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Anime Spotlight - Bladedance of Elementalers

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins July 14th, 2014 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Tetsuya Yanagisawa
(High School DxD, Daimidaler the Sound Robot, Shattered Angels)
Series Composition: Takawo Yoshioka
(Elfen Lied, Ikki Tousen, DearS)
Character Design: Maki Fujii
(07-Ghost, Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie)


A privilege reserved only for pure maidens – a contract with an elemental. The shamanic princesses that summoned elementals from Astral Zero, and employed their powers freely were called Elementalers by the people.


Kamito Kazehaya, the only male to possess that privilege, due to ties made in the past, comes to Aleisia Elemental Academy where the shamanic princesses were gathered to undergo training as Elementalers. He was told there to become a student at the academy, form a team with the shamanic princesses, and enter – and win – the Bladedance that determines who the strongest Elementaler is. Over the Bladedance that promises each winner any one wish of their choice, the story of the destiny of shamanic princesses who hide their wishes in their hearts and one boy who fights his past begins to move.


Kamito Kazehaya
VA:Makoto Furukawa

“I”ll be your contracted elemental”

A boy with the special privilege to make contracts with elementals despite being a male. He transfers into Aleisia Elemental Academy, school for the shamanic princesses, and becomes the one and only male student. He is originally from a frontier island located to the east of the continent.

Claire Rouge
VA: Ibuki Kido

“Turn into ashes and begone, you pervert!

Very adept as an Elementaler, but is selfish and cannot find herself opening up to others so she is a problematic student with endless troubles. She cherishes her partner, the fire elemental Scarlet, as if it was a member of her family.

Rinslet Laurenfrost
VA:Kana Yūki

“You know, would you like to be my servant?”

The young mademoiselle of the Laurenfrost noble clan that has continued for generatoins. Overbearing and full of pride, she meddles into the affairs of her childhood friend Claire often and ends up in arguments. Her contracted elemental is the ice elemental Fenril.

Ellis Fahrengart
VA: Shizuka Ishigami

“I'm going to have you be responsible for being my first!”

The mademoiselle of the Fahrengart clan, which is honorable for their martial arts skills. She is the captain of the Sylfeeds (Windlord Knights) which enforces discipline over the entire academy. Her contracted elemental is the magic wind elemental Simurgh.

Fianna Ray Ordesia
VA:Saori Ōnishi

“Do you dislike a naughty princess?”

The second princess of the kingdom of Ordesia. She transfers into the academy, but her reasons for doing so are unknown. She is one of the most noble students within the academy, yet her personality is very friendly and easy to approach. It seems that she knows something about Kamito's past...

Terminus Est
VA:Ai Kakuma

“Show you my bare feet...? Kamito, you pervert.”

A beautiful sword elemental girl with silver hair. She was sealed away in a cave near the academy, but due to certain turn of events, she signs an elemental contract with Kamito. She is embarrassed about showing her bare feet more than anything else.


Kamito Kazehaya
Makoto Furukawa
Claire Rouge
Ibuki Kido
Rinslet Laurenfrost
Kana Yūki
Ellis Fahrengart
Shizuka Ishigami
Fianna Ray Ordesia
Saori Ōnishi
Terminus Est
Ai Kakuma


Original story
Yū Shimizu (“Seireitsukai no Bladedance/Bladedance of Elementalers” published by KADOKAWA Media Factory's MF Bunko J)
Original story illustrations
Hanpen Sakura
Tetsuya Yanagisawa
Series supervisor
Takawo Yoshioka
Character design/Chief animation director
Maki Fujii
Produced by
Produced by
Bladedance of Elementalers Partners

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