Ru, Over Drive)


VIEW OF THE WORLD Climate weapons created amidst intensifying warfare had tremendous results but also lashed out against humanity. Going out of control, it caused a massive destruction of climate and change of the Earth's axis. Humanity who now faced against the fierce rampage of nature were forced to end their war against their will, and barely manage to live day to day after losing all air traffic.

Roughly three centuries passed since in the Fallen Era. Even then, humanity was not able to stop waging wars on one another...

The Kingdom of Arandas alliance with its long history and abundant resources had been losing power due to the corruption rampant in the center of its operations. The Countries Unification of Ingelmia, which had vast amounts of land from its expansion policies yet desperately wanted the resources of its neighboring country, declared war against Arandas claiming they were releasing citizens of the kingdom from oppression. A long war has continued between the two nations on both sides of the Great Wall, the indomitable Arandas fortress protecting the kingdom ever since its inception.



The Kingdom of Arandas alliance and the Countries Unification of Ingelmia... The long war between the two nations was at a stalemate with the two forces sandwiching the Great Wall, the indomitable Arandas fortress protecting the kingdom ever since its inception. However, the fortress gates that were supposedly shut tight suddenly opened with great noise, and the tides of war start to change drastically.

The Independent 8th Unit is stationed at the hidden fortress in the mountains of eastern Arandas. Susumu Tokimune was there as a new soldier waiting to enter his first battle. Following orders, the unit under the helm of Lieutenant Samonji Ukyo started its march to merge with the main forces to come across a troupe of Ingelmia soldiers assaulting civilians. Tokimune, who trudged ahead not thinking about the dangers of traps, has a fateful encounter with Jamie Hazaford the technician aboard the trailer and Argevollen the platinum Trail Krieger.

The encounter that occurred in a corner of the world where warfare was part of everyday life... This small coincidence changed the future of Tokimune and the Independent 8th Unit, and over time greatly influenced the state of battle....


Susumu Tokimune
VA: Ryota Ōsaka

A new soldier assigned to Arandas Independent 8th Unit as a Trail Krieger pilot. Rank is private 1st class. He is rather cynical about life, but has a straightforward personality ideal to a soldier with the right mix of his sense justice and ability to take action. Due to his lack of experience, the actions he takes often go nowhere.

Jamie Hazaford
VA: Saori Ōnishi

A technician at Kivelnes Manifacturing Company, and is in charge of Argevollen. Has quite an ordinary personality, but hates to lose and sometimes acts before she thinks. She also tends to bluff past her actual skill level.

Samonji Ukyo
VA:Hiroshi Tsuchida

Lieutenant in charge of Arandas Independent 8th Unit. While being always calm and collected and showing adaptive judgment fit for someone who climbed up the ranks on the battlefield, he never speaks from his heart and has an inapproachable air to him. In his operations, he has a pet peeve about not letting any of his men fall during battle.

Suzushiro Saori
VA: Sayaka Ōhara

Master Sergeant who assists Samonji as the number two in Arandas Independent 8th Unit. She has guts unthinkable from her calm demeanor, a smart and calm individual. She and Samonji go back quite a while, and she has earned great trust as the second in command.

Silfy Appleton
VA:Harumi Sakurai

The seargeant assigned as the Trail Krieger pilot for Arandas Independent 8th Unit. Ingenious and was once dubbed the ace pilot, but she continually butted heads against her superiors and ultimately ended up in the 8th Unit. While she is a harsh critic of those around her, she has a disposition of an older sister and takes good care of people.

Lorenz Giuliano
VA:Kenji Hamada

The corporal who is a Trail Krieger pilot for Arandas Independent 8th Unit. He ended up in 8th Unit after causing issues with women. His motto is “Everything in moderation” and is the type that can be counted on to get the job done without overreaching, though he will crack an occasional joke.

VA:Hideaki Tezuka

Chief of the mechanic crew assigned to Arandas Independent 8th Unit. Many have the impression that his unreasonable stubbornness came from his time on the battlefield, but he assesses everyone with no discrimination as long as the person is skilled. He also has the flexibility to have knowledge of the newest theories.

Sorano Akane
VA:Chinatsu Akasaki

Mechanic for Arandas Independent 8th Unit. Though frank, she often is misunderstood due to her strong will and the tendency to act based on emotion. She seems slightly frustrated that people don't treat her as a woman.

Shiono Kaoru
VA:Chinami Hashimoto

Mechanic for Arandas Independent 8th Unit. She modestly guides the other two girls as something like an elder sister. She sometimes acts strangely as if showing signs of airheadedness. Has quite the fetish for mechs.

Rikuru Hikaru
VA: Aimi

Mechanic for Arandas Independent 8th Unit. Methodical and cautious, adept with her work, somehow always sensible and attentive to support everyone around her. Has a weak will, and doesn't assert her own ideas too often.

Schlein Richthofen
VA: Takahiro Sakurai

Though young, he is the best of the ace pilots Ingelmia's army has to offer. He is like a consolidation of all combat instincts that feels his purpose in life when he is in a life-or-death fight. After his encounter with Argevollen, he becomes the nemesis of the 8th Unit.


Susumu Tokimune
Ryota Ōsaka
Jamie Hazaford
Saori Ōnishi
Samonji Ukyo
Hiroshi Tsuchida/dd>
Suzushiro Saori
Sayaka Ōhara
Silfy Appleton
Harumi Sakurai
Lorenz Giuliano
Kenji Hamada
Hideaki Tezuka
Sorano Akane
Chinatsu Akasaki
Shiono Kaoru
Chinami Hashimoto
Rikuru Hikaru
Schlein Richthofen
Takahiro Sakurai
Julias Eunios
Sho Hayami


Atsushi Ōtsuki
Series supervisor
Tatsuo Satō
Charcter design
Yūichi Oka
Trail Krieger design
Hirame Kikuchi
Prop design
Kenji Teraoka
Yoshitomo Hara
History checker
Shigeru Morita
Art director
Norifumi Nakamura
Color coordinator
Chiaki Kitabayashi
OLM Digital
CG director
Taro Seo
Filming director
Takuma Shioka
Kotaro Nakagawa
Sound director
Jin Akitagawa
Opening theme artist
Ending theme artist
Sachika Misawa
Animation production

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